Thursday, September 14, 2006


The question is why is getting hit so hard by spammers, therefore me, and when are the going to get that sh*t fixed! I don't think Diane (girl with big bust), Jill (girl with thong hanging out), Sandy (girl with nice a$$), etc, etc, etc, x10 WANT to be my friend, because I'm such and attractive and handsome dude with a great personality. I read that myspace gets more 'page views' than anyone on the web, even google, well I have officially turned MY myspace notifications off, and if I wouldn't get great music references from the site, this spamming that they can't seem to fix has brought me to my last straw.

Sad part about it when you look at these for lack of a better term 'hot chick spammers' on myspace, you look at their 'friend list' and there's all these meatheads posting comments, 'baby you're hot' etc, etc, etc. Poor folks, don't know that they are victims of some desperate porn rings attempt at making money to pay the rent. Why stoop so low as to porn spam myspace, and how gullible do you have to be to fall for it?

PS -- Do you think 'Tom' gets a lot of 'tail' from that job? hahahaha

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