Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Do Not Call -- Cell Phone Opting Out

Next month telemarketers will have your cell phone numbers. You also will get charged for these minutes.

If you want to avoid this, visit Do Not Call . gov and select the opt out feature. Very simple stuff, and you will avoid the telemarkets.

Side Note:
If only you could opt out of the 'penis enlargement' emails I seem to get so damn frequently. Don't lie, I know y'all get em' too.

Perhaps someone is trying to tell me something?

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mel's BDay / Celebration at the Crab Shack

My great friend / future dentist had her birthday celebration, so it was a night filled with hanging out with dental girls, talking about teeth and professors.

Well they made Melanie do the energizer bunny routine, and march around the building beating on a tin can. O the shame, I sooo couldn't do that.

Also a chance to hang out with Tiff, a co-worker at the Verizon Wireless, long time friend, and amazing concert ticket hooker upper. I always look like a damn moose when taking pictures next to girls.

Another successful birthday celebration on the Riverwalk. You gotta love the man made 'rivers', just soooo 'beautiful'! ...pffft --

Monday, August 29, 2005

AMF -- Gettin' Your Marketing On With the Austin Music Foundation

Another great information session from the Austin Music Foundation . This time I was to volunteer at the door, but as usual overstocked with volonteers, so I proceed to drink 20,000 Red Stripes while talking to a particular band about the hardships involved with marketing their band to a high school age demographic.

A great site to see Alissa and Ron return to the seen along with a permanent new hire, the second 'full time paid' member of the foundation.

As usual, I brag heavily about these things, if you are a band and you are serious about your trade, it's a no brainer to come out and soak up this knowledge.

Austin Texas Holla!

Last week Jenny got a postcard in the mail from Shannon, who is now in rural Ohio working for catapillar (someone tell this guy he doesn't need to be hanging out in rural Ohio)!

For those of you who don't know Shannon, he's a very progressive thinker, one who definately believes intelligence isn't necessarily a disipline, rather an experience. I'm very enthusiastic about hearing what kinda stories he's going to bring back from Ohio.

This post comes as New Orleans is getting pounded by the hurricane. One of my most memorable New Orleans visits came a few Mardi Gras ago, when we loaded up the van and headed down for the festivities.

3 outstanding Shannnon memorable moments came out of the trip: 1) When he grabbed the mic at the hip hop club and just kept saying "Austin Texas, Holla, Holla, Austin Texas" in the dorkiest white boy voice ever, 2) Walking out of our 5 star hotel into the crusty van bare footed with a bottle of Vodka in hand, classic, 3) and finally friends of ours love the 'Shannon and Laura move', and well just leave it at that!

Not to mention this dude has the 'courage' to talk to all the 'hot girls.' Just look at that stud muffin!!

Well Shannon, can't wait to have you back in ATX, we'll go tear up Bar Austin

Sunday, August 28, 2005

15th Annual Hot Sauce Festival

The 15th Annual Hot Sauce Festival, a gig that's hyped as a competition between Austin and San Antonio for the stake of the title 'best hot sauce in the world.'

Well unfortunately lines were too damn long anywhere to sample anything. It was only 95 instead of 103, so the weather was a bit more bearable.

The festival is held at Waterloo Park, and draws about 15,000 - 20,000 people. Some very catchy slogans are used to promote the hot sauce, unfortunately not catchy enough to remember a damn one of them.

A pleasant treat was a performance by Austin's own The Gourds, who do a fine cover of Gin and Juice, A Snoop Doggy Dogg song. Check out the gal with the tamale jar balanced on her head!

I suppose the heat was intense, it made ME sweat worse than Pat Ewing, game 7, NBA semi-final competition, but the shade trees were around, and very much appreciated.

Hot sauce rules!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Last Cigarette

Today is a happy day, Today Mike P has left for greener pastures, as the lucky folks at Texas Education Agency have snagged him up, they will soon find out what a good man this fella is. You can read Mohon commentary here or you can read Bob's Commentary here.

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic and sad about the 'loss' of Mike P, but merely for selfish reason, for I know he's off to bigger and better things, and the new experiences are going to be enhancements to his life.

I connect with this guy on some sorta deep brotherly level, I'm harder on him than anyone I've ever met in my life, he takes every ounce of criticism as constructive, and dishes it out right back at me, a very mutually benefical friendship that will last forever. OK, enough of this sentimental garbage.

As a parting gesture, I smoked a cig with Mike P at the 'smoke pit' an area where he and I have had many heart to hearts on numerous topics.

Well needless to say a night on the town was in order to celebrate our great bud's departure. First stop, Trudy's, and after two Mexican Martinis Mike P begins to get sentimental and starts saying "I love all of you" blah blah blah. Here's him giving the gospel according to Mohon (which means turd in Spanish).

Then it was off to Lala's where other folks joined us. It's always Christmas time in Lala's, a great dive on Justin between Lamar and Burnett. Reminds me of a bar back in the 50's or something like that, no frills, no bungholes either.

It was great to have the Beastmaster finally come join the party! I hope that rice tasted as good on the way up as it tasted on the way down!

And of course there are the dreaded dancing pictures, no girls this time, just Mike P and the Beastmaster, workin' it on the dance floor. Casey was doing Kung-Fu, splits and flips on the dance floor, some crazy stuff! In watching the others watch C-Dog and Mike P, the looks are just classic!

Thanks for driving Bob, you rock. It's crazy how that frieght train seems to just run you over the next morning.

Mike P, you are my ambassador of geekism, and I'll miss you my brotha.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Starbuck's Hear Music Card Redemption

About a month ago, before my Canadian friend Sam departed the country she gave me a Starbucks Hear Music Card. Austin is the 'pilot' for these crazy machines that allow you to make custom cd's from a pretty big library for 99 cents a song.

Well with my free 8 song card, here's the list, I was all over the place.

  1. Bell Bottomed Tear - Beautiful South

  2. Pretty Girl's Don't Cry - Chris Isaak

  3. Question - Old 97's

  4. Killing In The Name - Rage Against the Machine

  5. Gracie - Ben Folds

  6. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley

  7. Chorus - Erasure

  8. Good Goodnight - Aqualung

The verdict is out as if I would pay for a cd like this, but its a good conversation piece talking about the music, and the cd art and such is pretty good.

Sam, thanks for the card, the Starbucks people were all giddy about it, asking if I was from California, b/c that's the only place you can get the card, etc.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Waiting for A Girl Like You

Speaking of all this tennis and bowling and Beastmasters only makes me think of some very special people in my life, none other than Kimmie and Randy Z. It's also wonderful that we have finally synced up on email.

It is a costmary tradition that whenever we hang out, we go to the bowling alley, drink insane amounts of Michelob (not the ultra stuff), go bowling, and shoot some pool. I'm a firm believer in that a drunken man's words are a sober man's thoughts, and when Randy gets drunk, he talks about Kimmie's crappy pasta salad, and how he hates eating it, and has to eat some crackers and stuff before going to bed in order to satisfy his hunger. Of course Kimmie slaps the hell out of Randy, and he always has to sing her "WAITING FOR A GIRL LIKE YOU" by Foreigner, which is the most funny / endearing thing one can see. Just seeing that tough guy hitting those high notes!

I had to privilege to be in their wedding a few years back, and the gift I got them, none else than pasta, chili, and Fritos!

Kimmie was a child prodigy in tennis back in the days of SHS, I nearly killed her, Jenny, and our wonderful German exchange student (who is having a baby and getting married) one night going to H-Ville to dance. I also recall the time Randy beamed her in the head with a tennis ball, which required 50+ foot massages.

Often people ask me what's up with the gang signs, and do I make everyone throw up gang signs in pictures? The short answer is YES!

If anyone is wondering how the Beastmaster fits into this, he usually partakes in these bowling nights, O how I miss that beast, but rest assured we are supposed to hang out this weekend, take some crazy pictures for the blog, and catch up on things, as him and the lovely ms Natalie just landed in ATX, so there will be more C-Dog stories to come. He also said he is going to start blogging his ass off soon!

Here's the beastmaster and I when he had long hair, which was big time shiny for the occasion.

Kimmie and Randy, damn I miss y'all, sure wish y'all didn't live some far away. I suppose V-Town isn't very far away, and I'll be visiting there more since Ashton is living there.

Just to let everyone in on a little secret, after the wedding of Kimmie and Randy, I 'injured' a 'private part' on a sinister trampoline that required medical attention, an 'ultasound' of all things. Can you say most embarassing moment of my life? Thanks a lot Kimmie and Randy, there's nothing like a butchy nurse....well I'll stop there.

Lookin' to chill with y'all soon, ice down the Michelob, I'll be ready!

Tennis Anyone?

Well last night the doc and I played some tennis, and easily kickin' his butt, the doc gets mad, starts hitting balls over over the place. haha -- funny stuff.

It reminds me of a picture i took of the self proclaimed Beastmaster , who's been pretty damn lax on the blogging as of late. O Where O Where Can my Beastmaster be?

"Tennis is a perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquillity." -- Billie Jean King

Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Bowling Alley - A Poor Man's Country Club

It was my annual visit to the bowling alley this weekend too. I don't know what I really think about bowling. I suppose I'm pretty good at it (I have a terrific lefty hook), but it gets pretty boring after a while. Fortunately the jukebox was loaded with the Cars, Springsteen, and Beach Boys.

Here I am bowling one of my numerous strikes of the evening! ha! Funny thing is my Diesel shoes look more like bowling shoes than bowling shoes do. ha, again! Too bad I wasn't in the lane that 'Happy Parks' bowled a perfect game on. I could have had the spirits of happy with me!

Here's a picture of Bob II with me, one of the few survivors of Bob 1's bachlor party. That night this lad and I had a great heart to heart, and I have the utmost respect for him. Gangsta bowlers?

126 and 119, not too bad I suppose for my annual visit to the bowling alley. Melanie was the champ who actually did a "XXX" on the tenth frame, and who I took some pictures with that would make Mike P jealous as ever!
Could this quote become true of my life?

"I haven't had sex in eight months. To be honest, I now prefer to go bowling" --Lil Kim

Friday, August 19, 2005

1st Annual Shiner Pub Crawl

Friday 4:24 p.m., I'm sitting in my cubical at work, Jamie probably out conquering the world somewhere in HTown, we start conversing on yahoo and decide, hey let's meet down in Shinertown and go on a Pub Crawl! Yippie! The pub crawl was in parallel with my english buddies, who are doing the same this evening, their's being extremely more intense, none the less, we tried to represent. (Last time I went out with those blokes, I remeber being in the middle of the dance floor embraced with one another singing 'Summer of 69' -- supposedly which they dedicate to 'Stone Cold' (their pet name for me) in Texas everytime they go to the pub) For people who don't know Jamie, she's SHS class president 95, my 'Jr High Dance Date', and extraordinary friend.

Here's Jamie and I throwin' up some signs, she actually showed me some pictures from NYC skyline the week before, saying "I had a meeting in this bldg, that one, that one, that one," well you get the picture.

First stop was Howard's for a dollar cup, I'd make Ashley proud supporting the Gloor family.

Then it was off to tenth inning, Blade's wonderful establishment, unfortunately it was dead as ever that night.

Then was 'Antiques Art and Beer' which will be my new favorite place in Shiner. It's a great vibe in the place, and an ever so friendly owner, Beverly. Where else in Shiner can you get a bottle of Bitburger, or many many other's of that nature. Wireless internet, coffee, etc. Damn talk about BIG TIME progressive for Shiner.

Then was 'Rudy's', as these places in Shiner seem to recycle themselves all the time. Hell this used to be a grocery store. I'm sure there were lots of rodents living in that building before the renovations.

Of course we then had to go where the 'cool kids' go and ended the night at Klosels. I was contemplating singing some Michelle, but opted against.

The Bitburger gave me a slight headache the next morning, which was understandable. The banter with Jamie was awesome, and the First Annual Shiner Pub Crawl, a huge success. Next Time I'm going to advertise this shit, get some sponsors, and tear the town up!

They Play Good Charlotte in Shiner, and I suppose I'm Gonna Have to Like It

Here's the Rumored lineup for the Shiner Bocktoberfest 2005, does anyone know anything? Pretty significant for small town Texas, considering Audioslave headlined the Live 8 in Deutschland, and Killing in the Name Of usually starts a riot in the pit. I wonder if Clint Black and Chris Cornell are gonna hang out backstage?

  • Audioslave
  • Good Charlotte
  • Seether
  • Clint Black
  • She Daisy
  • Randy Rogers Band
  • Darryl Lee Rush

Initial rumors were Velvet Revolver, how cool would that have been if Slash came to Shiner, that would be crazy. Chris Cornell is enough, what a beautiful man he is!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thinning Worse Than My Hair

In 1912, The Titanic struck an Iceberg and the ship began to fill with water. After striking the berg, the ship stayed afloat for 2-3 hours before plummeting to the bottom of the ocean. Could I be living this 2-3 hours before a icy oblivion? ..... -- Enough Said.

If you've seen the movie 'The Titanic', I don't want to be that dude who falls the length of the ship, bashes into the spinning thing, then lands in the cold icy water. Sure would be nice to get in one of the lifeboats, but it's more likely that I'm going to balance on some floating furniture like Kate Winslet until the next ship arrives.



Nice to see you Frank, I'll have our Spain log posted soon, as I found it cleaning out my cube, Nice to see you Toby, I'll go pimpin' the hoes' with you one night soon (hahaha), and nice to see you Munyos, I'm getting that Mexican strat soon, and we'll tear it up.

As for the rest of us, may the powers that be have mercy on our souls! WHEW!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

'Real World' Austin

Blah Blah Blah Blah --- How cool is it to have the 'Real World' come to Austin to film. Total horse-shit! My first time watching it, and all I can do is roll my eyes.

I know readers of the blog are going to be, yea what the hell is Bruns thinkin', it's good stuff. Let me give some background before I rant. My tv blew up about 2 months ago, and I don't miss the damn thing at all, and I think it's a human tradgedy that we are cloning pop stars on American Idol. Rubin Studdard, Pffft! Does anyone have bad taste in music? -- Here's the test.

Maybe I'm just turning into an old pops, and can't understand the ways of pop culture (never could actually), and the ways of the 'young,' but honesty what do people see in watching a bunch of confused melodramatic half naked teens walking around talking about who they want to screw next? Really, what's so alluring about that, and damn what does that say about the 'evolution' of man?

Not that I don't like T&A, but why does everything have to hinge on that, along with violence. It's bad enough people talk about other people. It's sad people don't talk about the 'hard stuff' life politics and religion, and it's sad it appears to be the truth that many young people have completely lost the ability to be introspective, and heaven forbid talk about their own goals, dreams and ambitions, and how to get them done, in other words, something that has teeth. Hell, Mom had to pick cotton and walk to school from the farm, maybe life is just too damn easy these days.

I suppose life is boring, so again we focus on yet another "SIM" life. For all you unstable minds who find reality exciting and challanging enough for you, I salute you. For you people who love that shit, I'm not a hater, but damn, don't you have something better to do?

OK -- Bracing for the reaction of people I may have pissed off.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Kindest Truths Are Often Spoke, But Never Heard - Ben Folds - Tulsa

I have a kinship with Ben Folds. If we were to have grown up together, he would have been my best friend. Typical Indie band, meet your daddy, he's Ben Folds. He presents himself with earnest charm, intelligence, wit, humility, the sincere kind you just can't fake. He has a merited humble arrogance, simply because he knows he has more figured out than your average Joe, and he's good at his trade, damn good. An extremely versatile human being, worth every word of praise. Enough talk about my chubby for Ben Folds and on to the show.

Ashley, Leslie and I left ATX at 10am to arrive in Tulsa a tad bit before 6pm, to hear that the show as moved to the Bradley Theatre in fear of bad weather. The Bradley Theatre therefore was packed to the rafters with people anticipating an ampitheatre. In talking to 20 or so people in the Audience, about 1/4 of them had made the trip up to Austin, which makes me proud in so many ways to get that sorta representation.

Ben Lee, a good friend of Ben Folds opened the evening, as I took a video clip of Catch My Disease. A great performance, the 4th I've seen him, this time the band was tight, and the harmonies were perfect.
What I'm about to describe, I so wish I could give it justice, but for words I will be at a loss.

Ben Folds is introspective, he speaks from the heart, and in very simple, straight forward fashion, leaving nothing to hide, something I sincerely admire in his music. A man who has been exposed to more than we can imagine, yet he speaks with great tact, wit, and elegance, and humor.

Well there he is, sorta to the right of the picture, sittin' on his little stool, pounding away at the piano. Alas, the only shot I got of him, but please check out the VIDEOS throught this prose.

He started out with Bastard, then moved on to Jesusland (view clip), where he proclaims 'Crosses Flying High Above the Malls', explaining the irony of modern day religion.

Later in the show was cover time. Something that was to come was amazing, a song that's been in my head off and on for the past year or two, Careless Whisper (view clip), a George Michael cover, once in which Rufus, the headliner came out and sang along with Ben. An amazing trip down memory lane as I recall watching the video on TBS Night Tracks on Saturday nights when I was a young lad. If you don't know the song and don't watch the video, I'm sure you know the chorus, 'I ain't ever gonna dance again, guilty feet have got no rhythm.' Just pure brilliance on everyone's part, sending a quiver down my back. Then it was time for the vulgar cover, not for the week at heart, Bitches Ain't Shit (view clip) -- originally by Dr Dre. Nothing like a skinny white boy covering some gangsta rap. I must say, when he slams down on the piano, the entire place sounds like thunder, and that shit just rings thru your entire body.

Ben Folds is also a person who has got it together in life, someone who I look up to for guidance and support on life's tough ones. He's got a lovely wife, as he dedicated the song The Luckiest (view clip) to, and two kids, to whom he also did dedications to, Good Morning Son, and Gracie. Simple lines such as 'And where was I before the day I first saw your lovely face' make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

At the end of the show, he prepped for Rufus (view clip) to take the stage, as he was standing on top of the piano and conducting the audience.

We stayed 3 songs for Rufus, but in any case, you put a high energy show right before an intimate performance, it just doesn't work to well.

I was ready to kick some ass after the show, instead we had to drive back home, a tad bit shy of 500 miles for Sharepoint training. It's a cruel joke when you see signs that say Oklahoma City -- 142, followed by Dallas -- 197, Austin - 155, well you get the picture.

Waffle House virgins Ashley and Leslie seemed to scarf down the goods, in anticipation for the long drive home. Sad thing about it was I burned 20 cd's for the trip, but didnt' finalize them, therefore none worked. ==

Person Notes, when I see Ben Folds, he reminds me that life is going to be OK. He reinforces that I'll have it all figured out, and he's that orgasmic feeling you have that only comes along .001% of the time, well maybe more for others I suppose.

I'm back in Texas, going to get my work on tomorrow, while Ben is rockin' Arkansas tonight. Was it worth the trip, definately, and twice on Sunday. As we got back to ATX around 6.30 this morning, nothing but good thoughts are in my mind, and a big fat smile on my face.

All the wrong turns, the stumbles and fall did lead me here, and I can't think of a better place to be. We're all in this together as Ben Lee would say, Life is Good, and I cherish all of you fine people --

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Salina Turns 21

Out of the blue, The brothers Oland and Rolando (he did get the 'R') came in for sis's 21st b-day, which immediately makes me happy to hang out and catch up with such good people. I hadn't seen Rolando since the SXSW festival.

You only turn 21 once, and what better way to celebrate than Pete's Piano bar listening to shitty covers of overplayed songs. I recall my 21st was in the Shiner Friendly Tavern, drinkin' the free tall boy you get. Pictured are the native Vtown boys with their sis'.

I always refer to Oland as Mr. Pimp Daddy, b/c he's always got some nice designer shirt on, making me look like white trash, so I decided to ruffle his hair up a bit for him. I did actually buy me a new shirt at old navy for 4 bucks for the occassion, boy was I lookin' spiffy.

Throughout the night, I was yelling 'Ben Folds' from the rafters, in high anticipation of what was to come the following day, but to no avail. Jenny then took it to herself to go sit with the dude on the bench, and she wispered to the dude 'Look I know you want to play some Ben Folds instead of this stupid crap.' It was funny, however Jenny's power of persuasion didn't seem to work, as we didn't hear any BF on the evening.

The night then took us to Havana's, a cuban bar in which I drank a few Mohitos, or however you spell that. They are full of sugar, and garenteed to supply you with an intense hangover. Look at that lovely group.

Finally, don't ever shave your head too fast. I knicked my ear, and it wouldn't stop bleeding all night. There's nothing the ladies find more attractive than a bald headed dude with paper toliet on his bloody ear.

It sure was loud, It sure was fun, and Jenny sure was drunk. hahaha --

Friday, August 12, 2005

The Choice is Yours - De La Soul

For anyone who's curious as to what it's like to be at an intense hip hop show, well here's a video you must watch. The Choice is Yours, w/special guest appearance by Blacksheep.

Typically Mike D and I attend these shows, but tonight was special as Rolando also made a special guest appearance from Los Angeles to go to the show. The customary timer shot / pre-show warmup at my crib.

The show was intense, Razel, the baddest ass beatbox I've ever seen opened, followed by De La Soul, who haven't lost it after all these years.

The verdict, music is good fun, more to come with Lyrics Born and Blackalicious next month! Yippie!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm looking for Manuel -- Manuelabor

Tonight Manuelabor and Lacinator graced us with their presence in ATX. What better place to go than the dog and duck for the typical eclectic banter.

For folks that don't know Lacinator and Manuelabor, Manuel self-proclaims them "Mexican Vanilla," for she's a feisty Irish gal and Mr. Labor is of Spanish descent. Look at that cute couple, man I just want to grab those cheeks!

With the mexican vanilla, while we are on the racial slurs, what we have here is an 'oatmeal pie,' two dark bosy with the white boy in the middle. John and Ashley just came back from a taping of Austin City Limits, which makes me very jealous.

The last picture is poor lonely Ashley with a pitcher of the wife beater Stella. The limit is 10 and you go home to beat your wife. I made sure to cut Manuelabor off after 8, for Lacy's sake ;).

Man I love you guys, which you lived closer, y'all rock! Love the terrific open / no holds barred banter!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Leaving on the Airplane

Apparently a lot of Shiner people read this blog, according to Toshi, the last time we visited Shiner people were coming up to him saying 'I know you, I've seen you before.'

For those of you who know Toshi and have seen him before, and friends of mine who have never met him, I'll give you the short version of a person that has had great influence on my life. As said earlier, he is easily one of the soundest people you can ever meet.

The first time I ever met him, he cooked dinner for Hiro, Meghan and I and a handful of others. At one time I was quazi ambitious about learning Japanese, and Toshi volunteered to help out. Through the months, we had a ton of musical taste in common, and we attended countless concerts, I was exposed to different foods, I learned how to play squash, but most importantly I met an extraordinary friend.

Guero's is the place for the last Tex-Mex before Toshi left the building. The customary handshake was in order.

As the cliché goes, it’s not a goodbye; it's merely a see you later. If plans go well, Toshi could possibly be back for SXSW in March, and I'm heading there next April.

Thanks for everything Toshi, you are a great person, and I wish you the best of luck in all you do, and I'm proud to know you. See you soon!

Syamken Reunion 2005 Baby!

You have to love the family reunions! In my case, I actually really do love the family reunions, lots of beer, bbq, and dialogue with those people that will always be there for you. It's easy but hard to blog about my family, b/c they encompass many walks of life, and it's hard to give good representation of what wonderful people they are.

I'll start the blogging out with a true dilemma, Gaven trying to get in, Collin trying to get out. Man life is hard sometimes, I wish I could cry like that at work sometimes.

This year, Uncle Benny did the BBQ, and it was juicy delicious. Rob, the master with the knives always does the cuttin', and he's slowly but surely teaching me how to do some bada$$ chef master cutting.

Events that follow include a wrestling match between my brother in law Shannon and I. He kicks me butt in all the computer geek stuff, so I just took it upon myself to just kick his butt! Once I got good grip of him, it was over, but the wrestling did get me dirty and give me a headache.

After the wrestling match, there was polkas and bingo, always great fun. Here Debra and Shannon are just bursting with emotion as the are the 'Bingo People.' Some of the Bingo prizes were actually quite good this year, but until the prizes include 5,000usd for regular Bingo, and swedish models for the blackout, I will generally opt out of playing. Could that be some Fago on the table donated by ICP???

Then there's ol Ashton, who keeps up her blog pretty damn recent, which always allows me to know what's going on with her, as she struggles thru teenage angst and the like. I'll will get you my pretty for posting that stupid picture of me with a mouthful of food! And be sure there are many more annoying pokes in the neck to come next time I see you.

Next year we are going to try to get Hoobastank to do an acoustic set at the reunion!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Scott Werner Wedding

I think this dude goes down in history as the SHS football player who caught the most 12-vier throwbacks ever! Seems like every other play was to him, naw, I'm not a hater, but us wimpy 'split ends' (the little p*ssies who ran the plays in -- you know who you are Marty B, I'm not alone ;-)) never got any passes.

Well today was his lucky day and I had the honor and privlidge of attending the wedding. Scotty and I play pool quite a bit. I was once up on him 14 balls 1 dollar a ball, and did a double or nothing on him and lost it all. Well sh*t happens.

At any rate, here's a picture of the lovely couple with me. I look like a walrus in this picture....O Wait, that's every picture.

Also stumbled apon some old school classmates, not to mention beautiful ladies. Jamie, pictured in the middle, an international business traveller, currently in New York, man how jealous I am! Sara on the right, which I played at least 1 million hours of tennis with back in the day. I'm truly sorry for that time I pegged you in the head with that overhead smash. I suppose you owe me a kick in the privates for that. And of course Jenny K, who has to hear me complain on a bi-weekly basis over tea and crumpets.

Last but not least, a bar shot with Marty and DJ. DJ nearly set the Biergarten where we had our 5 year class reunion on fire, he had a few to drink that night. Can't even imagine what he's gonna do this year at our 10 year reunion.

Damn 10 yr reunion, can you say OLD!?!?! Don't worry Shiner friends who think I'm gay, or you either Dr. Love, once I get this Mt Everest thing over with, I'll start workin' on Girlfriend 101.

Marriage, scares the bejesus out of me now, but I suppose when you find the one that 'completes you', it's not that bad, just as the wedding singer puts it. Maybe I can get Billy Idol to sing at my wedding.

I know Scott and Brandy will have a long happy life together, and will bear children that will have soft hands for breaking new SHS football records!

Hats off to You Guys, and Congrats!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Toshi Last Hurrah in the States

Tonight found us eating sloppy tex-mex and red bull ritas at El Arroyo, then a short stint at Parmer Lane Tavern, then on to Club DeVille for an intimate going away celebration for one of the most sound persons I've ever met.

As I blog now, close friends know Toshi has left the building, for a career back home. We did our best to entertain him for the last time in the states, at least for this visit.

As the night progressed, Jenny and Toshi engaged in a 'stare fight', which I was going to feature as a headlining event merely b/c it was soooo funny. I wanted to entitle it 'The American B*tch vs. the Japanese Zen Master.' hahahahaha!

Toshi also stumbled apon a Livestrong, as he proudly shots "LIVESTRONG" at the bar

Since he's the man of the evening, all pictures feature Toshi, even this one, a 'Toshi Sandwich' in the back of the car.

I'll leave everyone with a picture of the 'Livestrong Brothas', Toshi and John.

The night was a huge success, if I'm able to quote one of many of Toshi's quotable quotes for the evening....'I'm f*cked up, but I feel so bada$$'.

As Mr. Anderson would say 'Cheers Mate' --