Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Who Got the Love, Who Got the Fresh-E-Freshy, Who Got the Only Sweetest Thing in the World

First time for everything and this is the first blog posting coming from a MAC! Yippie, I feel cool just being able to type on one.

There's a few things I REALLY like about the MAC, for one, they have the volume controls figured out, one source controls everything, Itunes, the speakers, the works. Damn can't Gates figure that out yet? Also the 'side click' is a pretty cool feature, and the built in camera is cool. Can't you see I was very enthusiastic at work today?

For the record, our agency website looks like shit in safari.


Christina said...

Okay, I must have missed something along the way. Where are you working now?

And congrats on coming over to the Mac side. ;-)

Anonymous said...

A Mac is simply a glorified word processor that can spit out pretty pictures... You can't do any real software development on Macs.

RB said...

don't forget listening to music and surfing the web! hahahaha