Tuesday, September 12, 2006

across the planes of texas, from sea to shining sea

i'm blogging because i stayed with mike d last night, and he wakes up at the crack of dawn.

i'm going to be one of the bloggers that rants about the 911 show on abc, man what a mess, sure it's a drama, but the ideas hold true. the institutions are intact to prevent terrorism, we just have to use them, instead of everyone acting like kids. who cares if it was clinton getting a bl*wjob, bush talking to elementary school kids (the only people he understands, and vice versa), or if you work for the FBI, CIA, military, etc, etc --- what fell thru the cracks can be of simply deduced to kids arguing and one saying, 'I don't want to play anymore, I'm going to take my ball home.'

I'm a patriot, I love America and always have just as much as these 'bandwagon patriots.' What the movie said that I tend to gravitate towards is that after 911, terrorism will not considered a crime anymore, rather a war. So what you got all over the world (esp after the infamous 'axis of evil' speech) is nutjobs using a hatred for the United States as political fuel for their causes. Iran says, f*ck you Bush, we are going to enrich uranium, N. Korea, yea we are gonna launch some test missiles, like it or not. one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. The neo-conservatives in this country try to say that 'the places that harbor terrorists' aren't safe, meaning that anywhere there is a 'terrorist' is fair game. Can everyone see the absurdity in this wack a mole hunt for terrorists? Many people think all the availble terrorists in the world just hopped a plan to baghdad and started fighting 'for terrorists sake', this is totally absurd. these people are smarter and lighter on their feet than us, and by no means structured, mobilized or organized, and THAT is their power. all it takes is a few bad people in ANY place with a political agenda (i.e., Germany, Spain, FLORIDA, etc) to cause 911.

You don't fight 'a war' on terror with conventional bombs, in this case you fight it with less beurocracy and intelligence and greater identity control. THINK PEOPLE, look past the blue and the red and the real issues, it was a collective f*ckup, and let's learn from it, so that the 911 commission report card thingy shows all A's.

And for the record, I know when Baghdad and Kabul are safe when GW sends the twins down there to party.

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