Monday, August 14, 2006

It's Easy to See, To See Only White Where Colour Should Be

Life and business, and how it applies to programming, specifically two types of programming, structured and service oriented. I used to do structured programming (a life doomed to hell) with dudes named Joe, Jim and Bill (they called me Bob) who were all over age 50, then object / service oriented (still a life doomed to hell). I'm stressing there is a time and a place for both, it all depends on where you fall in the spectrum.

They are vastly different techniques, and I do generalize, but hey let's shoot for a nice balance between attention span, quasi informative post, and perhaps some lame abstractions and analogies that will probably make everyone confused.

Structured Programming / Life -- Sees light at the end of the code. Life as a COBOL programmer consisted of 4 environments, writing a shitload of code to create a report with groupings, it almost felt like writing a book....ever see code like this "write detail line after advancing one line"....well it exists. it's really boring shit, but it gets the job done. There are structured people everywhere fighting the good fight keeping the systems of the world running, they are what make the world go round, however, not very flexible, scalable, interoperable, or efficient.

Service Oriented Programming / Life -- Seeing a broad pallet of color. It says grab some stuff from here, grab some from here, whoeva does it better, let's do it that way. Understanding the true meaning and benefit of inheritance is the key to this style, and surely applies to life. It means taking those tidbits of life that you know are gems, allow them to flow thru you, and the better you get at this, you become more efficient and effective in life, because you serve as a conduit for great ideas. As the ideas pass thru you, stuff sticks, therefore making you a better person as well as all others who use the service. It's fast, effective and efficient.

The American does it work, is it better to be structured or service oriented. It depends on your interpretation of what the American Dream is, but its harder to get rich without hard work. The days of a shitty techie getting paid assloads of money to write code are over, and they should be, and I'm glad for society the industry is finally 'right sized' (even though I would have liked to been around a bit earlier to exploit my piece of the pie). The structured approach doesn't lend itself well to creativity and thinking outside the box, but the potential to painfully move up the ladder is there. The service approach, you find very few making things so damn efficient, competition suffers. What it takes (if you don't have a shitload of capital) is a dedicated group of people, usually a few great management types, a few great visionary types, and a few great techie types who trust each other.

The other way is to not have a conscious, don't feel bad about charging extra money for every bit of information that comes thru the pipe. You have to have to have the balance between the gold ol' boy mentality (the boyscout), and the person who has the fuck net neutrality, let's put a meter on it and charge for every data packet on the web. Unfortunately (hahaha), I have 'nice' friends that don't have the exploitative mentality, even if the service provided benefits all parties involved.

Until the next paradigm, the days of getting rich by scaring people that computers will blow up, or trying to confuse them or bullshit them are over......... (damn).

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