Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ten Days of Perfect Tunes, The Colors Red and Blue

10 'whatevas' for the blog, random stuff, what's been occupying my thoughts and mind

10 --, my new favorite website, lets you see numerous articles on how vile Dick Cheney is, lets you cross reference by the person who posts, you can see what's 'popular', etc. a great way to organize clippings.

9 -- Reading more of Friedman's stuff about the flat world, seems like more responsibility is falling to individuals. All this 'crazy stuff' going on in the world, if you can derive one good thing from it all is that it is making people aware, in the future, more and more people will be informed, therefore more responsible, conscious minds, possibly making it able to find more lasting solutions, no nukes no nukes!

8 -- what's jammin' in the cd player, Jose Gonzalez, Mando Diao, Divine Comedy, lots of German stuff and ummmm, billy joel and elton john?

7 -- picking your battles -- asimov believes in psycho-history (don't know if I'm spelling right) -- that the movements of one is irrelevant, the movement of masses means everything -- if you look around, and if you don't see a fly in the ointment, then YOU are that fly, find another place to shit, I mean sit.

6 -- backyards and practical life is stellar, like Ms Crow says, the good people of the world are washing their cars on their lunch breaks, hosing and scrubbing the best the can in their skirts and suits (or something like that)

5 -- Kids -- Can't really articulate, but I already understand how wonderful it must be to have 'some' of your own, adorable creatures they are, but not anytime soon.

4 -- Mantra -- It's nice to have people thinking about you, and 'praying' for you, etc -- i acknowledge there are 'good vibrations' that are sent to and fro, just haven't figured out the 'central processing unit'

3 -- Ethics -- what a crock of shit to try to teach someone this, I hate reading about this, some type A will read this shit put out in books, get questions 'right', meaning repeating what is spoon fed to you in a book. You either got it or don't, ain't no teachin' it.

2 -- Politics -- Vote for Kinky, he's great, incumbents could face stiff scrutiny from the populous who are tired of all this bullshit, hopefully that's the new trend, or 'coolness', as the world becomes more aware, as blogs become more and more trustworthy and uncensored than organized media, more and more common sense will be factored in to these brilliant minds running the world, thus retooling and rethinking, eliminating meaningless bickering amongst parties.

1 -- Down in Dallas, the neon light from the building, lets you know you're home -- This weekend going to hang out with manuelabor, haven't seen the chap in a long time, In addition, the lacinator, Erin, Erin, John, John, maybe Chris Riveda. I know the dives, and we are going dive right in.

Sorry folks, can't blog about 'partying' anymore, I'm miles away from the action, so as I just lay boring opinions out on the table, the blog stats are like the slinky going down the stairs. My niece, sister, and numerous friends say, 'Robert your blog is boring now, I don't read it anymore.'

Maybe you'll see some drunk Robert shots this weekend, and maybe sooner or later you'll be able to see some Robert in Deutschland pictures.

Till then, bis spater

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