Saturday, December 31, 2005

Star Star Teach Me How to Shine

New Years Eve 2005 landed in Shiner, Texas, with a bunch of singles. One could look at this year as a disappointment in comparison to the excursions of previous years. Shiner doesn't compete with London or NYC, or even the crowds of ATX, on paper. How do you compare London to Shiner, and is it better singing Costello with a bunch of English blokes, or yelling Tenacious D tunes at the top of your lungs in your own backyard. Both are equal, both are ends in themselves.

When you get past what's on paper, you don't ask when are we going fun while you are having fun. You bring the fun with you, and understand that having the doc, the beast, the drizzle, Ashley B and G/V, John, Mandy, Tiff, and and other 'victims' of the stars not aligning to share the turning of the calendar with, you realize you are kings, and if anything 2005 taught me, it's all about attitude, and having a good attitude.

A big resolution for 2006 is to not be an intense, slightly paranoid, hard to please, moody, gruesome bitch as much. I want to employ a more go with the flow attitude, and take the situation for what it is, and not put my negative / twisted spin on everything. I want to put the hallmark cards words 'grant me the power to change what I can, accept what I can't, and acknowledge the difference in them' to use. I want to stay agile and adaptable for the new year, the older my balls get, the harder that is to do. I want to find the balance between hanging my balls out there for something that's significant and worth fighting for and setting myself up for disappointment.

OK -- had to put all that in there, now for the pictures, the night belonged to the drizzle and the 151, Mr. Too Much to drink for the evening.

The beast and the drizzle dressed in party attire, don't ask me what was going on, it was a very very strange night in so many ways.

When Mike D gets a little boozed up, he decides to wander around, finding his way on stage, doing a GQ pose with all the ladies.

Strange thing happened, Mike D finds a new friend, and dances some hip hop with her. Did you get those digits drizzle? bahabhahbahbhahbhabbahbhah! WHEW!

The driz, mr star of the evening even took on some country music dancing. The photo opps were just flying left and right with this guy tonight.

The Beastmaster also had to get in on the action and decided to dance with out new friend. My god the stares from the rednecks were priceless! My GOD! hahahahaaha

I appreciate a bunch of drunk text messages as the clock strikes 12, for the quote says 'a drunken man's words are a sober man's thoughts.' Blake, we missed you bad buddy, but understandable the effects of booze, we'll hit up those canepoles next time, but hurry, they are laughing at us right now.

The sentimental Russian tunes of Gorky Park , give 'Try to Find Me' a spin to hear the lonely, empty sound of the big country, and perhaps the only good ska on the planet, The Specials are what are rining in my ears as I type the blog.

So may the new year bring a slew of possibilities and opportunities for everyone, maybe even a sentimental russian with a mohawk who likes ska.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Old 97's - La Zona Rosa - Austin, Texas

Curse the rain that turns the dust to mud! Let's see, how do I give these boys a proper writeup. First I suppose I can share an idea or two that came for the chick beside me who I conversed with later in the night. Rhett is a 'sexy dork', full of charisma, he seems to be loaded all the time, but in a good way, and Murry, the 'rock' of the band sorta keeps it all together. Rhett, born in ATX, now resides in the Hudson Valley, but he assures us it's in the country.

If you are looking for subtle tunes, you're not going to find that, but you will find a good times band with heart and substance, which are lyrically sound and timeless.

Favorite song of the evening was Nightclub, in which Rhett tells tales of the nightclub that stole his youth, and maybe he will get drunk and burn the nightclub down, and how telephones make strangers out of lovers. The rest of the night was packed with priceless words of wisdom, lots of videos, I'll just take it song at at time, and if you don't watch any vids, watch the first one and watch the legs swagger, priceless!

Barrier Reef (2.7 meg) - The opener in which, in which describes him mackin' on a chick, "My name's Stewart Ransom Miller, I'm a serial lady-killer." Also, being an born in Austin lots of local flavor 'Trip the Lights Fantastic', which is the light store over on Burnett road. Classic!

Wish the Worse (12.1 meg) - A highly vindictive song, in which says, "I hope you crash your mother's car, I hope you pass out in some bar, I hope you catch some kinda flu" and bordering on neuritic and obsessiveness "Why aren't you here, it's almost 4 am, I finished off all of your beer, now I'm starting on your gin."

Rollerskate Skinny (10.8 meg) - Brings you the line, "I believe in love, but it don't believe in me." nuff said.

Salome (5.66 meg) - A page out of Sandler and The Wedding Singer's book, you know when he wrote half the song with the chick and half without. Linda was her name, and Rhett sings it with as much passion, an occasional violent jerk and he shrugs off memories of lost loves.

Question (6 meg) (French Version) - He said the Frenchies wanted him to record the song in French because it did so well in their country. Say what you want about the French, but they do have bada$$ taste in music.

Question (12.2 meg) (English Version) - Just a damn sweet song, that gives a rush to every female in the building.

Valentine (20.6 meg) - When a song is a masterpiece, everyone can sing along with ease and joy.

Valium Waltz (7.08 meg) - Speaks of a girl from Marble Falls who goes to Nuevo Laredo and discovers pills.

Designs on You (45.7 meg) - Talks about a pickup artist on 6th street trying to convince a chick for 'one last hurray' in the sack before marriage. Such a great tune!

I'll leave everyone with Mr Cool Lip, singin' songs about west Texas, playing a wicked bass, and holding like a gun, pullin' the trigger with the strings.

A night of music that leaves me high on life, but damn, the back sure does start hurt when you have to fight weirdos to get to front row. And for the teenies who I pissed off who stared at my bald head the entire night, General Admission = General Admission, get over it.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My heart wasn't in It, Not for one Single Minute, I went through the Motions with Her, Her on Top, and me on Liquor

It sounds like you can be a thinker, 'playa', sentimental and sincere yet devious at the same time. The dynamic personalities of the Old 97's absolutely intrigue me, to the point where I've spun their catalog to the brink of complete memorization and saturation.

Why the post, they play tomorrow at La Zona Rosa, a handful of friends and I will be in the front row, perhaps blitzed out of our minds, enjoying the show.

Last time attending at Gruene Hall, it was hot, damn hot, but the music was bada$$. Just ask Nate Dogg and I, we were doing to three legged jam or something like that together in the picture. Bob and Doc seemed to enjoy the previous show too.

So come one come all to the show, $25 buckeroos, but well worth it. Listen to Rhett, Murry and the boys play Texafied pop that would give the average cowboy a heart attack.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

All is Quiet on New Year's Day

I find myself at Odds on how to celebrate the coming of the New Year.

For pictures sake, the last few years have been spent on London and NYC respectively. Last year the blokes from England provided the entertainment in the form of a 'school theme party.' Take a gander at Tiz in the middle, he has the dangliest swingers on the planet.

Ashley, Mike D, Mike P and others spent a few years back on Times Square, the majority of the night bar hopping on 8th Avenue. It's amazing, NYC that is, so much to do, so much to see.

We went ice skating at the famous skating rink, Ashley and I are great skaters, Mike D on the other hand found the ground quite a bit, Mr. Icy Butt. Mr. Cold Bald Head in the middle of the picture giving Ashley a whirl.

Memories Memories, this year may find me doing what I did from age 4 to 18, rockin' in the New Year with Dick Clark. First Night Austin is a possibility.

"For last year's words belong to last year's language And next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning."-- T.S. Eliot

"Every new year begins with possibilities. It's up to us to fill it with things that move us toward progress and peace."-- Ronald Reagan

Monday, December 26, 2005

Mr Thinker / Mr Gay Jammies

Just what is the Beastmaster thinking in his jammies, 'Hangin' with the snowman as he says. I bet the beast is thinking the same thing I am, why in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks do we have to work in this lull week between Christmas and New years Eve.

It's fun co-authoring this blog posts with the beast, as he tells me he's got a good 'gaze' on this picture.

I don't know how I feel about sleeping so closely to Chilian Rosehair tarantula and a African Black Emperor scorpion, if those things ever get out of those cages there will be hell to pay. That's all I need to be laying in bed and a scorpion bytes (I mean bites) me the a$$.

The beast is going to teach me some martial arts moves, so the next time devil lady Janak puts me in a headlock, I'll be able to defend myself.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Fah who foraze! Dah who doraze!

Hmmm, All the photo opportunities were exhausted last week, so just imagine all kinds of kids running around, making a lot of noise, and fighting with light sabers.

New addition to the family is my 17th niece, Alissa, from Krysi and Alex, big time congrats! Glad you are back from Iraq Al, look forward to hanging out soon. **Stupid for not snapping a picture**

So Josh and I throw up the deuces every year, so we should keep the tradition alive. Notice the festive colors, I actually DID plan that. hahaha

A trip back to Shiner for MORE xmas activities in Shiner to round out the whole Christmas thing. Yea, I'm about Christmas'ed out.

Take a letter to God. "Dear Sir: I'm Dissatisfied"

I guess you could compare me to Lieutenant Dan on the shrimp boat around Christmas time, as the existentialist debate rages on in my head. Perhaps not a read for the weak at heart, and family, you may want to turn around at this point, or skip ahead to the Bernie MTV Cribs post.

Preface, I think it's absolutely ridiculous how the masses get so worked up at your local shopping areas to find the 'perfect gift.' In my brief venture out to the land of retail shopping, people are stressed and frantic. Is this what Melchior, Balthazar, and Gaspar, the three kings meant when they went to see the Baby Jesus with gold, frankincense and mur? Doubt it.

Going to Church, I acknowledge that Christianity is a peaceful loving religion that sets a sort of moral 'bar', and give people a mantra to wrap their spirituality around, its good for kids and it's a good message, and it really is good people. I sit there and church and I get pretty freakin sad to think that ever so slowly but surely, with the influx of information available, security will come in the form of wisdom and less in the form of a deity, therefore making it harder to defend this 'good' thing.

So what Christmas means to me is spending time with my family, who provides me the tangible love that everyone needs, and pretty much nothing more. It reminds me to be good to my family all year around, try not to be a dill-hole, and reward family with not the perfect shirt that doesn't fit, or the gadget that you didn't want, or something that you won't use or need, but rather the gift of practicality in the form of Wal-Mart gift certificates. Hell, go nuts with it, buy toilet paper or tooth paste.

As for the whole spiritual meaning of Christmas, I still pray because I've always believed in 'maybe', and as a just in case mechanism.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

MTV Cribs - Bernie S - Shi-town

It's been a tradition for at least the past 5 years to congregate at Bernie's house for Christmas Eve, @ 1:30 A.M. to enjoy fine spirits, cheese and crackers, and of course John's chili concoction.

The Beastmaster did the 'introduction' the house, as we tried in vain to get Bernie to say 'Welcome to my Crib, B*tches', instead we had to settle for a modest 'Welcome to my Crib, Homies'

Every year we pick out an ornament on Bernie's massive tree and try to find it the next year. It's getting a little old, so we decided to do the find the pickle on the tree and win a prize tradition from here on out. This year included John, Bernie, Mr Waxtad, Bob, and the trusty Shimek's and others popping their heads in for joyous yuletide.

5 a.m., a bit earlier of a night that usual Chrismas Eve, but in anticipation of the drive to Houston in the morning, it was time to hit the sack.

Christmas Eve - SATX

A trip to Uncle Benny's crib in San Antonio for the night before Christmas found us landed at a church in to boondocks. O how the guitar player was jamming 'Go Tell it on the Mountain,' and O how did my niece have the perfume caked on.

Running into remote members of the family is always great, like Carey, who lives in Iowa for the time being. He keeps learning and learning and learning....... We seem to be the only ones in the family doing our part to ensure the extinction of the human race. We vowed to meet up in Chicago some time this summer. Austin has now a 'value jet' airline that has insane cheap flights to Chi-town and NYC.

Just look at Mr. Shirt Tucked In for the occasion.

Late night Church, and an insane late night drive back to Shinertown for the insane insane late night excursions at Bernie's.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Cheer - 101 X-mas Years Back

Stumbled on an old Christmas compilation produced by 101x, back in the day the radio station was cool, now it just plays generic rock to the 'cool' kids.

Gibby of the Butthole Surfers used to be a DJ, along with other brilliant personalities. I once called in to Gibby's show and asked him to play 'Lump' by PUSA (Presidents of the USA), he chuckled (gotta understand his typical program to see the irony). Don't ask me how or why good things, like a great radio station can't last.

Anyway, here's a few tunes off the CD, amazing compilation, too bad it's a bit scratched up, especially Dah-veed doing Jingle Bell Rock.

Wammo - Christmas Cheer -- (A dreadful / evil Christmas jingle)
Mojo Nixon - Sleigh Ride -- (Just Bizarre)

The happy touchy feely Christmas spirit type stuff to come, but for now enjoy Charlie Brown and Snoopy cramming insurance down the masses.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

New Year's Eve Prayer - Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley did a New Years Eve Prayer, recited it New Years Eve at Sin-E in New York City before his life was taken. It is on the live in Chicago DVD, an amazing video for those of us who never got to see him.

This year I am going to come up with my best attempt at a New Year's Eve prayer. No, It won't be "Have You Prayed for Our Troops Today", as billboards depict in Houston. So tune in after the New Year for the results.

Walking thru cubes at work a certain individual had this to say. Definitely my New Year's Eve plan will include this! Hahahaha, maybe not.

Well here's Buckley's Prayer, a brilliant one at that, seeing it live sends shivers up my spine.

New Years Eve Prayer - Jeff Buckley

you my love are allowed to forget about the Christmas you just spent stressed out in your parents house

you my love are allowed to shed the weight of all the years before like bad disco clothes, save them for a night of dancing, stoned with you lover

you my love are allowed to let yourself drown every night in bottomless wild and naked symbolic dreams

you my love in sleep can unlock your youth and your most terrifying magic and dreaming is for the courageous

you my love are allowed to grab my guitar and sing me idiot love songs if
you lost your ability to speak, keep it down to two minutes

you my love are allowed to rot and to die and to live again more alive and incandescent than before

you my love are allowed to beat the shit out of your television, choke it's thoughts and corrupt its mind kill kill kill kill the motherfucker before the song of zombified pain and panic and malaise and its narrow right winged vision and its cheap commercial gang rate becomes the white noise of the world (turn about is fair play)

you my love are allowed to forgive and love your television

you my love are allowed to speak in kisses to those around you and those up in heaven

you my love are allowed to show your babies how to dance full bodied, starry eyed, audacious, supernatural and glorified

you my love are allowed to suck in every single endeavor

you my love are allowed to be soaked like a lovers blanket in the New York summertime with the wonder of your own special gift

you my love are allowed to receive praise

you my love are allowed to have time

you my love are allowed to understand

you my love are allowed to love

woman disobey

little man believe

you my love are a rebellion

New Years Resolution 1 - Eliminating Odor

Work is slow, and as I anticipate our 'pizza dinner bonus' in appreciation for all the hard work we've done this year, I start to think of new years resolution, I think the biggest one is eliminating odor from the household.

I've done my part, xmas shopping at Bath and Body Works the other night, I decided to get stuff for myself, gay, maybe, but would you rather smell like a garlic ball of stink all the time or some nice cucumber melon or country apple. I'm going to try the apple stuff.

As miserable as Benny looks, he's going to get a bath at least every third day. Look at Mr Pathetic sitting there.

Bath and body works and baths in general will ensure a fresh smelling household.

Ooh, ooh that smell
Can't you smell that smell?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

37th Street - Christmas - Austin, Texas

Thirty seventh street, Austin Texas, eclectic Christmas decorations. Lots of spectators, a trumpet player, flame thrower, and I think we just missed the live band.

Here are some pictures of our trip down the short but bizarre Christmas highway.

Birth Control Tree, the tree had empty birth control containers with catchy slogans like 'God Bless New Orleans' and things of that nature. Hmmm, don't really understand.

Crazy Vacuum Cleaner

This fish was made from CD's

Pumpkins in the trees

Lights hung out, but not taken out of the plastic thingies

Medicine bottles, lights

Medicine bottles, tick tack containers, shampoo bottles, etc

Film reels with lights

Bottles filled with lights on the back porch

Collages of 'stuff', bubble bottles, Starbucks shot glasses, Easter eggs, etc

The power meter at the main house, in the 5 seconds I watched, 50 cents of electricity was used.

Mike P and Laura in front of the pumpkins

Sara B / Mike D in front of big Bevo

Motorcycle all snazzed up

Strange looking backgrounds and flamingos

Stove with Griswold lights

Advertising for a gambling website, come on!


Flame thrower

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I Hear the Wolf Howl, Honey - TSO 2K5

Transiberian Orchestra -- An evening with Brandon and Brandy is always charming, the food was great, and as we head to downtown Houston, we gaze at the marvels of humanity, in the form of the tall buildings.

My mind quickly went to "I wonder how many people are getting it on in those buildings?" Weird, I think there's more than one would think? Perhaps a promotion in the works?

On to the show, going into the show I had mixed opinions from my peeps, and I leave with the same sentiments.

To set the atmosphere a bit better, there was this old bag going ape shit over the tunes all show, I seriously wanted to backhand her a few times, but hey it's Christmas, so I opted out of the idea. Speaking of Christmas, I don't like it much, never have, maybe never will. It's all good in 'pure' form, maybe one day it will mean something again. Point being conveyed is I'm not 'gaga' over sentimental Christmas tails, I'd rather have Henry Rollins recite the Xmas story to me.

First off, the light show is amazing, it marvels that of the Pink Floyd laser light show and the Kid A under the Big Top tour of Radiohead. Any technogeek would be amazed at the light contraption hovering about, changing color, blowing smoke, lasers, and even snow! The pyros were for lack of better words badass, only paralled by Kiss's farewell farewell tour. The axes used, a vintage Strat, and a Les Paul that even Slash would have lifted up his hat and raised an eyebrow at. Fast cock rock scales being jammed in Christmas fashion, reminded me of Whitesnake.

The bad, the cock rock solos can fall into the good AND the bad. Once in a blue moon it's good to take a trip down 80's amnesia lane, OK, but the theatrics of the band were simply loose, awful, and full of cheese. I couldn't decided if the violin chick in the short skirt was hot, or kooky. The banter appealed to an adult contemporary audience, the Christmas story lacked cohesion, and the old bag beside me loved it when they did a ZZ Top medley of all things. Also another low point, even though it sounded good, they totally ripped off Lord of the Rings battle scene music!? I was waiting for Frodo and Sam to frolic out on stage and be devoured by some orks.

The guys were really humble, but damn, 15 bucks for a commemorative book, and 7 bucks for a 12 ounce beer? Cough Cough Bullshit.

Sorry for the bad review Alissa / Ronster / BDR, I'm glad I saw the light(s), more literally than anything else. An a+ night, just wish I would have brought some acid along --- hahaha

Birthday Greetings Bottle of Wine!

Happy 64! O wait, I mean the "BIG 50" to my wonderful brother Ronnie. I used to hang out with this dude everyday from age 4 to 10. We used to watch GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), along with any movie I'd want to rent. He taught me how to play baseball and football, and to throw rotten tomatoes at things we didn't like. In the later years, he taught me the guitar, and lately he's been tasked with the impossible mission of keeping the accordian legacy in the family, saying to me 'It's going be hard for you to get good.'

The sis's and I chipped in a bought Ronster a Fonzie leather jacket that he's sportin' in the picture.

The master party planner / scrap booking queen plastered the house full of old school Ronnie pictures, sentimental times, I love that dude --

The battle raged on with the nieces and nephews outside, as the computer geeks won the dog pile session. Take a gander at Grant's face, looks like he's in pain, second to the bottom. I mean, wouldn't you be in pain too if Kamala the wrestler was on top of you?

The entire immediate family came for the occasion, we are getting older but more beautiful ---- hahaha. Even Jr. has a smile on his face, don't know how we were able to pull that one off.

The nieces and nephews lookin' all niece and nephew like. Corey is getting so strong, he's going to be able to kick my butt before it's all over.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Keep Truckin’, Like the Do-Dah Man

When I received a call at 8am from my Iowa cousin Todd, saying he was in Missouri now, but will be in Shiner by the night time, I high tailed it down home for some family fun.

Mom and I see eye to eye on a lot of things. Getting to the house, we decorated the tree, the way we like it done. Pull that bizzo out of the box and plug her in, DONE! Fiber optics rule, I could stare at it for days!

Later on, Timmy, made a cauldron of stew in his garage. We tore into it, and it tore into me later in the evening. Timmy gave words that his dune buggy was crashed a few weeks before, as the throttle got stuck. Timmy wrecking the dune buggy, man I hear stories like this all the time and I'm really sad I can't partake in the mischief.

Todd covered 800 miles to make it home, so we showed him a proper Shiner evening complete with bar hopping and pool at the Shimek Residence. We also took the big rig around town, I didn't get to drive but I did some shifting, very crazy stuff being that high above the ground. A festive truck, a cool dude, and fun times.

K-Man was checking out the truck too. I bet the little dude was thinking "Damn, this is a big ass truck!"


-- Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it’s been" --The Dead

Friday, December 16, 2005

The Human Resource Club has Two Cigarettes and Back to Work

Jessica's birthday celebration, the ravishing redhead, and the master planner doc heading up the celebration details. The night brought us to "Little Woodrows.' I hate the place and the clientele, but all negativity aside, it turned out to be a fun night, and since my lovely coworkers love the pictures, I'll slap a bunch of em out there.

**Insert picture of typical suburban dwelling happy hour crew.

Don't ask me what's going on here, but the crowd was 5 beers deep when I arrived at the strip center bar paradise.

I usually don't take pictures with cowboys, but this dude Tim was an excellent conversationalist. Tim and Dawn said they want to find and hook me up with an intellectual chick that's good in bed. Haha, hmmmm, I don't know about that, but I appreciate the thoughts.

Jen and Jessica, two peas in a pod, talking about girly stuff. Blah blah blah blah blah --

The doc gets on the phone to call all of his ladies, telling them to meet us downtown. On a scale of 1-10 on drunken-ness for the evening, doc said he weighted in at an 8. Doc, Doc, Doc

First stop on the downtown tour brought us to Lovejoys, which I hear is 'going out of business.' Yea, I guess I'm lucky living with two 'hot chicks' and two beasts (one canine, one human). It's much better walking into establishments with girls instead of a bunch of dudes.

Let the festivities begin! After a few 'big ones' at Logans, a night of white boy dancing was in order at Bar Austin. It's cool being the geekiest dude there, sportin' the Google shirt, making all the 'cool' people feel a little bit less cool dancing to the bad pop, but easily danceable to music.

We spotted a 'drizzle sandwich,' Mike D in the middle of that group of ladies, brings on new meaning to 'Pussy Control.' It's funny watching Mike D and Jenny dance, because Jenny is about 2 feet taller.

Garth and Stephani, man I love these two new additions to the crew, they are up for anything, positive and upbeat. We even started singing this bizarre song walking down 6th, causin' a scene and shit.

What about this pop princess, and the docta in the background. Jenny was certainly in pure form for the evening. I don't recall the song, but Jenny loved it, just look at her move!

Against my wishes, but as per the wishes of the drizzle, he wanted this picture to make blog real-estate, since it's a rare find for me to be on 'the stage' dancing. Jenny was lovin' it, can't you tell!? haha-haha