Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Help This Guy Find A Job

Folks this is my friend Ian, Ian is Cool, Ian needs a job. He's a very resourceful person, works with me at the Austin Music Foundation doing all kinds of stuff. He was the dude who helped me make the beer run for the mayor a few weeks back. He's also AMF metal king, although the queen of AMF metal still holds the trump card.

So here we are sitting at Crown and Anchor looking like pretentious coffee people with our dual laptops. Just to let everyone know that there is a website Work In Texas that is a great place to start.

On other notes, went to a posh sushi place this evening with Jenny K and Toshi. It was Jenny's first experience with sushi, as was mine back in December. She struggled with the chopsticks for a bit, but managed like a pro after a bit. Popped into Amy's Ice Cream afterwards, it was funny b/c Jenny was wearing an Amy's IceCream Shirt, which she was trying to hide as we walked in.

Another successful evening -- Help Ian find a job, he's currently working at a restaurant, albiet with hot chicks and free beer, but something doesn't want to make a permanent gig. Damn what are you thinking Ian? Wanna come work for the state with us kronies or hot chicks and free beer?!

PS -- One of the many reasons that Crown is the Coolest Bar ever is that there is a wireless network connection called 'Tesla' bleeding into the place.!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Through these fields of Destruction, Baptisms of Fire

Sunday was the good ol church picnic in Shiner. Usually it's 1 million degrees outside, but a nice rain made the weather bearable. The Biergarten was packed to the rafters, and low and behold I see Ryan and Chad behind the counter serving beer. Ryan is rockin' and cussin' at the church picnic listening to 80's cheese rock! Totally bada$$! Look at those two meatheads!! hahahahaah

Ran into Jill Kovalcik, who I haven't seen in ages! It was lovely running into her and catching up, until she had to run into the pouring rain to move the car. She's doing well, married and has a beautiful daughter, living in Edna. She truly is a star of track and field, and she probably feels the city air running past her body as she runs, as in the Belle and Sebastian song. Jill was the first girl to put an arrow thru my heart and my soul, and everytime I listen to Dire Straits I think of her, hence the Dire Straits references. Everyone do themselves a favor and pick up that greatest hits album. We tried this picture 3 times and didn't turn out any of the times!

And of course no picnic can be complete without me having to babysit Mandy's drunk a$$. At least this year she didn't eat a crispito and throw up on her carpet! She has a bad time repeating herself when she's had a few too many. Second year in a row this has happened, what gives!? Ahhh, the life of a budding accounting guru --

Always a pretty dry weekend in Shiner, but the people make the place shine.

'No I cannot forget where it is that I come from
I cannot forget the people who love me' -- John Cougar Mellencamp

"I think I'm more grounded, you know, and I know what I want out of life and I'm, you know, my morals are really, you know, strong and I have major beliefs about certain things and I think that has helped me, you know, from being, you know, coming from a really small town." - Britney Spears

God Bless Britney Spears!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Piazza New York Catcher and Shiner Baseball

Well Shiner High School baseball team was eliminted in the state semifinals this weekend, suffering a 7-2 Game 3 loss to Thorndale. Speaking of teams, I snapped a picture of the nutorious basketball team that owns the SHS basketball team. I hope you were enjoying that Beck's Ryan! Marty, Julie, Ryan, Ashley and I, man I just love pulling up for 3 and draining it on someone!

Spent the majority of the day working on a church website. Kinda sucks when you are expected to bake a cake, but you aren't supplied flour, batter, eggs, icing, etc. I think that's how you build cakes, right?

Later in the eve drank some stiff cocktails with OOO-Mandy and some some old school Greenday, man I love that song Pulling Teeth.

Friday, May 27, 2005

SHS Graduation 2005

Insert your favorite cheesy graduation song, an emotional salutatorian, loads of family, and a beer or two, and you get SHS graduation 2005.

Ashton was looking all happy and smiley, and composed, as she knows life doesn't end, unlike someone of those emotional saps. Here's a picture with Ashton, G-Man (my brotha, not a brotha, but a brotha, you know), and myself.

Grant was getting a little insubordinate in the stands, so I had to put him in his place, so hence, I put him in the sleeper hold, and he was knocked out pretty quickly after that.

Here is a pic of Brea, Juan, Josh and Allyn, Shiner's one and only punk rock band, The Nowhere Heroes, all of the cept Josh are graduating, don't know what's going to happen to them after they graduation.

The evening could not be complete without the grand march, and the electric slide, as pictured below. I used to enjoy The American Legion Hall when I was a young lad, now it just kinda feels like the twilight zone.

Had a great night, saw my brother Derwin and his twins Katie and Corey who I haven't seen in ages. He's fixing up a '72 Vette Stingray right now, hopefully I can sport it around sooner than later.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Rather be in Tokyo -- Rather Listen to Thin Lizzy-0h

Well tonight was a focus on that damn overhead of life stuff. Getting geared up for a weekend down home, as my niece Ashton graduates high school. Big time congrats for her being the second Bruns to win the prestigious Walter's Scholarship, 18 grand for anywhere you want to go to get your learn on.

A big congrats to Bob Cowan, who will now be a co-worker at the DPS. Thank god another soul in there with practical knowledge and common sense.

Jenny came by tonight for a bike ride, came sportin her 'Mind the Gap' shirt, strange coincidence that I was sportin my 'Waterloo' shirt, so I had to remember how to do the fancy camera timing thing.

Life is good when you are on a bike, even if your on Mike P's Mongoose, with a rock hard seat, and a clatter that doesn't go away.

The sites and sounds are awesome, I'll leave you with some HG Wells and Belle and Sebastian.

When I see an adult on a bicycle,
I do not despair for the future of the human race. ~H.G. Wells

Roy Walker Lyrics

'// Like a fresh manifestation of an old phenomenon
// A breeze whips through the trees
// The rustling leaves and branches bend together
// They're cued to sway
// Forever by the forces of the Lord's choreography'

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Autechre / Deutsch / Hair Appointment

11:30 PM - Autechre takes the stage. All the lights go out, bizarro beats start dropping, and the lights were never to return. Not a strobe light, not a discoball, notta damn thing! I could hear visions of KID A in the beats, offbeat rhythms, and an underlying depression, kinda gave me an uncomfortable feeling. Big time rave music, guess if I was all about the X or other speed alternative, I may have been groovin pretty hard.

Like Ben Folds says:
\\ Visions of Pills that put you in a lovely trance,
\\ that make it possible for all white boys to dance

Well that's exactly what I would have needed to tear the floor up, considering my 'hair appointment' at 3:15 in the afternoon. The hot mom that was burning the hair off my chest said I have a high tolerance for pain, so she jacked the settings up about 3 notches, therefore making it much more painful than my first outing. The put about 1/2 centimeter of cold a$$ gel on you, and then just go to town with the lazer. Quite painful around the chest area, back not so bad. But I sure did feel like I just came out of a prize fight after that, smelling slight charred from the heat.

Somewhere in the middle of that was the first German II class given by Frau Kaminska, which I had to skip out early for to catch the show.

Thanks Emanuel and Mike D for the company -- Look forward to hanging out with you in Germany sometime next year when Franzi's wedding happens. For all of you who know Franzi, she's pregnant and getting married. - Yowzers -

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Believe In Happy Endings - Even If There Isn't One

Believe In Happy Endings - Even If There Isn't One

For all my buddies, to people who read this -- please pardon my temporary departure from humor for a brief bit of introspection.

For the past few weeks I've been contemplating a very simple question, but a question that plagues me. The question is 'How Do Relationships Work, and how do you begin them?' Simple to you guys who have figured it out, but gruelingly complicated for us 'lost souls' floating about, ever so painfully searching for perspective. For all you floaters, as I try to get down to the heart of it all, I find that it's all about balance, and the balance being between want and need.

'Honey I'm Home,' a typical Leave it to Beaver reference, said by many people around the world everyday. Well what happens when you 'Honey I'm Home', and no one is home? Its human nature to be insecure and insecurities drive a desire to find an echo to the simple question. Insecurity can bind us to people, people who we possibly know in our hearts to be not right for us, but rather simple and convenient. Insecurities potentially make us compromise the very fundamental things which are most important to our human existence, our body and soul. Insecurities have the nature to develop habit out of time and create understanding thru apathy. Insecurity protects you from leading an introspective life. Loneliness and uncertainty swell when you embrace your insecurity and not let it control your existence.

The other side of need / insecurity lays want / passion. This too can be a consuming factor, which causes things to not be balanced in a relationship. To be cheesy for a moment, what happens when you want something so badly it hurts? How can one sift through desire and see objectivity. How do you calm your passions and understand that there are 3.2 billion members of the opposite sex out there, and go on your merry way in finding other suitors to be passionate about. Is intensity a good thing or a bad thing, especially if you can't master your passions? Is passion more fulfilling, or is that the 57% of Americans that get divorced every year? Is there a thin line between love and hate when fueled by passion? My thoughts are yes. Passion is what drives the wrestless heart.

Balance is Unity. When there is mastery of want and need, a wonderful bond is formed. At any point in this rambling, just acknowledge that I'm a 28 year old computer geek that is far from having it figured out. I sat in college and heard of the benefits of teamwork and how effective teams are what drive successful endeavors. That big-time implies to relationships and life as we know it. Apon achieving balance of want and need, I, Robert, going out with Sally Smith, who I love and care for, is not in the slightest bit tempted even when my dream girl, Fiona Apple comes on strong. I say, sorry Fiona, but f*ck off, I have all I want and need in Sally. Balance says honey I don't give a damn if we pull weeds in the flower bed today or go see Def Leppard tonight. Balance conceives a genuine interest in what the other person is doing, thinking, feeling, and you hurt when that person is not around to give you what you need and want. Unity is inspiration, hope, love, courage, facing difficult adult situations with a smile.

How does this apply to me? For the most part, I like to think I check my genitals and insecurities at the door. I listen to 'good' music, good music comes from people that have tortured souls and from individuals most have never even heard of, not Justin Timberlake. I hear these individuals crafty, clever sentiments on love, and the intelligence of it all doesn't allow me to come up with an answer, but definitely lets me admire the question. I'm consumed by the passion of it all; notice all the questions in the passion paragraph. Big Bubock Ulcak once introduced me to a friend saying, 'this is Robert, he's turned down more chicks than I can even dream of.' Well Bubba is right about me turning down girls, but I don't know if its been that many. I'm very particular; therefore it's hard for me to strike a balance between want and need. On the need side, I don't take care of myself, I eat at 7-11 every other night, my apartment is a cluttered, haven’t' washed clothes in ages, I don't allow myself time to watch trashy shows like American Idol, all this equals to not being able to chill out and also not being able to accomplish what I refer to as 'the overhead of life.' On the want side, I can tell you that I 100% of the time overlook girls I meet that are 70-80% 'compatible' with me. Why? I'm a perfectionists, I want better, and I know it’s not abstract, and it’s out there, I've seen it. What happens when I'm going out with Ms. 70% and Ms. 90% rolls around, well I'm in a pickle if I settle for 70% when I'm not really happy. Someone once told me the sniffer test is 96% accurate, I agree entirely.

To let everyone in on a secret, and I'm sure family who reads this, if they've made it to this point in the blog piece, think I've totally lost my mind, I have signed up on match.com, why? To find mrs 90% or above. Hell it's easy to do a global search for belle and sebastian, and see what comes up. I'm light on my feet, I'm a dreamer, I'm a hopeless romantic, so if the stars align and I find the ideal person in Istanbul Turkey, well hell I hope there is a market for Portal / Biztalk developers there. So what do I want in a relationship, that's one of the questions asked? I want someone who not only 'completes me' as it pertains to the insecurities, but also someone who I can ride the 'slow boat to China' with, enjoying every moment all to ourselves. I want someone to challenge me, motivate me, inspire me, suggest things to me, and help me to look at life constantly from different angles. Isn't that the most fulfilling? I want someone that is high strung, ready to approach life with a complicated vigor, and do it with dignity. I want someone who will poke me in the ass on Saturday morning and say, hey lazy wake up, we got life to live, that's why we're here. I don't want to be put on a shelf in the sense that when I become the lucky one and find that girl or the girl finds me, there will never be an 'as a matter of fact' attitude. I know I will have and be with the girl that in my mind is the best freakin thing on the planet, and I'm going to show and tell the world how proud I am, and how humbled I am that she's with me, I'm going to be her cheerleader till my legs fall off. On the same token, she's going to acknowledge that she's with a bada$$ mofo, worthy of serious bragging rights of her own. I want to be touched, I want to feel the passion in my heart, I want to be completed.

To conclude this gory, convoluted tale of introspection, I'm not seeking sympathy, just tired of being so damn lonely, but I will not compromise for anything but the best. I'm ruled by passion, not insecurity, otherwise I'd pick me up one of the many 70%'ers I know to engage in a honey I'm home scenario with. The great philosophers ask, cheap happiness or sublime suffering.....until the right person comes along, I choose sublime suffering everyday and twice on Sunday. My sentiments on employing this train of thought only lead me to believe that greater introspection only leads to more to offer for a person who is currently doing the same, bam we meet, stars align, everything is complete ---- BOOYAH!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Stars of Basketball and Tennis are Beautiful People

Well damn, tonight was a night of athetic rigor, which brought on two different sports.

First -- Basketball

I must say that I'm tired as sin, not really knowing what to expect rolling up to the park in good ol Shi-Town. Rolled up and saw Marty, Ryan, Julie and Ashley. We proceded to play 5 on 5 with many of the members of the SHS High School Basketball team, full court killer sh*t. Well Julie was swatting their stuff left and right (she's good), Ashley was hitting some killer pullup shots, and Marty, Ryan and I, um , well we were agressive? We did take a game off their a$$es, but considering they were 1-16 on the season, not really a bragging right. Mental note to never play basketball in KSWISS ever again for my toe is all jacked up, blood under that nail and such.

Second -- Tennis

Wanted to relive the old glory days of tennis playing with the roomies, so we strolled over to the tennis courts. We almost got a set in, but Marty said the wife had some fish cooking, smoked samon to be exact, and I think Ryan had a baby or something to attend to? At any rate, Ash and I worked em over the time we did play. Ryan did ace me one time though, may have been out?

Anyway, Marty is a great friend / avid reader of this blog, so he wanted some recognition. To recall the college days, Marty was acting cool with his shirt off playing tennis one time at the SWT courts, and had 'Thug Life' written on his belly, I thought it was little strange b/c at the time I didn't know Tupac or whatever, but anyway, this is what Marty looked like with his shirt off that day, except without the abs, the gun, the middle finger and a little bit whiter.....OK, maybe it wasn't Marty --

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Bidets / General Water Fun

Ft. Worth, a lovely town definately worth the visit. We went to the Cowgirl Museum to cool off, it was so damn hot, just coming out of the horse races. We participated in some crazy antics!

Here Mike D is having a Bidet, notice the double peace signs!

Here Toshi is literally head first in the water, looks pretty painful if you ask me, but didn't seem to bother him.

Here's Manuel grinning his a$$ off as I run thru the water. Notice the kids behind us laughing. It was funny we basically kicked them out of the way so we could play! hahahahaha

Good fun, and nice to cool off. We had to ride in the back of the truck on the way home, b/c Manuelabor didn't want to get the interior of the MT wet.

Yee Old Bull and Bush

That night, toasted with sunburn, even though I sported my brand new Boston Red Socks hat at Target, the Boddingtons was great, and the banter was spot on.

John, a bada$$ graphics artists / biznessman, founder of Creative Fuel sportin his Christ-Pose with a beer in each hand, a Boddingtons in one hand, and a Lone Star in the other, what a combo!

On the way out we saw a 'Nut Truck', so we decided to take a nutty picture. If you are wondering what I'm doing, I'm tickling John's underarm. I also regained my good ol grey Travis shirt that I thought was lost, but Manuel had it safely tucked away for me.

Went to a ton of bars on the evening, took tons of pictures, the weekend was exhausting, the Stella was strong. Here's the rest of the pics if anyone is interested.


Thanks for the fun / accommodation Manuelabor / Lacinator -- Cheers

Horse Races - DFW

Talk about a hot SOB, the horse races were pitiful, fun, cool, yet just unbearable for being outside. Check out this intense condensation on my head after a mere 5 minutes of being outside.

Mike D and Laci place some 2 dollar bets, Laci won $3.60 on her two dollars. 1 dollar to get in, and free Dr. Peppers, how could you go wrong! 'Must a had me like 15 Dr Peppers'

Friday, May 20, 2005

Kissenger CD Release Party

Tonight Kissenger's CD Release party at Emo's. Kissenger won the Austin Music Foundation 's Incubator contest for best rock category. They are all very nice guys and it would be great if y'all all go support them.

It was a good show, although I could only stay for 3 songs, b/c it started at 1.20am, I was tired, so I went home. I just remember Emo's being so damn hot inside with all this record heat, I could literally feel my a$$ sweating.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sith Happens

Last night was the overhyped primier of Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. A pretty good movie, great effects.

There is some very cheesy dialogue in this movie, I mean why hire a dude like Samuel L. Jackson and make him talk like a monotone jedi? It was pretty cool to see the flaming limbless torso though.

The company of geeks was brilliant --, Paul, Mike D, Mike P, Dale, Frank, Nick, Wilton.

Brad I owe you big time for dogging you out, and Jenny, I sincerely hope you won't be mad at me forever.

Geek Road Trip

Today we went on a road trip to Dallas to the SQL Server 2005 Roadshow, some intense hardcore geeky stuff. The morning talked of enhanced log files for debugging, and the afternoon was xQuery for XML, stuff big time over my head so I glazed over and went to Happy Land.

Here's a picture of the group, Mike P, Wilton, myself, Lon, and Garth. Lots of database guru's, lots of geek talk everywhere! Taken by Mike P's Treo 600.

After the show, hauled ass home, pushing the Department of Public Safety van at up to speeds of 85 mph to catch the 7pm showing of Star Wars.

Ahhh the blurry life of an over-urgent individual.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bloggin' Bout Bob's Bada$$ BBQ (alliteration)

Whenever the Spurs are playing in the playoffs, as well as other times, Bob is firing up the grill with some steaks, sausage, etc. Afterall, we are at the top of the food chain, so why not pig out on nice juicy steak. Creamy italian dressing usually is the maranade, and the stuff just melts in your mouth.

Bob also has a 52 inch TV that kicks ass, it's big, roughly the size of, ummmm, well, roughly the width of my VW.

Anyway, love that BOB BBQ --

Monday, May 16, 2005

Mando Diao and Friends

After City Hall we went to Emo's for the Mando Diao show. Who do you ask? Of course the constants Toshi and I. We have been looking forward to the show for a few months now, and the day finally came, started at 10:45, which is pretty damn late for a Monday night show!

Three of Toshi's wonderful Japanese friends also joined us. They were all wonderful and beautiful. Don't I look like such a pimp with these three lovely ladies?

The opening band was Danko Jones, who was really good. He had a tongue that was all over the place, one that could rival Gene Simmons. Out of the blue, Gordi Johnson, the lead singer / guitar player for Grady comes out. I spoke with him for a while, said Danko and him were buds, and Danko played a song and dedicated it to Gordi. Here's a picture of Gordi and I, y'all should go check him out one day, he plays at the Continental Club frequently.

To end the night, Toshi and his friends expressions say it all. An excellent evening had by all. It was great to see Toshi and his friends jamming in front of the stage all excited!

In my opinion, Mando sounds much much better on the album, but all around a quality show, some quality songs, and for 10 buckeroos, you can't beat it!

'And we never cut the hope
'Cause we never cut the rope '
Mando Diao

All You People Up There In City Hall

Today we went to City Hall, probably saw some important people that I didn't know, and had some good food / good music. The new City Hall is an amazing building, and it still has the new smell to it, which is great. Here is a picture from the top, you can see Town Lake and the wonderful jogging trail. It's a really great view from up there.

The place has many tiers, here's a picture looking down from one tier to the other. Down there was good ol Taco Deli catering, and Rachel Loy providing the entertainment. She won one of the categories of the Austin Music Foundation Incubator competition.

Didn't meet the mayor, and didn't even get to hear him talk b/c Ian and I had to make a beer run. Beer run for City Hall, now that's pretty damn nifty!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Z Cabaret /w Meredith McCall

Tonight I had the distinct pleasure of watching Meredith, a friend / co-worker perform at the Zach Scott Theatre. The performance was brilliant, she came out all light and fluffy singing some really good tunes. There was a brief intermission, and the second part of the show was the heavy / contemplative songs, of course which I apply to the daily emotional struggles that go on in my head. I am definately going to bug her for the setlist when she comes back to work on Tuesday.

Here is a picture of Meredith, the star of the show, with Lee, my boss and I. Lee and Meredith are not only cool people, but play a very pivotal role in the re-engineering of the private security systems at DPS. What a dynamic, Meredith during the day, b*tching (not really) about SID numbers, to her beautiful voice by night.

The songs were beautifully chosen and beautifully sang. Check out Meredith singing Besame Mucho (takes a while to download -- 9mb). This song in particular struck my attention b/c I love The Beatles rendition of this tune. For those who you who can't translate, I think it means 'Kiss Me Lots' or something like that.

Thanks for the great performance Meredith, was a great time, thanks for the company Lee and Emanuel. The band played perfect too, loved the bass. Look forward to the next one, and for all you peeps who read this blog, do yourself a favor and check out a show at the Zach Scott. And to all my meathead friends, if you find a date, bring her to this, she'll be impressed (and I promise to take the same advice myself!).

PS - The nachoes, Sangria and Margaritas at Guero's aftwards weren't too bad either! Tomorrow brings me to a trip to City Hall and Mando Dio with Toshi and an entourage of Japanese girls, YIPPIE!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Snoop Dogg / VWA

Tonight brought Snoop Dogg and his b*tches to VWA.

This is my second year working the VIP section at the ampitheatre, I'm on a 'part time' basis, meaning hopefully I don't have to work shows like Hall and Oats and the like. Being the first gig I worked this year, I was greeted with a stylish new cucumber green shirt, and a nifty name tag.

Now, on to the show. As I walk to my VIP duties, I stroll by the merch table and could help but notice a shirt that said "White Beater," I suppose instead of "Wife Beater." Having said this, I'm a bit apprehensive about entering the lions din of thugs and gangstas, of course being a bald headed white boy wearing a green button down.

The opening act, The Game, took it apon himself to invite the crown to come 'down', meaning all these meatheads climb over the rails, much to the dismay of the VIP staff. The show was pretty good, although I don't like the gangsta rap much, he being totally west coast.

Then the main event, Snoop Dogg. The opening 'film' depeicted Snoop going to his chicks house, much to his surprise another chick was over named Peaches. Peaches, Snoop, and Snoop's chick participate in foreplay, then some white dude comes in and starts shootin sh*t up, until Snoop finally puts a cap in his a$$. Tons of weed references, some T&A on the big screen, and cussin cussin cussin equals good family fun. There was also a bed on stage with some scantily clad girls, one is wearing some white lingerie with blue trim, which kinda reminds me of the gmail notifier for new messages that's running in my taskbar. Last time I saw Snoop I recall him asking for '7 backstage passes for 7 backstage a$$es.'

All in all a fun night, met some new peeps, sad at Chad's departure, who's trying his luck in Vegas, listened to Snoop, and hell, getting paid for it, can you beat that? Thanks Leslie, you rock.

Tomorrow is Cabaret performance at Zach Scott for me, to all my co-workers have fun at Kenny Chesney, y'all can only hope for Renee Zelwegger, or however you spell that, to come out and they can do a 'You Had Me From Hello' duet. Great stuff!? -- Maybe Snoop could come out and put a cap in bofe of their a$$es ---- hahahahah


Friday, May 13, 2005

Shootin the Shit with BB King

Folks if Rolando isn't the most celebrity connected friend I've ever had, then let the powers that be make me wake up with an afro tomorrow.

This picture was sitting in my inbox this morning, as Roland's commentary said "Mr. Bruns, here's a picture of me shootin the shit with BB King.

Hats off to BB King, Roland said he's a really nice guy, and he celebrated his 80'th birthday last year.

So when Rolando's not hanging out with BB King, he's calling me from the NBA all star party saying he just served some famous person that I don't even know a shot of something I've never even heard of.

Rolando Rolando Rolando -- You did get the "R" you know ;-)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Pacific Seafood / Flounders O MY

Tonight I think is the first time I had flounder. Had the distinct pleasure of hanging out with Maggie and Brad at Pacific Seafood. Tucked away in the midst of Kia and Acura dealerships is a gem of a seafood joint with noteworthy gumbo and blackened fish. Needless to say I pigged out beyond belief.
After that we got our Target on. Man is it a prerequisite to be a hot chick in order to work at Target. I recall C-Dog feverishly trying to get a job at Target when we were roomates in order for him to find us some girlfriends. Well Brad was picky picky with pants, so I stocked up on 4 months supply of TP and also picked up the new SPOON.
Then we went to a posh import car dealership and I salivated over some rediculously priced vehicles. Don't you have to have a small pen*s to drive a 2005 Corvette? Anyway, the VW treats me well, after all Volkswagon means (the people's car), and that it is, a nice car for the common people. We also taked that with the advent of the Elements and Scion's, VW needs to bring back 'The Thing' or make a vain VW peace lovin van.

Lovin the Brad / Maggie company -- will try to make it to Crawfish on Saturday if I don't work Snoop Dogg.

Bow WoW WoW Yippie Yo Yippie Yea

The Midnight Ride of RB / Mike P

One if by land, two if by see.....Just as Paul Revere made his midnight ride, Mike P and I set off at about 12:08, on a chilly night. The ride was overall pretty easy, with the exception of a few monster hills. We left with the blessing of my neighbor Phil Morris and Ben, high fives, good luck sentiments and all.

The first stop for picture time came as we approached the captitol. Here you can see the capitol with the Frost Bank Tower (this building reminds me of nose hair clippers) in the back.

Next is the good ol Bat Bridge, right before the sinister South Congress Hill. Pretty cool to think the bats are out of the bridge at the moment chowing down on all the pesky insects that live in Austin.

What midnight ride would be complete without a picture of the Austin Hotel, a staple image of South Congress. Taking the bike ride down there reminds me of the great show we saw at the Yard Dog during SXSW.

Here we are pretty darn close to reaching the top of the hill, and looking at the wonderful view of downtown Austin, and Congress leading up to the capitol. It's really hard to make pictures look good at night, total bummer.

What bike ride would be complete without a massive whipe out! We are hauling a$$ down a semi-steep hill near the Dog and Duck Pub. We were cruising the sidewalks that had open ends, came to one that didn't, I saw it, jumped the curb, and behind me I heard some tires squeel, and crash, and then a grunt, I look back and Mike P is laid out. It sucks when a buddy is in distress like that, and its hard for you to hold back the situational laughter. Needless to say Mike P has a few huge strawberries on him from the trip.

To sum it up, the 14.6 miles took just shy of 2 hours, on a casual pace. The verdict for today, the legs hurt a bit, but for the most part just tired and having trouble focusing on web parts and portal integration. Next time we'll try for 20, but not at midnight, especially on a work night.

For all you people who like Bicycles, check out this killer website that shows all the bike routes in austin. http://www.austinbikeroutes.com/

'Bicycle races are coming your way
So forget all your duties oh yeah!'

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tonight We Fly

Today, Mahon and I are going to attempt an almost 15 mile bike ride, leaving my place at 12 a.m.

Here's the route: Start here, go to capitol bldg, head up monster soco hill, right on Oltorf, right on Lamar, back home. May Allah have mercy on our souls!

As you can see, or kinda, the VW reads just shy of 15 miles for the bike trip. I'm sure Mahon and I will hate each other after this bike trip.

Lee, we apologize in advance, for we aren't going to be worth a sh*t at work on Thursday, perhaps some mindless activities?

PS - Pics taken on Mike P's new treo 600, which has already started to rattle?!?

Tonight we fly Over the chimney tops
Skylights and slates -
Looking into all your lives
And wondering why happiness seems so hard to find
--another Divine Lyric from Neil Hannon

Monday, May 09, 2005

First Trip to Whole Paycheck, oops, I mean Whole Foods

Jenny K (used to be called Jenny II, said she didn't like that title) and I went to pig out at Whole Foods. Needless to say the selection was increadible and posh. We noticed there isn't very much 'white trash' that shops there, nor any fat people. For the most part is the Livestrong variety of people munching down or organic treats.

We browsed the breakfast isle, and saw small boxes of cerel (is that how you spell that?), we saw 4 dollar boxes that on a good morning, I would have to eat two of them to be filled up. Also saw about a 1,000 different bottled waters, some from Norway! O Boy O Boy!

To sum it up, I'm sure there are great Novelty items you can get at Whole Foods, but as for conventional grocery shopping, I'll stick to HEB, there you don't pay for the 'lifestyle' statement.


Mike P and Laura, good seeing y'all at Sherlock's for the nightcap, but next time lets go somewhere other than that bullsh*t wanna be irish pub. The bouncer made me take my Muse wristband off.....what the hell was that all about? One word, that place "BLOWS."

Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Best Mum In The World

For all of you who know this lady, I know y'all will vouch for her being the best! For mothers day, we went to the dreaded 'Country Corner Cafe' in Shiner. It was raining cats and dogs, and we had to sit outside on the patio of all things. Needless to say we scarfed down the grub b/c it was cold and wet.....Not a great way to honor the best mum in the world.

Hats off to you mum, thanks for everything -- you rock!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Muse / Razorlight

Both Brilliant Performances

Very Tight as a band, debuted a new song 'All the Brunettes in America.'

Amazing 3 piece band, plesantly surprised, Amazing guitar player, amazing light show

Friday, May 06, 2005

Rilo Kiley / Stubbs BBQ

"Keep the Wind at your back and the sun on your face", The immortal words of Rilo Kiley. When you go to a concert in which the message is not bubble gum, it only makes you ponder life and days gone by.

The show was riddled with little people, I had a bit of trouble focusing due to the master cylinders of Fosters, but the brilliant parts did shine thru.

Has anyone ever looked up at Stubb's? Here's the view, unfortunately the camera didn't pick up the stars. Stubb's BBQ, what can you say about the place!? There are trees inside, that totally rocks!

All in all, the band had style, they swapped around instruments, guitar dude sang a few songs. A quality show.

I took a 1 minute avi of the song "Does He Love You" if anyone is interested. Don't want to post it though in fear of RSS leachers.

Thanks for the company Jenny, Mike D, Ashley, Becky, and Toshi.

Shenanigans at Logans / Lovejoys

Well to anyone who hasn't been to Logans at Sixth and Congress, let me tell you the have the most gigantic beers in Austin, and happy hour is dirt cheap! Pictured here is Maggie tearing up one of those huge monsters!

I was seriously getting on Jenny's nerves, as she was in a bad mood, therefore I was doing anything I could to make her not in a funk. It wasn't working too well unfortunately...so um..."Waitress can I have another tall boy for Jenny?"

Here is a group 'let's flick off the camera shot.'

Then on to Lovejoy's, this was after Rilo Kiley, so hmmmm, Jenny falls by the wayside already and the rest of us aren't far to go. Even Toshi slammed down a Tecate, helped me finish my 24oz can of Fosters, and then pretty much finished off my bourbon and coke, kudos to him for helping!

Notice how red my head is, when I've had a few too many drinks, I turn really red. By this time it was definately time to head to the house, some pizza before bedtime of course.