Sunday, August 06, 2006

And there ain't no nothing we can't Love each other Through

Sorry family and friends for the lame Family Ties reference and double negative, but I do love you guys, and the fact that we are all so different and still get along is, for the lack of a better word, awesome.

First pic, Brad, Josh and Corey and Mr Army shorts. Amazing how better it feels playing baseball when you didn't have 22 bud lights the night before. Tomorrow my back will hurt, not to mention this big throbbing blister on my hand from swinging the bat with the boys.

Then there's the Tran Clan, Alissa, Ayden, Krysi and Al. These little ones are yes, my great niece and nephew. Thru the day Al told me of the dangers of going to Baghdad and probably said it wasn't in my best interest, no matter what the money was. But it seems anywhere I went that has a TCP/IP internet connection I'd be just fine.

The men of the family had the traditional polka fest outside, while my brothas played trumpets and accordian. The 'crowd favorite' is always, 'In Heaven there is no beer.'

Gavin, who plays around in the dirt all day is always ready to pose for the camera. There's a lot of dirt around, considering our reunion is where the FFA has their livestock show every year.

Strange, this year the 'insiders' (people who hang out on the inside) play Bunko instead of Bingo, and Grant, the little dude at the far end is playing, and 'bless his heart', the dude starts losing and starts weeping, it was a trip, 'homeboy' takes his Bunko seriously I suppose.

Other items of note, brotha Derwin's 72 corvette is fully restored, and now he's got a 69 camaro, damn what a man!

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