Thursday, September 29, 2005

Learned more from a 3-Minute Record Baby, than we Ever Learned in School

Coffee culture, what can you say about it, something I didn't even know existed living in Shiner, but it's live and 'well' in every metropolitan area in the world.

Listening to random conversations lead me to random thoughts. As we stay on the subject of coffee people, its a different kind of pretentious attitude, but equally potent, and equally dorky as your typical jock who sits down to watch American football, or your typical bubba sitting down to watch Nascars race around a track. We go because we are cool, to say to people 'you ain't up on this', but the jocks rebuttal is simply, "what's the rocket's ERA?."

Around the room, as people come and go, the conversation rages from a bunch of dorks going off on misinformed tangents on how to start a business, to the girl who spent last summer in Romania with her high school friend, to the awkward and apparent internet hookup first meeting, to the dude who just knows everything and talks very loud. Meanwhile I tear thru mcsd material while Mike P tears into some code.

What is the common bond between all of us people? We're not there because we all like coffee, and I shouldn't generalize it into my all individuals are unique answer. I wouldn't think it's a place you would normally go to try to get laid, although I could be wrong. It's definitely not the place you go to dance or listen to top 40 pop brilliance. What is the bond between the college kids struggling with college algebra, the young defiant IT professionals, and the people who have all the answers?

My guess is there is a degree of emotional need that needs to be fulfilled in these individuals, and the coffee house creates the best environment to breed emotional and cultural stimulation. Of course there are anomalies, but very generally speaking these people are emotionally intelligent, or at least strive to be.

Or shit, It could just be the free wireless internet and smoothies and the cute girl with the hot ass that works behind the counter and serves you the 4 dollar coffee.

Damn, very inconclusive, needs more observation.


What I'm listening to......
The Frames - Set List
The Boss - Born in the USA

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

29 Year Old Balls -- Just look at em', They're Old

The Cat in the Hat On Aging

I cannot see
I cannot pee
I cannot chew
I cannot screw
Oh, my God, what can I do?

My memory shrinks
My hearing stinks
No sense of smell
I look like hell
My mood is bad -- can you tell?

My body's drooping
Have trouble pooping
The Golden Years have come at last
The Golden Years can kiss my a$$ --

Monday, September 26, 2005

Austin City Limits Taping - Blues Traveler

A distinct pleasure to go to a taping of the Austin City Limits TV show. Today was my first experience at the KLRU studios, and what a great experience!

Today was Blues Traveler, Mr. Stomach staple, the Jimmy Hendrix of the horminica, and boy what a show did they put on. Most of the was new stuff, but of course he had to bust out with "The Hook" to end the set.

The mock skyline of the Austin proved to be more realistic in person than on TV. It's cool to see behind the scenes, for example, Popper says, stop sorry sorry, in the middle of the song, b/c he grabbed the wrong key hormonica, so they start the song over.

Mad props the Alissa-nator for hookin' me up with the ticket!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Austin City Limits Festival - Sunday Sept 25th

tradition = a specific practice of long standing, this time the tall boys remain, and the long walk, but Manuelabor and Lacinator is the new friend to the lineup.

Ahhh, nothing like the sea of humanity! I'm getting to be an old pops, I don't know how much longer I can endure going out there. Here's the Decemberists crew (who put on a rock solid stellar performance). Damn, talk about hot, I bet my hot bald head could easily spell death to a snowman, and his snowballs.

Speakin' of bald heads, I'm 'Fuelin' the Music' here, Austin Music Foundation's catch slogan. Brittani (don't call her Spears), the newest AMF employee, is sportin' her Fuel the Music armband tat. Thought it would be a dorky picture, O wait, any picture I'm in is dorky.

Surprise surprise, while the has been's of Franz Ferdinand and the depression of Wilco were going on (don't get me wrong, I like both), we hit the side stage to catch Jack Ingrim, and I was completely taken back, tight band, clever songwriter, and Ryan Adam's old guitar player, who dazzled me with great little fills, and a professional grade rockstar stage appearance.

The highlight of the night was Coldplay, and I do give these guys credit, becuase the saved the virtue of the Union Jack for England. Yellow came on, and all the yellow balls came flying out, made for stunning visuals, and the song reminds me of riding to church one X-mas eve with a bunch of meatheads in Shinertown, and I was coaching them to yell "For You I Bleed Myself Dry." O, memories memories. Coldplay sure did brag about the Arcade Fire all night too.

Even the people who took it apon themselves to climb up on the porto-potties had a great time it seemed.

The verdict, I'm sick as a dog, insomnia, coughing up dirt, and pickin' big black boogers out of my nose, but all worth it for M83, Rilo Kiley, Kaiser Chiefs, The Decemberists, Jack Ingrim (damn I hope I'm spelling that right), The Black Keys (stealin' the f'in show), and Coldplay, cheesy these days but overall 'cool'.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Austin City Limits -- Saturday 24th

tradition = a specific practice of long standing -- Austin City Limits, Jenny, Ashley and some master cylinders of brew, and a long a$$ walk to the park. This years festival lineup was stacked with all the tunes you could handle, and still bursting at the seams.

As you can see, a mass of humanity, Frost Bank Tower in the back, the building in which one of the Oasis pricks called 'Creepy'. Speaking of Oasis, they were everything I expected, arrogant, yet great hits. Other than calling Frost Bank creepy, they also complained about roaches in the hotel room. But damn, don't you love that 'Don't Look Back in Anger' song?

Somewhere between The Fiery Furnaces and the Drive By Truckers, the dustbowl came, and boy was it terrible. First we think a damn hurricane is a comin' (all the 2.5 million Houston evacuees, probably still on the road right now runnin' out of gas goin' back in), then we are suffering from dust, I can kinda imagine what the Grapes of Wrath was all about. Take away the tunes, fellowship, hardship, ummm, well not really, I guess the Okies had it hard in the day.

Next is what I dub as the ACL wishing tree, as you can see, people huddled around this tree, kinda like the cows do to get shade back home. Did I just hear a moo?

Lastly, doin' some representin' for the Austin Music Foundation, Ron-ster the Mon-ster and I, telling the local musicians to get their learn on so they don't get ripped off!

Shouts of to Built to Spill, The Frames, What Made Milwalkee Famous, Robert Randolf, The Fiery Furnaces, The Real Heros and of course Oasis for making this a special day of music.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Blackalicious - Not Lettin' Money Change Em'

Emo's, crappiest place in town, best gigs in town, crazy how that happens. Tonight was the distinct pleasure of seeing the Gift of Gab and Blackalicious grace us with his skillz and intelligence. What a wordsmith the guy is, and apparently he likes the grubbin, b/c he's a healthy boy.

There they are, tearin' up the stage. The freestyle stuff was amazing, totally awe'd the sold out audience.

Well here's the crew, I'm sportin' my new 16 dollar urban shirt for the show, Jenny, Ms. Skeptic even had an amazing time, and Mr Mike D, D stands for drunk on the evening.

And who could forget Mr. Shirley Temple, who kept ordering chick drinks at the bar. Of course I have about 20 dorky picks of Mike Pickle on the evening, but Mike D and I concur that this is the dorkiest.

Great night, despite eating some bad pizza before the gig. Lyrics Born next, at the Parish, Oct 15, go and you won't be disappointed.

Here's a big video of Blackalicous and a small video of Blackalicious , check em' out.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricane Rita Pre-Game

Decisions Decisions Decisions --

Well ACL isn't cancelled yet, are the boys from Oasis going to play in 60 mph wind and rain on Saturday, or is it safe to say that day is going to be hurricaned out.

If hurricaned out, do I go to Shiner and face 80 mph wind, shakin' my fist at mother nature on the porch of the house saying "Is that all you got!!!", meanwhile someone's trampoline flies in and wipes me out?

No matter rain nor shine, I'm takin' my white a$$ to Blackalicious tomorrow, or today rather, whatever.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Introspection, 2112 Style

Part 1 -- Overture

In 2112, this is just a jam session to get warmed up, so here I will also get warmed up. First off, the catalysts that have lead me to digest this content on paper. Of course his holiness, Ethics for the new millennium, On Bullshit, The Tipping Point and plenty of Manic Street Preachers. I always strive for introspection, then projection if necessary. That's what a good blog is all about, seeing how you grow in understanding as a human being over time, and being able to share what you learn and understand as it applies.

II: The Temples Of Syrinx

In 2112. this is where all hell breaks loose, so here's where all hell breaks loose, shout out to the Manics for helping me visualize and articulate here. I suppose everyone engages in what the Manics describe as 'pathetic acts for worthless causes.' If I take the painful road down introspective lane, I find many instances in which motives aren't in check with ideals, thoughts aren't in check with feelings, and most importantly, frivolous thoughts and unproductive ideas. It's a time in my life where apathy dictates my life in general: the time I get up, the vigor in which I approach my job and friends, the charmed life that I should cherish and embrace, and most importantly my overall disposition. It's a time of emotional unavailabilty, not because of lack of external influences, but rather because I choose to be this way. I'm accustomed to this lifestyle, not saying I like it, but I suppose it's all I know. I suffer from a lack of attention span (unless behind a computer), and if look outward to find the answer, it's I find it hard to be geuninely captivated by anyone or anything. An aloof attitude, which I have on exhibition now, is not where I want to be.

III: The Discovery

In 2112, this is where this dude finds a guitar and wants to share what he's found with the world. Here's what I can access in a few sentences about the status of the world and the status of my emotions combined. The world is suffering from a plague, and that plague is bullshit. I've discovered that it is hard to find people that are true to the facts, but rather true to their own inherent natures. I've discovered the majority of the people I know (myself included), have met, will meet, and inhabit this earth live with their head up their ass, oblivious of the cares and concerns of their fellow man. Altruism in it's purest form is a rare thing, so rare it isn't awknowledged and most definately not appreciated.

IV: Presentation

When something profound comes your way, you try to weave it into the fabric of your existence. But why do people selectively interpret what they decide to weave into existance. Since when did becoming an adult mean covering your own cracks and protecting our own agendas? How the hell is this fair to bring babies into the world under this type of environment? The pillars of spirituality (love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, etc), can be employed by many with the exclusion of reason. Why is it so damn difficult to acheive a balance between both logic and emotion.

V: Oracle: The Dream

The dream is balance, between love and exposure. The dream is opening your heart and mind to someone you love. As David Gray would say, it's building the mystery the more your heart reveals. The dream is not only happiness and enlightenment as the Lama would say, but emotional intelligence, awareness and balance, as the amount of exposure to situations (esp. people) and the elements constantly increase.

VI. Soliloquy

If I were to reflect on something such as a soliloquy which is probably best left silent, responsibility does lie in the hands of the individual. Morals, ethics, altruism can't be taught, it has to be figured out by the individual for it to be effective. I suppose we can follow by example, I have my heroes, who have these characterists, and I try damn hard to follow the paths these heroes have blazed.

VII. Grand Finale

As the manics would say 'but as people we have a choice, to end the void with all it's force.' I have a chubby set of vices that I'm working dilligently to try to 'fix,' and I don't do anything at the expense of others, I don't try to manage anyone's feelings. I try to be honest with myself and other people to a point that can be digested, as friends often give me more honesty that I can handle. I want to cultivate the power of the human spirit, channel my own energy, anger and frustration into positive introspection, weave that into the fabric of my existence, and share what I've come up with.

In the end, hope drives us as to where, it is up to you. Fate, in any and all contexts, will take you half the way there, the rest is up to you.

An Evening with the Dahai Lama

His Holiness, the Dahai Lama, in the UT Frank Erwin Center, talk about a crowd, haven't seen such a crowd since The Red Hot Chili Pepper / Foo Fighters (interesting they can occupy the same venue, Foos and Dahai). Well it was gosh darn hot for my 'date' Mike P and I as my poor bald head basked in the sun.

As one can see, a packed Erwin Center, damn they can put a man on the moon but can't put a decent camera in a phone. What a techie freak I am!

Now onto the message, which was "Individual Responsibility in the Global Community," a very catchy theme. He is a very humble man, put a 'visor' on (not tilted like Mike Deezenuts), but a visor nonetheless, as he reminded us that he is a common man.

The message was general, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and the like. He spoke of exploring the small area between your ears, rather than exploring the outer limits of space. In a nutshell, my opinion, a tender approach to life that doesn't take a lot of human factors into accoount. I wish I could get perspective on hormones from the monk, but I don't think that's possible. All things aside, a jovial gental extremely intelligent man, worthy of respect.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

UT Football Experience

Take the 3rd largest university in these great United States, a number 2 ranked team in the nation, a heisman trophy candidate, the greatest showband in the south, and 83,000+ people in a football stadium, you'll have a tremendous experience even if you don't like football. Seriously, I'm not about a bunch of dudes killin' themselves over a piece of pigskin.

Talk about sensory overload, so much stuff going on, sights of people everywhere, smells of overpriced 'jumbo dogs', sounds of anxious fans, touches of big hairy dudes sitting next to you in a small seat, and the sweet taste of a 51-10 victory over the nerds of Rice.

Great seats, Howard, you are my new Ambassador of something for giving me the ticket, you completely rock!

Interesting the big flag, easily the biggest I've ever seen. A kicker was actually kicking footballs on the flag giving it a 'ripple' effect, pure genius. Meanwhile,a dude, some big contributor was throwing this baton 10 million feet in the air and trying to catch it.

Videotime -- we went to the bandhall first and saw the 'pre-game' show in the bandhall (video clip) -- all that work creates a great show for the crowds (video clip).

Later that night was some big time overpriced beer at Scholz Garten. John, Howard, Ashley, and yours truly, Mr. Bald head. Notice in the picture I'm representin' for my old school, SWT, with my Bobcat scratch hand signal going on. Waving it with pride, well, kinda.

Amazing time, and y'all do the math, avg 55 bucks a tick -- 83,300 people, makes a nice payday of $4,581,500. Not a bad days work for the pigskin boys, simply astounding!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Mean Eyed Cat / Antones Hip Hop Night

A night in which Robert feels like a pimp. Other than the beginning of the night burrito (no pun intended) with Phil.

Night begins at Mean Eyed Cat with Nikki and Brittani, then over to Antones with Ashley, Julie and Marge.

Mean Eyed Cat, a Cash reference, bar is awesome, small got a loud juke box, at one point went from Jeff Buckley to Rage Against the Machine, just the way I like it. Also serves Tsingtao, totally crazy. I first asked for a Lowenbrau, the barmaid says, "We don't have that anymore, no one has ordered it in years." So it goes.....

Antones Hip Hop Night, a wash of sorts, still 1:15, and waiting for Bavu Blakes to take the stage. At this point I'm frustrated, so call it an 'early' night. Damn Bav's, just b/c it's your b-day doesn't mean you have to make a white boy wait!?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Jenny Curry Night

4 different currys, one hot, one sweet, one onion-y, and one kinda mexican-y tasting. Wow, as I brag, 'O this isn't hot', I'm walking bo'leggid because of, well, we won't go there.

The sauces were 'fresh' from London, as Jenny brought all kinds of goodies back to the states to share.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Tilted Kilt -- Austin, Texas

The virdict is still out on 'The Tilted Kilt,' Austin's newest delightfully tacky establishment, as we opted for sausage at Poke-e-Joe's instead.

Although the verdict is still out, if this rack is what's to expect, looks like a meatheads dream!

** Had Pic of girl w/rack here ==

So all you meatheads, come on out next Wednesday, where it's happy hour all night, just watch out for the 'Your going out, we're going out too' Williamson County cops. Never have a seen a city in which the 5-0 feels the need to be 'cool' too.

Keepin' Up with the Jones's

Dear Livejournal -- :-)

What a last few days, Alissa says she loves my blog, brags about it to 'colleagues', Marge says I'm an interesting person, and I get 'blog about me! blog about me!' requests frequently. Hence, some sorta weird 'peer pressure.'

What a crappy time to get writers block, but it seems that to be the case. Crazy considering hurricane of ideas rumblin' around in the noggin. O the joyous and struggle-some / quazi boring life of someone who's landed between the mentality of 'what a wonderful world' and ''god's' cruel joke.'

Rest assured for you people who actually give a damn, I'm going to Drink some Shiner Bock and laxative for the brain, and sooner than later, I'm going to shit some relevant content out on this page, probably introspective to a fault.

They say writer's block is a sign of a boring person? I suppose then next thing I'll be bloggin' about is telling 'THE WORLD' what I had for dinner?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

All this Breathing in Never Breathing Out

Just look at that big / lovely TV. My TV blew up a long long time ago, and I haven't got it replaced, so it's pure heaven to see a tube like that. Nothing like seeing high definition tennis balls flying around.

Today my old tennis partner Brandon and I, along with 25,000 other fans at Flushing Meadows were hoping for a miracle, thinking our hero Andre Agassi would take out Federer in the US Open final.

Things were close, but no cigar, as Agassi didn't pull off the upset. However, the comrodery was pleasant and well welcomed, not too mention the delicious queso.

personal anecdote (as if the entire freaking blog isn't a big personal anecdote) ---

Brandon Riveda and I used to play countless hours of tennis, then spend even more countless hours listening to tunes in my 83 Buick Regal listening to tunes.

One of his favorites was Track 2 'Fair' off Ben Folds Five's 'Whatever and Ever Amen' --- he sure could gobble that hard part out. O well, lost in translation, but funny as hell if you knew what I meant.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Family Fun in HTX /Kissinger

What a weekend, always great times in Houston visiting the family. The 'Lifetime Fitness' run with sis was a bit extra. I don't think I've seen anything quite like that. If you can't get in shape there, you can't get in shape anywhere!

Well I bring clothes, my sister is so kind as to wash and fold them, while I teach her children, Meagan in particular the finer points of Vuncan'ism. Again, boy we are getting it down good. We are also slowly learning about The Beatles, John Lennon, and in particular how John wrote the song 'Woman' about his mamma. Gavin had other ideas, and crouched in my laundry basket, saying 'cheese', so of course I had to snap a picture.

Later in the evening a rare night out on the town with my brother in law. Gettin' a myspace bulliten from Austin's own Kissinger, and it being right down the street from my sister's house (which is like a 40 minute drive in Houston), we head to the Sidecar Pub, an excellent live music venue in the middle of the Houston burbs.

O3 (the drummer) was born and raised in the neighborhood, and lots of MILF's showed up for the spectacle, which was amazing!

Shannon said 'take a picture of me with the band', b/c I'll feel cool, so here's the product. Little does this fella know, but he's as self actualized as I've ever seen anyone, and yes, he's super cool.

The line of the night was Shannon telling Steph, "I don't get out much." Hahaha, classic computer geek line, and I'll be proud to say that one day too, when and if I get to that point, woderful wife, wonderful kids, wonderful world.

Man I'm scaring myself, enough! For now, I suppose misery thrills me much more.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Friends, Countryman, ROLANDS!

I had this picture in the archive and wanted to post something about it sooner or later, for all you people who ask, "How's Roland Doing", well if Roland would Blog (like all true geeks do, maybe you aren't a true geek Rolls ;-))

Rolando recently came back from a trip to Korea to hang out with his dad and cousins. One of the many things they did was going hiking. Roland and Oland, the twins that grew up in Victoria, extraordinary people, guitar playin' fools.

One of these days I'm going to make it to Seoul with them, as we were slated to go when the whole 9-11 thing happened, and I think SAR's was goin' on at the time too, etc.

Rolando is my ambassador of reason, great friend and very important person in my life. Met him at college, he was walking to class, I rolled up to him and said "Hey Dude, You need a ride to class?," and the rest of the friendship you could say is history.

Rolando happily resides in Los Angeles, and I'm due in for a visit very soon, a trip to The Viper Room, Jumbo's Clown Room, Santa Monica Pier and of course TJ is in order.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Generals Gathered in their Masses --- Just like witches at Black Masses

Tonight was another trip down memory lane as we ventured down to San Marcos for sloppy TexMex at Herbert's Taco Huts, and some pool and Honeybrowne at Cat's Billards.

This definately isn't a place you go to be seen, rather to jam Black Sabbath loud as hell on the juke box. The service there of course sucks, the people are mean, but seeing the chick with the nice butt hat made up for everything.

Then there's gangsta Mark sportin' the Scion beanie. Gotta like people like Mark who raises the bar for everyone, who makes us average intelligence people look bad. Mr Art, philosophy, business, French major. Did I also mention he makes some killer moonshine wine?

Another successful evening, thanks for the company Marge, Yasu, and Markster. Look forward to prowling around there again soon, drinkin' the cheap beer and looking at some more priceless butthats.

Monday, September 05, 2005

The Dalai Lama - Ticket Camp Out Session

First off, got tickets to see his holiness ......>>BOOYAH!<<........ Second off, got a date with Mike P to check him out. Out of all the friends I know, I know he will absorb more than most of what will be said. We used to talk shop frequently about Buddism. Not to mention I miss the fella. Of course a Clay Pit meal is in order for me camping out and getting the tickets.

Folks have been asking who they hell is The Dalai Lama and why the hell go see him. Simply put, I suppose he's the 'pope' of the Buddist religion. Lots of the teachings of The Dalai Lama transcend religion and give up to date, relevant, practical applications on what ethics and morals are in modern day society. The tibetians are some of the most peaceful people on the planet, as they are introspective. They deal with the pain within, which helps them, or anyone for that matter become more self-aware and enlightenend.

Check out the book, 'Ethics for the New Millennium', as I'm reading it now, and finding it to be a marvelous read. It talks about how negative trends form in our lives and society and how we neglect our 'inner dimension.' Problem identified -- I hope the dude gives solution in the later chapters.

Ron, thanks for the date, you enjoyed it, well I did too! Look forward to the crew of Alissa / Ron / Brad / Maggie / Mike P -- what a crew! Let's all get some grub afterwards to celebrate our enlightenment. Maybe the enlightenment will allow me to deal with the flaming hot curry.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Labor Day Picnic - Shiner TX

Another dreaded Shiner picnic, where the cadillacs are getting chinchier and chinchier with those addictive little hamburgers they sell. Like Wendy's would say 'Where's the Damn Beef?" I was going to buy a plant at the auction, but didn't see anything I liked.

The Biergarten was hoppin' and there was a shirt that 'honored' the new pope by having "how's it goin'" in German on the shirt. However, the masterminds in the planning of making the shirt spell it "Vie Gehts" instead of "Wie Gehts" how it should be. So it goes, maybe they'll be worth a lot of money one day b/c of the misprint?!

The ritual of Mandy and I heading down to the park didn't change, although I was suffering severly from the reunion festivities the night before. I sported my 'Mexico' shirt out there, I believe everyone loved it, I actually did get a compliment on it. :-) Notice the flush'ness.

Great fun chillin' in the sun. Nothing like standing outside for about 30 seconds and having 'sweat drop down my balls' due to the intense heat -- Hey if the local dance plays the song that says those lyrics, I suppose I can repeat it?

Gotta' love the Lil' Jon and The East Side Boyz

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Shiner High School Class of 1995 - 10 Year Reunion

Well nothing could be finer than the Class of 1995 Shiner. bhahaha -- O boy O boy, a stroll down amnesia lane as we are fittingly congregate at Shiner nursing home's convention center. In reality it's wonderful seeing old friends and classmates, shows you how much you've changed or not, and how stereotypes change as your mature and become wiser with age.

Starting off, a picture of the 'dudes' that showed up. Surprisingly there wasn't too much talk about the 'big game' and how Billy Bob missed that tackle that would have sent us to the state champs and such. At any rate, a fine group of gentlemen here. Most I keep up with to a T (well the ones that want to be kept up with at least.)

Next are my lovely prom dates, I suppose we'll continue to take these pictures at every class reunion. I remember many-a high school dances with these two wonderful people, and good ol' Calculus and 'AP' English.

After the 16 gallon kegger of Bud Light was floated it was off to Antiques Art and Beer, Shiner's politically correct and squeeky clean (not to mention bada$$) beer joint. Here the class is singing some kinda song, as they call for me, I run swiftly to the bathroom and avoid the agony.

Like the bar, but sure do think it's pretty damn eerie to have those crosses on the wall. It's like god is watching me or something while I'm downing beers. Marty and Ryan, kings of the hill, just like old times.

Now this I suppose is self-explainatory, but if you care to know why the gremace on the face, try having the feel of two dudes' wiskers on your bald head one day, not the best feeling for your average heterosexual male.

And we can't forget the 'designated drivers' on the evening, the lovely Julie and Marty. Damn, where else can you grab Bitburgers in the area, just pure paradise!

Well I snapped a tons of pictures on the evening, but for the sake of average human attention span couldn't post em' all.

"There's a few more lines on your pretty face,
and there's a few more pounds 'round this old waist,
but that don't change you and me a bit" -- Danny Michel

PS --- And for TIMMY wherever you are out there........"AND TIMMY ---- WHEW!" (in Ric Flair tone after he chops the hell out of someone)

Friday, September 02, 2005

Beastmaster Turns Deuce Deuce

Casey turns 22 tomorrow, and we kicked the party off a bit early, for the big 10 year class reunion is double booked on the same day as the real party.

One may ask 'How do you get the nickname 'Beastmaster'' -- Well you have to have some spiders, a big ass dog, a skink, a ferrit, and a girlfriend, all who can exist in the same habitat. Well C-Dog has it down to a science.

Celebrations with the beastmaster always curtail pushing the limits of what us un-original human minds can do. Here the beast standing on his hands with the Nate-Dogg close by.

Finally we began writing a song 'My Broken Heart Makes Me Smile,' a ripped off lyric from Sublime, funk style on an out of tune broke ass guitar that was hanging out being neglected.

C-Dog and Natalie's apt is a bit bare right now, check out the dork picture. I'm actually sporting my VWA 'work' shirt, gotta love the green.

Nate used to get numerous calls from the army recruiters, and here are his sentiments on a broke ass out of tune guitar. Check out Mr. Armyman (video clip) . Needless to say Nate isn't army material.

Well C-Dog, happy birthday, look forward to creating some TLB song with producer Nate Dogg.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Tam -- My Hero

A vicious round of legislative mandates including online renewals, 'enhancements', and just overall pains in the butt's are coming to and end with the rollout of apps that make it convient for people to renew online and such, and also channel fees to different entities. O a crazy mess one could say.

Nonetheless, the hero of the day, Tam, who is one of the most sound 'techies' I've ever had the pleasure of working with, one who produces zero defect results.

Sure wish relaxation was in order for a few weeks, getting some mindless tasks, but unfortunately we see only more difficult situations lie ahead.

Tam, if I ever open , you are going to be my first employee to be hired!