Monday, October 31, 2005

Echo and the Bunnymen for Halloween

It wasn't in the cards for Mr. Yuck to be carved today because HEB was out of pumpkins, the rain prohibited trick or treating with the nephews, couldn't stand another night on the town with doc at the 'cool' bars, so a night with Echo and the Bunnymen proved to be the way to go.

So like the dude in High Fidelity, I'm going to arrange my CD collection in life relevance order. The New Bunnymen album Siberia is amazing, reminds me of what alternative rock was before Kurt and Eddie introduced the world to flannel. We had the pleasure of meeting the ex-lead guitar player at a Beatles cover band The Blue Meanies in Liverpool a few years back. Funny the Irish are drinking Budweiser b/c it's cool there and the Texans are drinking Guinness. In the picture, where's Baldo, a tad bit heavier that's for sure?

Other noteworthy items on the playlist are Peter Doherty's 'secret' acoustic album. He's the ex-Libertine ex-Babyshambles dude that gets supermodels in trouble with cocaine, but man is the boy talented.

Time to go to sleep, save these challenges and questions for another day. The bike ride to work is a little tougher than I expected, but every time I drive by the "LANCE ARMSTRONG FITNESS CENTER," I get pumped up and I'm reminded to "LIVESTRONG!"

1,000 songs, 1,000 stories -----

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Calexico / Iron and Wine -- Stubb's BBQ

A lovely night for a near capacity crowd at Stubb's. The two bands together are absolutely fabulous, dynamite harmonies, and amazing songwriting. Calexico from Tuscon, AZ, captures the border sound brilliantly, and the Iron and Wine set, wow, what can I say?

Getting to the gig a bit late, and so many people being there, the best view we could come up with was half way up near the big tree.

Highlights of were Prison on Route 41, in which I snagged a quick video, and a cover of Always on My Mind. Poo that 'A History of Lovers' was left out of the mix, my favorite song of theirs by far.

So good was the night that I actually hit the merchandise table up for 27 bucks worth of misc. goodies.

At the end of the working week
when drunken worlds meet

Blood spills out on the streets
and bodies are missing for weeks --- Calexico, Crystal Frontier

Saturday, October 29, 2005

An evening at Graham Central Station with the Doc

Hmm, a big Haloween costume content in a big tin all in wonder bar proved to be an interesting night from a sociological point of vew. Graham's in Pflugerville, a 10 minute drive north claims to have 'something for everyone.' It has a big f*ckoff country bar, a bar where chicks dance on stage like Coyote Ugly, a hip hop bar where people dance in cages, an 80's bar, a karoke bar, and a food court that servers 'stadium food.'

Mike D and I were the doc's wingmen tonight, as he dressed up as "Doctor Love," a nickname I dubbed him, for the five years I've known him, he gives amazing amazing advice. The doc's first patient, Rachelle, even before we venture in the club!

The walk around the 5+ acre establishment revealed the hip hop club. It gives new meaning to bird in a cage, that's for sure. Even though they have the right to, FAT MEN should not dance in these things!

To make a mockery of the girls who find it cool to dance Toxic by Brittany, Mike D climbs in and starts bouncin' to the music, but Mr. Picky never seems to find anyone to dance with, even though he can tear it up. It's always funny to watch Mike D and Jenny dance, as Jenny is about a foot taller than Mike D.

Then it's time for the costume contest, look at all those ghost and goblins out there. Between the 9 foot alien who could dance like a madman, and the 'sheep f*cker, guess who wins.

Time to eat some chili cheese fries, onion rings, and mozz sticks with the doc and mr picky, signifying the night will come to an end soon.

One would think that it's time to go, but doc finds some more patients, so me and Mike D attempt to chase the sandmen away, as the night provides us with an extra hour. Do I have 4 chins in this picture?

Finally someone tell these dorks that they don't have to do the electric slide, I mean damn, line dancing? Not to mention line dancing with a passion.

In case anyone was wondering, our protagonist, doc, printed cards for the occasion, handed some out, so we'll see if he gets some calls. If you can't read the card, it says, curing all you ills, group therapy, looking for new patients and med staff, blah blah ha-ha. Don't let the cheese fool you ladies, because this guy is all heart and substance.

A very pleasant night of cat-in'. Cheesy, very hard to keep a smile, very hard not be be appauled, but nontheless fun.

Stay tuned for a Calexico / Iron and Wine review, Stubbs, 10 / 30!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Haloween Monster Organ Concert

Monster Organ? Yes! --- From Fanefare for the Common Man to Toccata and Fugue in D minor, the thrills came all night long at the University Presbyterian Church in Austin Texas.

Check out the organ, a small one in comparison to Bates Performance on UT Campus, but still massive enough to vibrate the windows with the low notes. As the witch played the tunes, her brew of human eyeballs and toads juice (really dry ice) was bellowing over from her pot.

In attendance were John and Katy. John is a coworker of mine, both are Mensa's (don't go take the IQ test, just awknowledge that some people's conventional intelligence exceedes others). Nontheless, an interesting and entertaining couple. They decided to go as spaghetti (John) and a side salad (Katy).

Amazing petal work by the king, the counts figers electrifiying, and the witch definately put a sinister spell on the attendants. A+ entertainment!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Patio Banter

Wow! Gotta love the 14+ hour days, the ones that just leave you fighting for air, wondering who and where you are.

Since moving to a new local, me and Jenny and the revolving crew of people who come by engage in typical patio banter and sing with our god aweful voices. Mike P and Kristen were 'backing vocal' as we sang some depressing Radiohead b-sides for Mike P, some Ben Kweller for Jenny, of of course some old 97's for me!

Check out the witch pumpkin and the demonic eyes on Benny. I think he was howling at the singing, as if to say, who sings that, and let them sing it!

Mike P recorded some soundbytes of our renditions of Lucky by Radiohead and Piazza New York Catcher by Belle and Sebastian.

Of course, his million dollar Treo gadget was malfunctioning so we couldn't get the clips off, but here's a very small 'movie' of --Do your own thing by Ben Kewller, done our way, sounding like shit but fun.

PS - Stay tuned for a spooky pipe organ concert tomorrow evening, Doc Loves' Adventures for haloween (me being his 'wingman'), and a brilliant Calexico / Iron and Wine Show on Sunday. 000 and don't forget the pumpkin carving of Mr. Yuck next Monday!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

House of Torment -- Austin, Texas

As Haloween approaches, I'm finally able to make a trip to the House of Torment, Austin's scariest haunted house.

You ask where I was? I was behind Nate-Dogg the entire time, because I'm a total Panzy. At one point this clown jumped out from under this table and scared the Bejesus out of me! I hate clowns, they are the creepiest / scariest things EVER!

The crew that went, Dawn and Jessica were the gals, and they did much better than me. It's amazing how scary they can make things, or maybe I'm just that much of a flake. Then there's Kev, who rides the sweetest Harley I've ever seen, and the doc, Mike D, and Bob. Also coming out was Nate Dogg and the Beastmaster.

At least I didn't make the wall of shame at the Torment House, I made it thru.

As the crew goes to Dallas Nightclub, I go home, because I detest the place. I'd rather do some geeking, and listening to the sound of the Irish band JJ72 -- as I settle my brain for a long night's nap.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Calendar of Events - Robert Bruns

Mike P is damn good friend who puts a lot of things into perspective for me in a code centric, logical sorta way. As we drive home from dinner at Bob's place tonight, we begin talking about how to embed a .net server control (specifically a Calendar of Events) into the page base of an application. As Mike P enlightens me on the intricacy of the .net framework, I attempt to weave this tech talk into practical wisdom, and blogging comes to mind. It's amazing what can be done with XML and RSS these days.

Blogging can be seen as a very selfish thing to do, a place where people go to hear themselves talk, a place where you can broadcast to the world what the hell you had for dinner this evening for anyone who cares. It's hard to find the perfect perspective based on the diversity of your audience.

Overall its amazing the power of these things, Blogs that is, a versatile utility of pure human word and thought. With the advent of the open era of communication, blogs serve as a binding agent amoung friends. I've finally identified another audience that is perhaps the most important of them all, a future audience. Heaven forbid I ever have bald headed little Roberts, and even more heaven forbid the bald headed Robert's have other bald headed Robert's, I leave a legacy of my life and times to future generations.

Instead of the cheesy joke of the day calendar, they can sort this blog accordingly and go, hmmm what did Gramps do today 70 years ago. And of course hopefully the young lads wouldn't use it for firepower to do or explore 'bad' things until their minds could process. Anyway, just thought it was kinda a neat idea, and that's why I put effort into it.

And yes, just in case you were wondering, I had Carne Guisada for supper tonight.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Manuel's Traveling tonight on a Plane

Lordy Lordy, low and behold what one will find when you clean your cluttered cubicle, a Spain Log from years and years ago. Like a dork I wrote in my 'journal' the entire trip, and plan to put the trip to pictures sooner than later.

One of the many highlights of the trip was Manuelabor and Mike D. hopping on the stage at La Paloma , an amazing ballroom in Barcelona right off Las Ramblas. As I was salivating over an English girl who obviously was on speed, the two hoodlums hopped on stage, and Manuelabor even danced beside the hot chick that was paid to dance under the light, until he was escorted off the stage.

Everytime I see Manuelabor, I sing "Daniel" by Elton John to him and just substitute the word Manuel for Daniel, it makes him feel a bit homophobic, unsettled, and uncomfortable.

I suppose most dudes would grimace if they were sung to by another dude though, but just can't help it, like the song says, Manuel my brotha, and you are my brotha, keep it real my coconut (white on the inside brown on the outside, like Rolando) friend.

"I've walked La Ramblas
But not with real intent" -- MSP

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Those Waves Will See You Safely to a Friendly Shore

For the short attention spanned, this was the first weekend with Benny and Jenny. For the first time in about 8 months, I actually went grocery shopping, washed my sheets, and shopped for a few Hugo Boss (got to support the heritage) suits on Ebay for potential upcoming job interviews.

Here's the way I've been living, my living room, an IT sweatshop, Mountain Dew, 7-11 hotdogs, plenty of computers everywhere (we have the Gilligan's Island theme domain for our LAN and WAN), a cold, cluttered environment.

With the roomates, I will be equally geeky, but will lead of life of more normalcy. The new environment is comfortable, warming, and supportive. The clacking of Benny's little feet on my Pergo flooring make me happy, actually having a yard, MUCH cheaper rent payment and half-ing the bills, and a TV are just a few of the benefits. My bathroom is still purple, I definately have to paint that sooner or later, can't have a big meathead like me using a purple bathroom!

TV -- Speaking of TV, I have been catching up! The wonderful invention of HBO on Demand allowed me to watch Dodgeball, I-Robot, Sideways, and a slew of Band of Brothers episodes. Not to mention all the sports this weekend, Astros getting their butt kicked twice, while the Longhorns win again, go UT for the sake of Mike D. Pretty soon I'll be watching The Bachlor, Survivor, and O Boy O boy, I sure can't wait for the next season of American Idol.

Other random notes, I keep up with this dudes blog Krazydad , and he recommend this book called "The Game", a very entertaining read on pickup artists. It looks like The Bible with gold pages, and a nice cover, definately worth a look for a laugh, and definately right on queue on how 'easy' I imagine the average person is to pick up in a bar. Funny story that will lose it's meaning in translation is bringing the ISBN number to the old lady, she leads me into the sex / erotica section, and pulls out a book that looks like the Bible, and just sorta shrugs at me. Pretty embarrasing, it didn't stop there either. Apon arriving at the checkout counter, the dude checking me out says, "If you need to find a girl, you should just move overseas, they are much better over there, and boy can they cook", or something like that. Meanwhile there is a queue forming behind me, and I'm like dammit check me out already, give me a BAG, and have a wonderful day! Next time it's definately going to be an AMAZON.COM purchase.

The long bike ride was cut short today for the reason I was getting clilly! How beautiful to have to say that, I didn't come up sweaty and stinky like Bob, who occassionally goes riding with me.

A very theraputic restful weekend, one I haven't had since, hmmm, a long time. As The Veils wonderful heartfelt tunes are guiding me to bed, I'll leave you my friends, family, and internet community with a few quotations. Come on out to the Austin Music Foundation's last bootcamp of the year tomorrow, and impress your friends on how much you know about music.

The rhythm of the weekend, with its birth, its planned gaieties, and its announced end, followed the rhythm of life and was a substitute for it." Francis Scott Fitzgerald

"Next to the striking of fire and the discovery of the wheel, the greatest triumph of what we call civilization was the domestication of the human male." Max Lerner

Friday, October 21, 2005

Trophy Club -- JTO -- KGB - Stella Artois

Always my FAVORITE place to go in Austin, ha! Tonight Ashley, Jenny, Mike D. and I decided to brave it. Celebrating my friend Brittani's birthday, and get this, she has a boyfriend named Justin! YIPPIE, funny stuff

The bands were good, had a few wife beaters (Stella Artois), and decided to hit the road. Here's a cool shot of Jenny at the table with some brews lined up.

Trophy's -- If you've never been to a true blue, down-to-earth, good ol' boy honky-tonk, this would be the place to start.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fish don't fry in the Kitchen, A Beans don't Burn on the Grill

A day of double moving. That's right, we're movin' on up, first and foremost Mr Mike Drizzle, moving from the outhouse to the penthouse in his lavish 100+ 3 bedroom condo. Just ask him how he got there, and he'll apply some kinda filipino ebonics and he'll say, I'm good at discrete math, C++ and shit like that. .... and boy is he ever!

Just look at Mr Heavy Couch in front of the new crib, all happy. Big congrats to Mike D on the new place, you've earned it in so many ways.

Then there's Bob, in for the final touches as me and Mike D can barely stand. My old apartments, The Solano Apartments, looks much like a rest home, but an awesome place to live, allows you to drive your vehicle right up the courtyard to the front house, and that's what we did. Neighbors, Phil and Ben, Billy, Chris, and Jim, I'll miss ya, glad to have gotten the opportunity to have known y'all.

Then there's the new roomates, Jenny and Benny, both female dogs! ha, naw just kidding. I love both of these creatures to death, one's a bit moodier than the other, but so be it. My new residence is on 38th and Red River, a 10 minute brisk stroll brings you into the heart of the Red River District, my opinion the coolest part of town. 10 minutes west is Hyde Park, 10 minutes North is work, and 10 minutes east is some serious ghetto.

Mike P told me to test out on Jenny the command "Bring me a beer b*tch" while sitting on the couch. I told him if I were to try that, I'd be picking glass out of my forehead from a smashed bottle.

For an extremely entertaining read on rat and human 'balls' and ball sizes, check out the beastmaster's latest piece.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Shiner Bocktoberfest 2005 /Audioslave

As much as I want to sneer at the success of Audioslave, and the way pop culture seems to embrace these boys, everytime I walk away from one of their performances, I'm reminded that they ARE the best in the business, and they are the real deal.

The duo of Chris Cornell and Tom Morello, simply amazing. You have Cornell, who's constantly singing against the music, and you have the most crisp sound guitar wa wa's and clean channels. Innovation, a strong dominant frontman, which just spells success, even when you are a bit lackadaisical from drinking rot gut Jack Daniels all day.

For the record, Good Charlotte is a tragedy to music, and against the opinions of numerous young lads I spoke with on the evening, Seether is faceless generic rock, but it's cool they are from South Africa.

Then you have a zealous religious institution in Shiner, who asks what has Audioslave done for you? Hmm, well other than rockin' my a$$ off, they sing heartfelt, emotional tunes that help people thru life's little problems of the heart.

Chris Cornell has a lot of soul, just pick up a copy of Euphoria Morning, listen to the sentiments, and you'll understand that yes, 'Jesus loves Chris Cornell' too, he is a mindful respectful person, so factor that into your equation before you 'cast stones'. Geeze, dorks --

The doc and Ronster the monster represeted for ATX this time around, the arty geeks led by Abs of Steel represted San Marcos, and just who was that loud douchebag who tried to monopolize conversation all Saturday night?

The highlight of the people crusade was Steve and his entourage from San Antonio. We Austin snobs have the slogan "Keep San Antonio Lame," well this wonderful crew of people are definately an exception to the rule. Steve and Keith (my Amphiteatre VIP buddies) and their better halves, 'Big Sean',who looks like Lenny and could definately kick anyone's butt, (wish he would have kicked douchebag's), and his better half seemed to have an amazing time, as I look forward to seeing y'all again very soon.

An exhausting weekend, but well worth it when the diplomats of rock and roll, Audioslave, say the simple words "Thank You Shiner Texas." --

Thursday, October 13, 2005

AMF Houseparty

Talk about some posh sh*t, I mean this ranks up there with some P-Diddy bling bling, Westlake rich dudes. Tonight was a lovely night for such a party, perfect weather, catching up with a bunch of friends, and checking out the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Amazing view, crazy cats driving golf carts escorting people to the secluded house, and many people dropping C-notes in the AMF donation bucket made for a great night for music.

There's the saying, love the art, not the artists. That's exactly how I feel about music. I've never been one to be star struck (expect Ben Folds, Neil Hannon and possibly a few others) by the typical indie rock stars, but I do admire their work, it teaches me some cool stuff and helps me constantly put things into perspective.

At any rate, tonight, and any night AMF is involved, music wins, that's why I will support this forever and ever and ever.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dallas Nightclub -- ATX Cesspool

Well we were slated to go to The House of Torment (damn that just sounds scary) tonight, but as the devil had it, it was closed.

To prepare for the torment, I knew I had to get a good buzz going, because I'm an absolute panzy when it comes to scary stuff, and I dogged the co-workers out the last few years on this one, and I vowed to go this year.

Beforehand is FREE BEER on Wednesday for us DPS peeps, one of the only few perks. Here I'm pictured with "BIG KEV," the biggest and baddest programmer on our team. Pool was the game, and Miller Light (less filling taste great ---ha) was the poison. I actually told Kev that I was going to need to hold his hand thru the Haunted House, but he didn't agree with that idea.

Here was the original crew slated to go to get tormented, rest assured, next week I will post of picture of me either on the Wall of Shame, or with a big wet stain in my drawers.

Instead of the House of Torment, we went to Dallas Nightclub, I hate that place sooo bad, complained until we could leave, as Mike D was 'callin me out' all night.

Pretty for the World

#4 'hair appointment' - a 'double pass' on the chest this time left me throbbing in pain. The price of vanity.

As I elaborate on this subject, people often ask me why I did it, and I often respond because I was insecure about it. Apon further evaluation, I don't think I'm insecure about hair, I think I'm just insecure about being naked perhaps. Hell I don't know.

All I know is that it's not just a gentle pulse of heat as described on websites, and I'm starting to grow fond of the hot mom that's burning the hair off my chest and back.

Look out beach bunnies, here comes a hair free Robert, waist up that is ;-) ---

Monday, October 10, 2005

Good Luck Lou Gehrig

As luck would have it, I met up with Yasu, Aya, and Tomomi this evening for some brilliant Valentinos Pizza on the square in San Marcos.

It seems as if Toshi (you remeber our Japanese hero that used to grace the pages of this blog at least once a week) left me some good luck charms. Yasu has been holding out on me all this time! It's like I missed out on two months of good luck!

I don't know what the cats are called, it was too hard to remember, but there they are, the backdrop of some bamboo in Kyoto.

With the extra good luck, I plan to buy the winning 77 million dollar lotto ticket, going to visit Toshi, karoke'ing some Foreigner or REO Speedwagon, and going to one of these brilliant Japanese hot springs I hear so much about!

Don't wish me luck, cause I don't need it anymore! ha! --- If that doesn't work out, I hope the other cliche of 'chance favors the prepared mind' is true.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Warren Hood / Random Antics

What a manic Sunday, first off late late breakfast with Ashley and John and being seranaded by a mariachi band, then off to Waterloo Records for American Analog Set, Calexico / Iron and Wine, and The Fray, all brilliant.

Later in the afternoon, A benefit for the Katrina refugees. I took a long ass bike ride on the east side of Austin, down Lafayette street. Talk about a white boy peddling fast for his life at times! Can't wait till they have the hurricane color livestrongs for Katrina victimes, I'm gonna buy ten of them.

Definately not the safest place to do bike riding, and this local is not the best either. Talk about a weird feeling being above the cars watching them wiz by you below!

The night brought to me hungover Roland, straight from LA via Houston from a birthday party, so no better way to celebrate his hungover arrival than with an intimate night with Warren Hood and the Hoodlums.

Go and spend 5 bucks to see them on Sunday night at Momo's. It'll definately be the best 5 bucks you've spent in a long ass time!

The verdict, a hell of a day, perfect weather, Austin, Texas. Goodbye to 108!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

fall festival / ut ou--

Well since I didn't really go to a 'real' college, I sit and partake in college spirit with jenny, mike d, and the doc at the bowling alley as we watch ut kick ou's butt, while toby and i do our bobcat scratch!

After quite a few pitchers of brew it time to head over to the fall festival of my nephews school. Here, process pictures of these kids sticking there heads into backdropped holes, a dragon and a night respectively.

For payment of losing this good beer buzz, I made my sis and brother in law stick their heads in the thing and snap a picture.

Family obligations, family obligations, wish I could say I hate them, but I don't, and I wish they would obligate me a bit more, it's definately good for my soul.

Friday, October 07, 2005

monte montgomery --

What a night, it's kinda cool hanging out with important people, it kinda makes me feel important too.

A proper night with the AMF'ers watching Monte Montgomery's acoustic brilliance at Threadgills. Simply can't beat it, defianately worth seeing!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Shiner Texas -- The Cessna Flies

As a night of geekin' comes to an end, more old school pictures dug up from college. Richard P and I took the aeroplane over the Shinertown.

Here's the little guy, started in daylight and landed at night. It's a lonely sky up there in a small plan, eerie too, reminds me of the Stephen King story 'The Night Flyer.' That homing beacon may look big on the ground, but it's small when you up there with the birds.

First shot, the Shiner water tower, we buzzed it pretty low, funny thing is the FAA says you have to stay at least 1,000 feet high, at times we were buzzing shiner at 200 feet! bhahahaha!

Then there's business central, Dollar General, Howards (go in and support Howard), and Boehm Ford, the best place on the planet to buy a car, just go in, ask for Martin Jr, tell him Robert sent you, and you'll get some free pizza! Naw, Just kiddin.

Then there's the Shiner grid, one stoplight says it all. That's downtown, lots to see that's for sure. Check out Werner's Pizza Barn if you are in town. Tell Scott and Bob you were sent by Robert, and you will get some free Fords!

Then there's Timmy's house, nothing spells cool like the above ground pool. Many great times in that pool. And the only time EVER that the Beastmaster punked out early in the 15 years I've known him! Notice the big burn spot on the side of the house where 'THE PILE' is burned

Finally the Bruns Residence and 'Bruns Appliance.' The mustang was placed in front of the house so we could identify the house easier. Notice the red blotch with black top.

Landing a two seater at night is dodgy to say the least, it's cold and dark in the night sky, definately a surreal feeling if you aren't used to it, a definate experience, would be nice to do over and over again.

"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return." --unknown

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Canepole Jumping - Shiner, Texas

Jogging the memory and digging up old pictures brings me to a tradition we pioneered in Shiner, canepole jumping. Time and place of the post, midnight, Little City (congress and 8th), in the midst of a surprise visit by 'The Hangout', Austin's Elite Gay Club. Hope no dudes hit on me, and I'm sure they are thinking me and Mike P are a rather butchy couple!

Basically canepoles are like sugarcane, you jump in, they break your fall. Needless to say you get scratched up a bit, sometimes get the wind knocked out of you, and other misc critters are crawling around down there, but it's a great rush.

Blake and I, the pioneers of the sport are seen crawling out. Mr. double major Eastern European studies / Russian now in law school in DC about to graduate and Mr. Computer Geek with hair, some 'educated' mofo's (obviously no common sense) jumping into the canepoles.

No one will ever forgot 'Mix' Garcia and the stitches he had to get in his hand, or Tim don't call me donkey Donally, the poor unfortunate soul to find the only tree in the middle of the canepoles. Or, Mr Riveda, who holds the record of 34 jumps in one setting, talk about tolerance for pain!

Then there is soon to be roomate Jenny, the only girl brave enough to jump in the poles. Her she is takin' one for the team, right in the noggin!

Dr. Love and Mike D as well as many other urban dwellers have partook in the jumping. Beastmaster does complicated Judo flips in them, and everyone has their own technique so to speak. I like to hop in sideways and take as many out as I can, b/c the crackle of the cane gives me a rush, or used to at least.

And then there's the canepole 'glamour' shot of Jenny resting in the poles.

Canepole adventures were good 'clean' fun in Shiner. While many people were finding their future wives at pasture parties, or making Natural Light can pyramids, we were finding 'fresh' canepole patches to demolish.

Has it increased our extreme sport points, does it help in our understanding of the capacity for human beings to do crazy things, has it 'cultured' us.? Relatively speaking, I'd like to think so......

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Lago Vista or Bust

This little gem of a city is located 25 miles north of Austin, always heard about it, never took the time to make the trip. Tonight Mara, Mike P and I took the trip, and it was well worth it.

Not only does it have high places to look down off to view the marvels of humanity, it also has a beautiful lake that is very undisturbed and undeveloped.

Alas, nothing but a crappy camera phone. Use your imagination, a lake with reflection on the water, and a slew of deer in front of us just checkin' us out.

The verdict, I'm spending next 4th of July here, hopefully, seems like a beautiful place for fireworks, lots of local color, and sure to have great shops and the like.

Surley more to come on this......

Monday, October 03, 2005

Bowling Alley Tales and more at Crown and Anchor

Nothing like a surprise visit from mr Waxtad, who is interviewing at Lagovista Middle School in hopes to become history teacher dude.

Currently he's employed at the bowling alley, and you know how your ball sometimes gets stuck back there? Well, if you are ever curious, I now know the dynamics of why that happens and what measures are taken for a 'ball return.'

Just check out that 'stinger' sign, damn you learn new things just about every day.

Then there was the Ian (Mr. Eclectic Metal) and Mike D (Mr. Eclectic Hip-Hop) engaged in a quazi intense conversation about artists who sample other artists, and is this artistic integrity, etc, etc. Interesting times to say the least

Ian and I are doing are TSU bobcat scratch, as the bobcats gave the once legendary football team of Texas ATM a run for their money.

The verdict, with my 29 year old balls, it's getting harder and harder to drink 10,000 pictures of beer on a 'school night.'

Sunday, October 02, 2005

A Hundred Ways to Cover Your Redneck Past

It's always a fun weekend when I run into one of my favorite nephews Timmy. Well there we are after a nice dip in his above ground pool. The purpose of this blog is to explain to antics of a proper weekend with the country boys.

Farmer's Tan - You are damn right that's a farmer's tan, I seem to have a bit of a wedgie too?

The Dune Buggy - 4 banger VW Dune Buggy hauling a$$ down the country roads, crickets poppin' you in the face going in excess of 70 mph.

Budweiser - The king of beers giving me a headache, that's for sure!

Last but not least, 'THE PILE" -- This is a popular tradition in which we burn a massive amount of garbage, the Shiner pyrotechnician if you have it, and the fun and fellowship commences as we watch Timmy magically walk on the ashes!