Saturday, July 29, 2006

Now Every Once In a While, There's a Crack in my Smile, Dark Voices are Talkin' to me, Dark Voices they Tell me the Way

A strange evening, started with watching Permanent Record, A Violent Femmes concert and music video collection, pick it up if you have some extra money laying around and you won't be disappointed! I remember Bevis and Butthead loved the 'Breakin' Up' video, and I'm right there lovin' it with them.

Beast, Neeka, Crystal and I stay up hardcore boozin' till the wee morning hours. You see these days with trips to Germany and 600 dollar tests, I'm broke, I'm drinkin' what's available, so this means kegorator beer with the nephew, then to mixed drinks with friends, then to wine with some oldies, then back to some beast Captain Morgan.

Somewhere in there we went to Moulton Jamboree, saw some crazy redneck sh*t, I recall dancing and getting too dizy and had to quit, then back to beasts place. Nights ends somewhere in the vicinity of 5am, beast passes out on the floor, Neeka in the recliner, and I left and forgot to bring my shoes, beast would wake up the next morning and say "What the hell happenend last night....I remember watching Ben Folds, and that was it" --- whew

Not for the weak at heart, a video of 'Country Death Song', by them Femmes.

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