Thursday, August 10, 2006

Don't Let Them Sell You Impossible Dreams, Don't be a Slave to the Beauty Regime

Songs come along that just 'touch the heart,' that are so real and so true, so positive and inspiring, so genuine and caring, songs that make you think 'the good guy will win', good beats evil, and one day people will be self actualized, and that people are on your side and willing to help.

Wow, what a run-on sentence, but you get the point, this one does it for me. Lyrics as flawless, but if you'd hear it, the general consensus would be "That shit ain't got a beat" --

The Beauty Regime
Beat stress and rebalance your life
Make those dreams come true
Impress all your colleagues and friends
With the brand new you
So many lives condemned for no need
'Cause people don't buy the right magazine
Take a look in the mirror and see
Exactly how worthless you are
In a rut? Can't get out? Don't know why?
It's time to make that change
Cover up all the pain in your life
With our new product range
So please don't feel blue - let us show you how
To talk yourself into a good mood right now
Feeling sad is no longer allowed
No matter how worthless you are
And if your life depresses you
Just live it through your favourite movie star
Beat stress and rebalance your life
All you need to do
Is forget all the useless advice
And live your life for you
Don't let them sell you impossible dreams
Don't be a slave to the beauty regime
Look again in the mirror and see
Exactly how perfect you are

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