Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Small Town Parade

Moulton, Texas, the home of the Moulton Jamboree, and Dairy Treat Hamburgers. Today we had the distinct pleasure of riding in the Moulton Parade. Bob pulled the trailer, and we had loads of fun throwing candy to the little kids. It's nice to see the joy on a kid's face when you throw some candy, so innocent, so I wish I was back to that simple time in my life.

Here's the group portrait. Don't ask me why I always throw up some kinda half-ass lame gang sign. Anyway, we are a rough looking group of people, all suffereing from massive hangovers and out in the sun, extremely brutal!

Good ol Mike P scratcing his nose with his middle finger, and Colby about to pass out. Moments after this pictures I poured some water over his head. Looks like the chain gang sittin' on the curb. Good times --

It was cool to see the other side the parade, actually ridin' in the float. We were throwing out koozies, frizbees (spelled right?), and tons of candy. Here's a picture of a bunch of people in front of Ole Moulton Bank as we ride thru town.

Finally, Toshi leaves next Monday, so I won't be bloggin' about him as much, but Yasu and I will be hanging out more and more, and I'm going to do my best to show him some crazy American stuff. This dude is a class act, but don't give him more than 3 beers, he'll turn red as can be.

Thanks for the great time dudes, you are all my homeboys, we tight and stuff, be stickin' together, be lookin' out for each other.

Oh and Mike D --- Keep in mind [ID & FC] === WHEW!!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Geeks Invade Shiner

I really don't know where to start with this, my creative vibe isn't too strong tonight, but I'll give it a shot, and try to explain the hilarious antics of this weekend. What a CREW! It was a very happy 'sausage fest', 'sword fight', however you like to call it. It's been a long time since I had this much fun with a bunch of dudes.

Dr. Love -- Dr. Fancy Pants -- Mike P -- Mike D -- Toshi -- Yasu -- all made the trip down from ATX for the 'Moulton Jamboree,' an event that seems like twilight zone even for a 'local' like myself, however, it still gives me the warm fuzzies when I think about the times throught the years.

Bob came by and fired up the grill, some bada$$ sirlions, and T-Dog and the boys came over with the geetars. Mum came by for a bit, T-Dog and I play her a song everytime she comes by, the song of the day for mum happened to be 'Slide Show' by Travis, much to the dismay of Dr. Love.

Made a stop at the Ole Moulton Bank to check in on Bill Pekar and the band. The place was crowded, full of people that I didn't know. And Ms. Girl in green, 'I Love You' and wish I had the courage to go strike up a conversation with you!

Finally, everyone got pretty blitzed on the night, as we tore Klosel's up. I have to tell the 'internet communtiy' about my buddy Mike P. If you ever meet this dude, he's pretty damn monotone and 'boring' in appearance, but boy can this boy dance! He was dancing with the 3 hottest girls in the building for a while, and then i think the girls felt bad b/c they couldn't keep up! Seriously!

Can you see the dude behind Mike P in the picture, He's probably saying "Man that boy can dance." You could also see Mike P a mile away with is blue shirt. hahahaha!

For the sake of not embarrasing Yasu, I won't post the picture of him and Mike P sandwich'ing the girl on the dance floor, but my my my ---- just so damn funny!

Friday, July 29, 2005

My Name Reached Fame on the Ladies Stalls, Crashing Quinceaneras at the KC Halls

Dahveed played a wonderful surprise show on Friday at Stubb's, and he was in fine form. It was a concert in which he played nothing but the 'hits', such a fine show.

I suppose I need to call him Jenny's boyfriend after the back to back songs he played for Jenny the last time we saw him. He looks a lot like Lou Diamond Phillips (or however you spell his name) when he was in La Bamba.

A bitchin' set of guitar, and this has to be at least the 35th time I've seen him. Highly recommended!

5 Jalapenos~!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

First Time For Everything

Well one day I'm going to blog about the importance of trying to put together a good blog, but for now, my left hip is aching too bad to think.

Why do you ask? Tonight was the first time I attempted the game of Squash. Being a tennis guru, and a dude that can smash the hell out of a tennis ball, I figured I'd catch on quick and kick some ass.

Well the brutal reality of the game is that it's totally about stragety and finess. I learned that the hard way as Toshi beat me 5 games in a row, in very easy fashion. Not just a beating, but an ass whippin'.

Throughout the years, this blog will contain 'first times for everything,' so tonight was my first time for squash, and unfortunately not the last time I will get my ass kicked. But I'll get better and kick some ass one day -- Just wait

Time for beddy bye so we can strive to make our work 'executive caliber' --

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Fairwell to An International Friend

Having international friends is a great way to gain insite and perspective on different cultures. It opens your eyes to different points of view, and is most definately binds the world. International friendships do this.

Sam has worked for the Austin Music Foundation for the last 6 months, and now its time for her to depart. As I type this, her and her mum may be close to getting out of Texas. The trip will take them 3 days, Austin to Toronto. She's a smart fun person to hang out with, we went to Stonehenge on a day trip before, as well countless AMF sponsored events.

Meghan and Sam have put Canada on the map for me, a great country with some fine people. Hat's off to our neighbors up north, and Sam, here's wishing you luck with everything life has to offer.


'The cool thing about being famous is traveling. I have always wanted to travel across seas, like to Canada and stuff. '
Britney Spears

Saturday, July 23, 2005

O Where O Where Can My Bob Vila Be?

Home Improvement 101, a subject which is fascinating to learn about. It's wonderful when you have a great group of people around you who know what they are doing.

Today was carpet pulling day. The carpet was over 30 years old, hiding some wood floor underneath. We plan on buffering that up, shinin' it up, makin' that look like a million bucks. The paneling needs re-working too, which we are still looking at different options.

Might I add the acoustics in this room are amazing. Before it's all said and done there will be some local talent tearing up yet not tearing up the room with some tunes.

Remodeling is fun, especially when you have a brother like G-Man who has insane hookups and really knows what he's doing. Thanks for all the help G-Man and Bob, and T-Dog, when you and your buddies want to trade labor for beer, you know where to find me.

Hopefully the next pictures will show some 'pimp' wood floor, all shiny and clean.

PS --- For all you Shinerites, the DSL pipe in Shiner is clean, faster web access there than in ATX, simply amazing. There must be only 5 people in the whole town using it, so look into it --14.95 a month from Yahoo / SBC.

Friday, July 22, 2005

When Your home has more miles on it than your Car

This could potentially happen in Sublime, Texas. Bob and I stumbled apon one of those parties out in the sticks. When we arrived, there was a truck stuckin the mud, and many other things symbolic of livin' the 'country life'.

Bob said it best when he said, "I know these people are crazy, but I could sit out here and party with them all night long and have a great time."

I could go on about this forever, but opt against. Kudos for the Blue Collar workin' class.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Rock n Roll Ain't Noise Pollution

Here's ripped off lyrics from tunes of new and old to help understand 'the state I’m in.' Yea this is cheesy shit that I'm sure is gonna fly over most heads, but think of it as 'name that tune'

Ok, so I'm a bit confused about life in general. 'So tell me what the hell is normal and who the hell is sane? And why the hell care anyway?' What happens when you get 'You've got stuck in a moment, And now you can't get out of it', when 'you can see the stars but still not see the light', when 'so often times it happens that we live our lives in chains, and we never even know we have the key', and why do we 'run to stand still.' 'It saves time to say what you mean', certainly, but when you don't know what you mean 'the confusion sets in'. The tragic irony of a 'blind man on a canyon's edge of a panoramic scene'. Confusion leads typical 'dudes' like myself to bars where 'rows of fools on rows of stools is not what's on my mind.' All the time I'm thinkin' 'Is this the in place to be? What am I doing here? Watching the girls go by, Spending money on....' and moreso 'I won't dance in a club like this, all the girls are slags, and the beer tastes just like piss.' But regardless 'I'm going down to Jimmy's bar like a thousand other times, with an appetite for poison and a suitcase full of dimes.'

So what compels the average soul to 'spend money on women and wine, But I couldn't tell you where I spent last night' In the morning you take '3 3 3 for the heartache and 4 4 4 for the headaches'. It's all about searching, 'Searching, for everything already there. For every thought already known. For everything that ever was, is, and will be. Struggling. Oh how we struggle. And the more we avoid it, the greater the struggle becomes' and also 'searching through these carousels and the carnival arcades, Searching everywhere from steeplechase to palisades, and In any shooting gallery where promises are made To rockaway, rockaway... rockaway, rockaway From Cullercoats and Whitley Bay out to rockaway.

Do 'we all need reassurance as we play life's game of endurance'? Certainly, especially when 'someone comes along and washes away your hard earned piece of mind.' Most definitely 'the water is warm 'til you discover how deep.' Is life 'a book you read in reverse, so you understand less as the pages turn'?

In the end, 'how to fight loneliness: smile all the time, shine your teeth till meaningless, sharpen them with lies', and most importantly 'laugh at every joke', I suppose even if it's lame?

'I know I'll find the one, and sure enough she'll come along' -- and it will be like 'two loose kites falling from the sky, Drawn to the ground and an end to flight.' But for some of us, 'It's gonna take time, A whole lot of precious time, It's gonna take patience and time' and the wonderful product of patience and time is how the boss puts it best; 'sleeping beneath peaceful skies in my lover's bed, with a wide open country in my eyes, and these romantic dreams in my head.'

I have been 'lying there staring at the ceiling, waiting for a sleepy feeling', but now the time is come to 'let the moonlight take the lid off my dreams'

Huh, maybe, just maybe 'You Don't Need An Indie Song, To Figure Out What's Going On' ??

Guten Nacht Friends,
Guten Nacht Internet,
Guten Nacht Google Cache ---

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ode to Salt Lick

The best way to do BBQ is The Salt Lick, FAMILY STYLE!

Tonight some friends an I partook in an adventure to The Salt Lick. There's nothing cooler for a native texan corn-fed boy to eat at salt lick with two japanese dudes, a canadian gal, and a filipino dude. All together we put down 2 1/2 plates of pure ribs, brisket and sausage.

I'm sure that will provide me a wonderful night of sleep, as I can barely move my belly right now, and of course a proper bowel movement in the morning.

On that lovely thought, here's Robart-san signin' off for a long summers nap. Eat your heart out Rolando! ha!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Collin T - Turns the Big 2

Drove all night just to get back home, and to save being castorated by my sista for missing my godson's 2 year birthday party.

I love this little guy, he's so funny, and a grouchy stubborn one he is.

It was a great time hanging out with the family, with a surprise visit from my brother Derwin (who looks like Tom Petty --hope you don't mind the reference ;-)) Shannon has been reading 'The Tipping Point', and he described me as a 'connector' as per the book, which I'm sure I'll bring up in converstations in the future with all you fine people (2 or 3) who read this.

Finally here's a picture of us sponsors with the birthday boy himself. Luckily he didn't burn his nose too bad as he was blowing out the candles.

Rob you are the ambassador of cookin', and I do admire your for that, and teaching me how to cut meat! I may be able to impress the ladies with that one day!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Drive All Night Just to Get Back Home

Like Bon Jovi did when he knew a place where the faces are so cold, Toshi and I drove all night to get back home, and boy was it a B-I-T-C-H. I'm a road warrior, and the wear and tear on the body was tremendous.

Left Vegas 7am - Grand Canyon - 1pm - Sinister wrong turn down 180 South near Snowflake, NM which left us on a 'let me out' steep winding road in the dark in the midst of thunderstorm, with elk on the side of road, and back to good ol I-10 for a straight trek back to ATX which seemed to take forever.

All total, 1600+ miles, 24 hours in the car over a period of 29 hours, countless red bulls and green tea, got us back home around noon.

Alive and well with new vigor and perspective, and a trip that wasn't hell on the pocketbook, just what I needed.

'Well, I've seen the power of the lightening storm,
I've seen the endless ears of corn,
I've seen the lakes at the beak of day
And that shit takes my breath away'

Friday, July 15, 2005

Grand Canyon or Bust

I don't know what to say about this, other than no picture or words can describe the beauty and awe as you see it with your own eyes. Toshi did his best as he said 'I feel like I want to almost cry.' That's what it's about, the mavels of nature created over the course of 4 million years and a killer ice age.

Having said you can't capture it's essence with a picture, I'll just display some pictures showing that we were there, and were captivated.

I won't get all choked up about the experince because I plan on visiting again many times. It will be an amazing experience to go camping there. Cookin' some grub and just lookin' at the big crack.

Standin' on A Corner In Winslow, Arizona

Well here's me looking very dorky standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona.

The song is wrong, I didn't see any fine sites such as a girl in a flat bed ford slowing down to take a look at me.

Maybe I was at the wrong corner?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wake Me Up When It's Dark

From a civilization perspective, It's amazing how humanity colonizes one of the hottest places on earth. Temperatures reached in excess of 120 while out there. At midnight, there is hot air blowing in your face, it's crazy!

Well everything is posh lookin' over there, we stayed at Bally's, which is in the middle of the strip, right across from the big water show, and from our winder we could see the Eiffel Tower!

The trip wasn't one of the trips where boys will be boys, and I'm not a gambler, therefore the focus on the trip was some shows. The first night there, we saw the musical 'We Will Rock You', which is based on Queen tunes. I saw this in London a few years back, and here's where I'll be a snob and say the vegas show just didn't stack up for many reasons including better performers, better plot twists, and a much better theatre in Londontown. Out with the bads, the show is still amazing, especially if you are a Queen fan. In all honesty, I wanted to see Celion Dion, but the nosebleeds 115, for her to sing about her heart going on and on and on!??? Toshi took some 'illegal' pictures in the shows.

The next night we walked down to the Luxor, which in my opinion is the coolest site in Vegas. You know, the big black pyramid with the big light on the top. It's pure brilliance! Here's a picture of the strip, as seen from a walkway.

Thursday night brought us to the Blue Men Group. I was thinkin' I was going to be majorly disappointed b/c this has been hyped forever, and I've wanted to see it forever. After the performance the verdict was, I'm totally blown away! Funny, intelligent, different, amazing for 3 people and a 7 piece band. The light show was fantastic, crowd participation was great, lots of percussions, and many oddities I could go on forever about. Best thing was the music, which was just plain ol' thumpin' badass!

The ushers give you all this paper to 'decorate' yourself with, and here's my with it all around my head. This show is brilliant, pay the 75 bucks to go see it, you won't be disappointed!

After Blue Men I sat at the bar and had a handfull of NewCastles while Toshi played blackjack, then we went to Vegas Chinatown (yes they do have a pretty elaborate one there) and had some incredible Japanese food. There I was introduced to some harsh Japanese liqor which totally kicked my ass.

There are a lot of shanty houses out there in the desert, reminds me of National Lampoon's Vegas vacation. I really dug the games played in the movie, such as 'guess the number I'm thinking of' and 'paper, rock, scissor'.

The weather is hot, damn hot.

Speaking of damn, we stopped at Hoover Dam on the way in, an amazing place with amazing stats and history.

The verdict, Vegas in cool stuff -- I'm sure it is much better for a bachlor party, or if you are a gambler you are in heaven. Luckily I don't have the addictive personality, so I lost about 13.75 on the trip, gambling for a total of about 20 minutes. Lots of crazy stuff everywhere, I'm sure the back streets have a lot to offer, but the strip is somewhat family oriented with a twist or so.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Kicks on Route 66

Departed from Las Cruces this morning at 8:30 en-route to Tuscon. On the way to Tuscon, there was a series of betrayals, as Toshi said. First came as we approached the highly anticipated tourist trap 'The Thing.' Basically there's a 'Thing' behind this door, and you have to pay money to see it. I've seen the thing before, and I wouldn't tell Toshi what it was, and I think since I hyped it up, calling it a monster that eats Japanese people, he was a bit apprehensive to go by himself. Well the thing isn't really much to see, and of course I won't tell you what it is. Next was smoke coming from the near mountains, and I told Toshi it was indians sending smoke signals, and his response was 'O Really'?

We rolled up into Tuscon to meet Toshi's friend Hiromi, a girl he met last year in Austin. Also picked up the 'new' Belle and Sebastian 'Push Barman to Open Old Wounds,' a compilation of EP singles from a killer record shop. We ate some Shabu Shabu, first time for everything, it was really good, and the company was great.

Toshi was trying to teach me, 'Hi, My name is Robert, nice to meet you', which in Japanese is
'Hajimemashite, Watashi-no Namae-ha Roba-to-desu, Yorosiku.' Well despite Toshi's patience in teaching the meathead american these simple words, and about an hour of practice, when it came time to tell Hiromi these simple words (keep in mind she's a cute Japanese female), I fumbled badly and failed miserably in my introduction, simply because I was nervous and wanted to make a good impression. So much for that! ?^%#$

Between Tuscon and Phoenix, we experience true desert heat. The banter and the tunes on the trip is just terrific. Toshi has had a come to Jesus experience with Ben Folds. As we left Los Cruces this morning, he surprised me with Travis' 'The Man Who.' Very strange, considering that album was recorded in the snowy snowy mts of upper Scotland. As the VW reads, the tempature is 118, the hottest I've ever experienced. With AC on in the car, its still hot in the dead of the afternoon.

From Phoenix we head to Flagstaff, which is a bit off the beater path, but a drive thru numerous national parks, a strange mix between desert at the low altitudes and pine trees and such at the altitudes 5000 feet above sea level. There are some fascinating peaks, as the road twists and turns.

Here sits a wonderful overlook about 50 miles outside of Flagstaff.

On approach to Flagstaff, a nice peak, and the temperature dropped from about 114 to 87 degrees.

The weather was nice enough to pop open the winders and the sunroof

So here we sit, in a town called Kingsman, about 100 miles outside of Las Vegas, directly on Historic Route 66. Tonight we ate at the 'Route 66 Road Kill Cafe.' It took me a while to explain to Toshi what 'road kill' was, but he thought it was very funny.

Well exhaustion has set in, we logged a bit over 700 miles today, and tomorrow is Hoover Dam and then into Vegas, where we are staying in a 4 star hotel on the strip for 70 bucks! I guess they thing we are going to gamble away, but in my case they have another guess coming.

Tired, Sunburned, chapped lips, and tender bald head, signing off for the evening. Guten Nacht!
When I was a boy I'd fantasize
About the freedom road. I'd drive
A thousand miles before sundown,
Father a child in every town.

But a hundred thousand miles have passed
Betwween me and iconoclast--Ic
images of the freedom road.
I wanna shed this heavy load.

Monday, July 11, 2005

It's Early Mornin' On I-19

This is my first driving break, as I have the trust and faith in Toshi to take command of the VW, hoping to not run us into the cactus.

The Texas Hill Country is beautiful, and so far is surprisingly it's not very hot yet. As the temperature reads a mere 90 degrees. The tunes in the vehicle range from Ben Folds to The Mars Volta and everything in between. Fitting considering The Mars Volta is from El Paso. Right now I'm co-pilot with Microsoft Maps 2004, a bitchin' program I would recommend to anyone.

Our stop tonight will be in Las Cruces New Mexico, about 50 miles outside of El Paso. That will put us about 400 miles from Tuscon, where we meet up with Toshi's friend for tea and crumpets, or Japanese food. We are cruising at rates in excess of 100 mph in the heat and vastness of the desert.

Stopped and ate at a steakhouse in Seonra, and everyone in the place looked at Toshi. It was like the locals have never seen a Japanese or asian guy before. To quote Toshi he said 'I felt all the eyes in the restaurant on me.' The buffet consisted of fried chicken, fried steak, potatoes, a nice healty meal for growing boys. I drank so much tea, I had to pi$$ every rest area. The V-dub is kickin' ass and takin' names on the highway, would make the germans who designed the thing proud

As Tenacious D would say, the road is F*ckin' Hard, but the tunes and thoughts of the promise land keep us pressing on. Toshi was very excited to see numerous wind farms along the way, taking about 1,000 pictures. FINALLY we rolled into El Paso only to be met by a killer dust storm, which was a fascinating experience. I've never drove thru one before, and I hope to never have to again.

Well we put down about 650 miles today of hard driving. My lips are chapped, I'm dehydrated, and extremely exhasted as we are in Las Cruces, soaking up free wireless and AC. off to dreamland for another long day of driving tomorrow, in hopes to reach Hoover Dam.

That's it, I-19, the Interstate in which Neil Hannon makes 'famous' in the ever 'popular' Freedom Road Tune, which I will be referencing the rest of the trip, and will also get to see it as it runs from Tuscon on down into Mexico.

'It's early morning on I-19,
I ain't got much for company:
A pick-up truck, a brown Volvo
And a couple of jokers on the radio.

I wish that it could stay like this
But soon I'll have to put up with
The whole world and his Uncle Joe
Cluttering up my freedom road.'

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Freedom Road

To change one word of a Divine Comedy song I cherish --

"Well if I were to even start to tell them how it melts my heart, nevermore would my redneck friends, look me in the eye again"

This is exactly how I feel about West Texas, and the desert of Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada. It is a surreal feeling driving out there, battling the Wild West Texas Wind, the elements of extreme heat and exhaustion, and a desolute lonely feeling, that helps you get in tune with your inner self.

We are driving from Austin to Vegas tomorrow, the participants are Toshi and I. Along the way we plan on White Sands, Tuscon, Phoenix, The Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, The Navajo Indian Reservation, Las Vegas and the Blue Men, and Roswell on the way back. We will be gone till Saturday, but I'll be bloggin' like crazy along the way.

Here's a map of the trip . As the crow flies west, the trip is approximately 1,303 miles. Got the sirius radio, disk changer full, and loads of brilliant tunes to jam along the way.

Stay tuned for some pictures with aliens, tumbleweeds, some shanty houses in El Paso. First stop tomorrow night is in White Sands, New Mexico, 647.3 miles.

-- 'Out in the West Texas town of El Paso, I fell in love with a Mexican Girl' --

Thursday, July 07, 2005

First Thurs w/ Guy Forsyth

Folks if you've never seen him live, it's a treat. He is an excellent guitar, has a brilliant stash of hormonicas with tremendous effects, and he even busts out the ol saw and plays that with a violin bow. We went down to Ruta Maya's on South Congress for the 6pm show, then over to the new Opal Divine's on SOCO for some tasty grub.

In attendance, the normals Ashley and Toshi, Sam Fox, the wonderful Canadian AMF intern, and new fellow co-worker Garth. Garth is a cool dude, as I'm slighly intimidated when he came to the table with some Independance Ale and Chimay. I simply can't drink either of those, I felt like a total panzy. Give me a nice stout or lager and I'll go to town. Instead I drank what I refer to as the wife beater 'Stella', a fine lager, something that Budweiser wishes it was.

Extremly exhaused from a prior sleepless night, I was in bed by 10:15, a rare thing for me. Sorry Ashley for dogging you out for Brownout, hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

We Don't Mind Suckin' On Toes

Well, who would have thought that today I would have gotten a peticure. I didn't even know what that word really meant. Here's a picture of my crusty / hairy hobbit feet before the peticure. As you can see, a dream for a girl to play footsey with ;-), or however you spell that.

This took a lot of persuading to do, but when Bob said he would join, I said what the hell. Bob is used to trampin' around in cow pastures, and doing all sorts of crazy things with his feet. I still felt a tad bit insecure when we rolled up on 'US Nails', the place.

Well after about 45 minutes, my feet were the cleanest they have been since birth. My toenails had a shiny clear polish, just sheer brilliance. They felt so soft, it actually irritated me when I put my tongs (flip flops), not thongs back on.

The verdict, well it didn't do much for me, my feet were very clean, but didn't last too long. I'll probably go back and get one again someday, and perhaps a manicure to try that out. Sooner than later Mike P and I have decided to visit the 'day spa' for 2 for one massage day.

Man I'm so gay, yet not so gay! hahahahaha

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Bob's First Day at Work

Well Bob is now workin' at DPS now, it's nice to have a fellow country boy at heart to assist with the day to day challanges of an environment that isn't tooled well.

Here's an excerpt of what Mike P said, he sums it up well

--Big Bad Bobby Cowan is making his DPS debut this week having successfully passed his security check and full body cavity search. Bob brings to DPS an extensive knowledge of relevant computer work. At this rate all of Shiner Texas and the surrounding areas should be employed at DPS by year's end. Welcome aboard Bob! Remember three words and you will work out fine here: "I didn't know!"--

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Beer Bait and Ammo

Ladies and gents, these are artillery shells, the most bada$$ fireworks out there. Professional grade $hit. These look equally impressive blowing up on the ground as they do in the sky, just ask that rabbit that Bob threw one at.

The tradition at the SR continues every year, nothing different this year, as scores of peeps came to watch the fireworks. Props to T-Dogness for being the pyrotechnician.

As with the fireworks comes loads of beer drinkin', pool playin', silly grinnin' and peace flashin' --

As I force Mr Shimek and Leslito to take some dorky pictures with me. I think I had a sandwich in my mouth.

At any rate, Damn C-Dog we missed your ass bad. The tradition of shooting Roman candles out of the convertible was put to a hault this year too, as a result of a broken timing belt.

Federer also kicked Andy Roddicks a$$ in the Wimbledon final I woke up tired and hungover to watch today. Federer is going to go down in history as the best tennis player ever, and I can't wait for the future of US Mens tennis to find some more studs.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

4th of July Parade

Today was the annual 4th of July parade that heads thru downtown Shiner. It was brilliant b/c the parade started on 'our' side of town.

Here my nephews Kyle and Colin are decked out in their USA t-shirts with some American flags, along with mum and Jeannie. There was so much candy being thrown this year!

What parade can be complete without seeing the polka float, or the Shiner Hobo Band.

Later that night the fireworks display sponsored by Shiner Bock was intense, we had to watch it from a far, b/c Dr. Luv and Colby were late coming from ATX. Dr. Luv had about 10 billion Coors Lights that night, and was feeling no pain. hahhaha

Live 8

Watched a good piece of Live 8 on TV -- Saw the likes of Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Madonna, The Who, Greenday (who covered We Are the Champions), Kayne West, etc.

Time for me to give my opinion --
Although a good performance and a good cause, history tells us rocks stars rockin' hard for a day don't really get the job done. It serves as a smoke screen for western society to say 'Hey we're helping see?! We sent J-Lo to shake her ass.

It also makes Africa just look plain poor and pathetic. 'Saving' Africa in my opinion requires investments by free enterprise and big goverments in political and social institutions already there that are getting the job done. I suppose I could go on about this forever.

Tender sentiments, yes I know, but no more candy coated than Live 8.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Bar Ditch BBQ - Shiner Texas

The weekend of July 4th brings the annual Half Moon Holidays to Shiner Texas, and with that comes some still competition for people who really know how to BBQ.

One of those people who really know how to make some food melt in your mouth are my cousins' David and Darlene Fortune. The quality, taste, presentation, etc is all there, as many BBQ enthusiasts (and beer drinkers like myself) camp out at the park.

Check out that massive pit, it's pure beauty

This is a very elaborate setup, constructed on the fly, damn good job --

Don't know what place they came in, but the BBQ is damn -- Yummy Yummy Yummy

'I always think that the right background music is an essential part of a good barbecue" - Nero

"Spare rib anyone?" - Adam

"Give a man a bbq feed him for a day. Teach a man to bbq and feed him for the summer" - Jesus