Thursday, September 14, 2006

Long Walks on the Beach, The Press will Impeach

Ben Kweller, a really likeable dude put on a great show at La Zona Rosa. I've seen him a gazillion times, and anyone who hasn't seen him show go out and do themselves a favor and get a load of his quirky humor and stage performance. Not for long, but he's got his album out for a 'myspace exclusive.'

Why I like him, he's real, and that's the attitude he sends out, reading his myspace page, he's a very enthused human that doesn't take anything for granted (like mamma said don't you let it go to your head), many songs are bubble gum, but yet charming, and he does look inside, something the average modest mouse ripoff doesn't attempt.

Tomorrow, the place to be is at the sold out Shins show at Stubbs, I'm not going to ACL, but I'm catching a lot of the runoff.

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