Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jose Can You See

The worse night ever to not have a camera, for I had the 'money shot,' front row center. The classical guitar parts were amazing to actually see, an interesting sytle. Amazing the fickle-ness of the Austin crowd, it's almost like, yea, Jose is here, cool, he'll be here in a few months again, so yea, cool, we're cool, etc.

Well Jose, wearing his wonderful horizontal striped shirt, and I heard someone refer to him as looking like the Spurs own Ginobli. Jenny actually chatted with him for a bit, the best I can do is the dreaded camera phone picture.

Great show for 15 bucks, the opener 'Death Vessel' is very noteworthy as well, check out his stuff, Providence Rhode Island is where he calls home.

Never making it 'home' last night.....staying at Mike D's place, means wearing the same clothes to work as the day before, my coworkers are lucky! hahahaha

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