Saturday, August 12, 2006

Remember When We Used to Talk About Bustin Out, We' Break Their Hearts, Together, Forever!

A RARE weekend, Robert is in a genuinely good mood, and no it wasn't snowing, far from it as Manuelabor, Lacinator, and Fatboy without the Slim went out to the Ft Worth Stockyards. The highlight of the weekend was the drive to Sherlocks, Dallas, when we had Bon Jovi's 'Never Say Goodbye' jammin on the Monsoon system at the stoplights, you know, cool kids have to jam the f*ck out of their radios. Manuel, were you a bit embarrassed, what do you mean???? You didn't feel COOL?!?!?!

Learned a lot about Ft Worth this weekend, I've always have had respect for the city, its got great aesthetic value to it everywhere you look, but I didn't know it was 'the stock market of the south' when the cattle trades went on, etc.

Manuelabor wants to snap a picture, instead he drops my camera 1 story down on this metal roof. The camera stood there, we looked at it for 5 minutes, and then came up with a plan to get it down. This here picture shows me giving Manuel the 'dammit Manuel' look.

Look at the cowboy and cowgirl, gotta love it, I guess the one in the white is supposed to be the good cowboy and the one in the black hat is supposed to be the bad one.

Manuel trying to pick out the 'perfect hat'.

I think I look good as a bubba, maybe I should trade in my rock and roll lifestyle and become a bubba somewhere out on a farm.

Later Chris and Sheda Riveda came out and we had some brews, the Stella was hurting my belly, so we had to resort to something that was 'less filling and tastes great.' Yea I look sad in that picture, but I was having a great time. O by the way, I travel light these days, and that blue shirt is turning into my 'weekend shirt.'

An interesting scenario here. More often than not, there is a building or two or ten being imploded in Ft. Worth. They are now doing something more extravagant, they are supposed to flood this valley, and make and 'island' in the middle of the city, for the rich people to have condos. GREAT IDEA!!! ---hmmmmm.....

Here's Manuel posing in front of his surname. I'm thinking some dude is going to come out and say in his best gangsta Spanish voice "Look man I'm going to cut you if you don't get off my property."

A Manuel in jail shot, look how sad the poor dude looks, I told him, what you you had to stay there all the time, I'd come visit you every 3 or 4 months, and I'd brink you a cake with a file in it.

Lacy and Manuel, a great couple (for me to poop on --- hahahha)

Last but not least, the 'cow maze', kinda like the ones made of bushes, but this one was made of wood, something in which the cows were be ushered thru, now the human use it for cruel torture, lets pay 5 bucks and get ourselves lost in the 105 degree heat....thanks but no thanks!

DFW times are great, thanks for the great time John, M and L and the gang. Have a lovely week!

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Anonymous said...

Your visit was great...for us to POOP ON!!!!!!

L and M