Thursday, July 27, 2006

Use Every Chance You've Been Given

Round One goes to PMI --- Yea, no ego crusher, I just underestimated the difficulty of the test. What's another 400 bucks to retake in a few months, in the perspective of it all.

Worse part about failing a test like that is everything in the past few years that has troubled you comes bubbling up to the surface, bad friend episodes, bad love episodes, bad decisions you've made in life, you know, all that sorta stuff.

Head back to the house, sis and are are GLUED to the TV, as 'The Notebook' (Google search link #1), a chick flick some teeny bopper told me to check out a few years back, and I scoffed at the idea, but the premise of the movie is spectacular, especially if you've ever dealt with similiar circumstances.

Anyway, heavy rotation of Sondre Lerche and the faces down quartet, no use crying over spilled milk, the new album is wonderful, its jazzy, but not that jazzy, more like pop jazz or something like that, that's what I expect out of jazz until I'm old and mature enough to appreciate more of the 'real thing'.

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