Saturday, September 02, 2006

Tiny Bubbles in the Wine, Make Me Happy, Make Me Feel Fine

Everyone knows it as the place just above Waco where you stop and get kolaches and other Czech pastries, but on labor day weekend, it's home to the Westfest. Personally I know the Czech Stop as a place to grab a Red Bull and gas on the way home from concerts in Dallas. Once we had to pick my English buddy Neil up from the Dallas airport, and while driving thru Waco, he said in his British accent 'Holy Shit Mate, this is Waco, is this where the Branch Davidians did their thing.' Indeed it is.

This celebration is just as fun as the Wurstfest, nope, that's not the god bless America red, white and blue in the tent, that's the colors of the Czech Flag.

There were many activities in which i partook for the evening, one of them being an authentic Czech clothing catwalk, in which I actually got to meet Ms. Czech Texas!

Jeannie let 'the husband' go to the event, which was great, considering I drank 5 tall boys of Coors (beer strong enough for a man, made for a woman).

Kyle had an excellent time on the evening, eating cotton candy, checking out the petting zoo, and riding the mini montana rusa, one that I myself would probably be scared to go on!

I enjoyed myself so much, I actually think I'll be heading back next year, situated on gently rolling hills, authentic food and beer and outfits, and don't forget the polkas.

And for the record, my brother Ronnie did make that accordion smoke.

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