Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I was Working in the Lab late one Night, When My Eyes Beheld An Eerie Sight

Tonight is when the ghouls and goblins get to go out and grab candy, girls also can wear skimpy outfits and not have to worry about being called the 'S' word.

KMan and Collin, ummm, I mean Batman and Superman go out to tear up the suburbs. Poor Collin's Superman outfit looks a bit big on him.

20 houses into the night, the typical scenario was this.....

I don't want to cuss in the same blog posting, but can you imagine an Ebonics trick or treater....Female Dog, give me some MF'in candy.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Spaceboy I've Missed You, Spinning Round My Head

Smashing Pumpkins, Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, or family pumpkin carving outings, pumpkins are sure to reveal a smelly interior, as you scoop out the guts, you vow never to eat pumpkin pie.

This year, it was the bat and the spider web, as I nearly barf at the smell. Jeannie and the Kman doing their best to get the pumpkin primed for the carve.

Herbal Tea, a trail mix of pills for Mr Sick, and Deming, Crosby and Juran have left me exhausted for the evening, normal blog patterns will commence once I regain my life.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Leaf by Leaf and Page by Page, Throw this Book Away

I've never been much for Halloween, like many say, its an excuse for chicks to wear slutty outfits. Mike D and I venture out to Natedoggs party only to find we are the only people at the party without an outfit. I guess I could say, I'm standard Robert Bruns, plain ol' street trash.

Low and behold he had a smoke machine and a strobe light that stole the show.

Somewhere in the middle of kings, barbarians, catholic school girls, police women and vampires, I dogged Mike D out, sorry about that bud, I owe you one.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

People Always Told Me, that Bars are Dark and Lonely, And Talk is Often Cheap and Filled with Air

She Rocks, what makes Austin kinda cool, what other city this size can come up with 12 AWESOME bada$$ rock chicks and make a calendar out of it, and on top of that, donate profits to a non-profit.

Jane Bond, man I used to have a crush on her, but alas, she's cool, I'm not. hahaha

Momo's, man if I could own a club in Austin it'd either be Momo's or The Parish, either one would be fine. :)

Monday, October 23, 2006

take a byte out of this new jam

Tonight was my first 'shopping' trip since April. I have been travelling with one pair of pants, worn last Thursday, Friday, Sat (while in the rain at the renfest), and today at work (yes, by then the pants were a bit musty and ripe).

Still not having touched home base and heading to New Braunfels for the Cowboys and Bob's Bada$$ BBQ, the need to stop at 'the gap' for some jeans and a nice shirt was eminent.

So, by the time the morning readers of this blog are reading, I'll be prancin' into work with a new pair of jeans, new shirt, and even a new belt. My co-workers are going to think, who the hell is that?

I sure don't like the idea of having to dress up at the job one day, even if that means 'business casual.'

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Color of Her Eyes Were the Color of Insanity

Ahhh, The Texas Renaissance Festival, I've been waiting to go back for 14 years, When I was a young, I suppose a JR in high school I went to this with sis, and it was spectacular. Don't ask me what went on in the last 14 years, but it's turned into political correctness and 'good family fun.' No tellin' what 'sue crazy' person decided the typical belly dancer offended him or his family.

First stop was the Parthenon in this medieval mix-up of European cultures. Here me and bob got us a bottle of Mead, which made us sleepy, and it was the ONLY 'pub' in the entire campus that served Spaten and other goodies, I guess the rest of the medieval people drank Bud Light, Miller, and Coors.

Hanging out by the Parthenon, I stumbled upon pregnant KIMMIE and Randy Z, a pleasant surprise considering I haven't seen them in ages. Fat boy representin' with his shirt from, ummm, Scotland?

The coolest 'ride' I would have loved to got on were these 'kings swings,' but alas, just like me looking at Manuelabor, then a two seater gondola in Venice, I just couldn't bring myself to hop on this thing with Bob.

The grounds are incredible, some serious work is put into the aesthetics of the place, and it is nicely tucked into a vegetation that begs you to even believe you are even in Texas. The incense is great, and 'Robin Hood' type tunes are everywhere.

Only in Texas will you find a dude dressed like a Roman, but with a cowboy hat and a Timex. Since is was the Roman week, even when in Rome, I guess Texas do what the Texans do, and appease the Romans.

A brawl out there, why? Who knows? The European's didn't even know what the hell was going on in the days of Feudalism, but, I bet it was something seeing dudes fight lions and things like this.

Last and I guess least is the joust. Last time I was there, this was hardcore, lots more speed, dudes gettin' creamed, now it was cream puff titty rubbin'. Don't get me started on what they've done to the mud pit, 14 years ago that shit was a free-for-all. Here's a youtube of the joust, the French dude didn't win, cause you know, like the shirt says.....Texas is bigger than France......hmmmm....

Friday, October 20, 2006

Too Hard on the Breaks Again, What if these Breaks Just Give In

Killer cars is right, last night on the way home, as I35 goes from three lanes to two, the Astro Van in front slams on the breaks, I therefore slam on the breaks, barely missing a collision, but the Altima behind me, BAM, slams into the back of the VDub, and the momentum pushes me into the van in from of me, creating a car sandwich. No injuries and minute harm done to the vdub, but my neck is killin' me today from the whiplash.

What does it all mean, I hate driving, especially on the daily commute. It's different driving a Porshe thru winding country roads, but the exotic commute always produces near collisions.

Driving is scary, we take it all for granted, especially on highways, where the person in that other lane could just smash right into you. Damn, I'm morbid, and what a lame post, have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Striving to Be Extraordinary

Ahhh, the musings at despair.com, we all get a kick out of it, especially if you are in that sorta demotivating environment, the stuff either gets you going or gets the best of you.

The book I continue to make progress on is amazing. It's slow progress, because it's challenging, every concept of it, a life changer of sorts, one that perhaps challenges all preconceived notions, at least for me. There's one thing to read a book and understand it, consume it, etc, but to actually embrace it as if it's the biography of your unfinished life, that's a different story.

It speaks of a Fountain of Youth, a fountain of youth at the top of a mountain, a mountain that has taken your utmost energy to climb, against all odds, with everything thrown in your way. Once you're at the top, you don't want to come back down, and you can't bring it down with you, and as Randy Newman once said, OOOO, it's lonely at the top.

So what's at the top, and what makes it so lonely up there. Self actualization is what's up there, once realized, it allows your ambition and desire to break free and run, suddenly things become much clearer. What's at the top is a cold focus on achievement. The meek do inherit the earth, but only after the ignorant destroy it, as the creative and intelligent do their best to protect it.

I'd say there are a handful of these people that hold the world on their shoulders, they don't accept no for an answer, they focus on their goals, dreams and ambitions. The world of frivolous conversations that go nowhere (politics, religion, ex-girlfriends, what kinda spinnas are on your ride, etc) are not of interest anymore. These people are the unsung heroes of the world, creating wealth, jobs, careers, advancements in society, etc.

Well it may seem like I've drank the Ayn Rand cool-aid, however presently it's what makes sense to me. It's says to me get in wiggle ass mode while you can, for love might be on the way.

Speakin' of love, let's harp on it for a minute. Currently I'm struggling with the idea that it's just an abstract idea (true love is a rose, behind glass that's locked and kept closed). It's a business arrangement that gains baggage as it rolls along until you're left with little or no wiggle room, it's that smothering feeling that keeps me from becoming attached to anyone who's not prime Grade A 100% funky badass chick (i.e. your idealistic 'dream girl').

The idea is about taking care of yourself first has always been a blogbit of mine. People who claim to have found a mate that takes care of them more than they take care of themselves and vice versa, and say it works....are strictly delusional.

If you check out that 'Hierarchy of Needs', and notice some gaps, that's what's f*cked up in ones life, you can either choose to fight against it or let it own you, me, I check that sh*t out quite a bit, try to make my weaknesses my strengths and all that self triumphant stuff......maybe that's why I need to buy this shirt -- haha, TOTALLY just kidding.

I want to be in that elite group. My brother in law always has the phrase 'striving to be extraordinary,' what better phrase to live by.....what better tag-line for personal motivation, because when the lights go out and we leave this place, us people that believe in worm food have but reflection to look back upon, did we do a good job in life or did we not.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rain's Gonna Come In Fair Sized Drips, We're Gonna Go to Heaven Wearin Paper Hat Ships

Sometimes I don't think my hometown deserves a festival like this, and sometimes I think this festival deserves my town. First of all, getting a lineup of sissies, a bunch of alt-rock has-beens, a Hodge podge of country artists, for the performers, a proper lashing out / and vice versa from the religious zealots of the town.

Only high point was 4-5 pm, and even then, most of the people I spoke went out of the way to NOT LIKE the only talent of the evening, the Old 97's. Even Rhett's gyrating hips didn't get the attention of the average 'hate me' blue October fan. That's OK, Ashley and I represented in the front line, and when the curtain called, after a few glasses of 120 proof, I boldly shouted out to Godsmack and Blue October fans, enjoy your shitty bands, as I went to the back to socialize.

The only shot of the weekend, gotta love the elevated stage that the best you can get is 20 feet away.

The STEVEMEISTER and the MITCHMAN came down for the occasion, even though they were too wussy to ride their Harley's down! hahahaha -- Always great times with Steve -- Other notes, I met my friend Pam Snook who's now OBGYN in Florida, and Matt Hendrickson, who I haven't seen in 15 plus years, reconnected thru myspace, both pleasant surprises.

Not so pleasant surprises include watching the ever evolving social circles of Shiner people making up, breaking up, hookin' up, conspiring, and the like, in hopes to gain.....ummm, what?? In many ways, thru the course of the night, and mingling between social circles, I would have either hung out with Godsmack, or the baptist preacher for that matter.

Speaking of preachers and such, the 'blasphemy' on the Shiner Church this year read 'Don't use the Lord's name in vain, or god will 'smack' you. Tisk Tisk Tisk, you know what I REALLY don't like about the new wave Christians, they want it both ways, they want the humble and meek thoughts of Jesus (which is good), but yet they feel this testerone in that they have to 'lash out' to the community, and JUDGE! yes, JUDGE things they don't understand, instead of TOLERATE, hell, 14 years of Sunday School and Church, that's what I learned. So hence, you got 'billboards quoting things Jesus never said or think.' Riddle me this religious right, if you like your life, live it to the fullest, and have no regrets, what does that afterlife have for ya? Believe me, I have tons more on this one day.

and who gives a flip if you listen to Godsmack or not, and exactly what makes this bunch of dillweeds so intimidating, they ain't to me???

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Stickshifts and Safetybelts!

Today we made a fast trip out to brother Derwin's house for some family bonding. We checked out his fully restored 72 Corvette Stingray, his latest project car, a 69 Camero, and to tour one of his 5 oil rigs he works for as a consultant.

Derwin says whenever he has a bad day, he just hops in the Vette and it makes everything a bit better. I can see why they call it a stingray, it's menacing, even in the passengers seat!

Me and brother Jr in the middle of the rig, amazing gadgetry all around, it's amazing how advanced these things are, and tree huggers, don't worry, from what I saw, this thing is clean as a whistle.

Somewhere in the course of the day we stopped and pigged out at this country kitchen, the roast beast was nice, and don't you just love the restaurants that serve 'sweet tea?'

The next project car, a 69 Camero, projected due date, 1-2 years, this one's gonna need a lot of TLC.

Can't do it justice, but here's the Vette out on the country road, we hit about 80 mph before we ran out of straight road. This thing is a monster!

Keep up the good work Derb, hope to see you again soon and stay a spell.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing, In Perfect Harmony

Skype, the new old hotness since Rolando and Olando haven't embraced Google Talk yet became the venue for a geek out / bad music session tonight.

Rolando, Olando, Mike D, Mike P and myself all hopped on the conference and talked ummmm, shit the majority of the evening.

Some recordings also came out of the evening, and the guys will bash me for this, but what the hell. Extremely BAD recordings, ALL bad voices.

Olando - Silverchair Song
Rolando - Some DMB song
Mike D - Just Pretending
Fat Head - Singing tribute to the missing Manuelabor

and the 'MAIN EVENT', Mahon singing Thom Yorke, boy someone put this poor guy out of his misery!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Takin' to you Girl, Is Like Long Division

Recapping the night from a few days later, it's hard to point out a central theme, so I'll wing it with a bunch of random tidbits.

As I'm heading down to Shinertown, I call the beast, and he just so happens that he's sittin' there with the gang at Howards, so there's a few dollar cups down the drain. Then the singer / songwriter Bill Pekar comes in for a beer, our band director from back in high school is always there, some cousins, and nice mix of people.

Later I text message Mr Boehm, he comes out to join us, a sound human being who's diplomatic and funny to boot. I might add that him and his wife Julie are one of those couples I brag about, they are like Robbie Hart and Julie Sullivan in the wedding singer.

So the dollar cups are flowing, Bob and his better half and Ms. B come out, then followed by T-Dog and Tony-meister, as we sit there, conversation always goes to some strange places. Next, our old football coach / English teacher, who I haven't seen in ages comes up, gives me a big hug, and tells me he's now a preacher. An interesting man Mr. B is.

Speaking of preachers, the Shiner preachers are at it again, condemning the Bocktoberfest (in specific Godsmack), and wrote a big article in the paper bashing the band (funny they don't bash the revenue it brings for the city.) In response, my buddy Nate Dogg 'lashes back', a much more sophisticated rebuttal, kudos Nate Dogg. Next time I'm in a bad mood, I'll pour some violently flammable fuel on that fire.

That was part one of the evening, a typical night in Shiner, hanging out with friends that are extremely loyal and fun, from all walks of life, in one tiny outside gas station / tavern.

Part two of the night involves Mr Boehm, myself, Timmy and Evylyn (my nephew and his better half), and Daniel and his better half (old classmates from back in high school.)

At the 'cool' bar, 23 bucks for 3 shots and two beers, simply robbery, anyone want to open a bar in Shiner for the weekend, all we need is beer, karaoke, and a friendly personality and we're golden.

I started to blog about the limo girls that 'graced' the place with their presence, but the prose went south pretty quick, so there we have it...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Perceptions on Marriage and the American Family

Lacinator, Manuelabor's better half decided to ask me some question for a class about the above topics, the open door!

Perceptions on Marriage

Is marriage important in American Society? Yes, in what way? No, why not?

Yes, I believe it is tremendously important and vital to human happiness and survival, problem is less and less are doing it 'right' as the influx of information and opportunities create more FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt). It takes a two very strong people to do marriage 'right' these days, and they merit the utmost respect in my opinion.

Is marriage in the increase or decrease in America?

My guess is that it's a gradual increase, but 2nd and 3rd time marriages are on the up and up. Geeze, if you didn't do it right the first time and learn from it, what compels these folks to stick their hand in the fire again, it's hot, you will get burned!!! Mr. Cynicism might add, the divorce rate is climbing, and if you cross reference miserable soles caught in dead-end relationships, these numbers are probably extremely shocking and disheartening.

Is marriage necessary to have a family?

I'm assuming your own genetic code (kids) and the like. I say no. If I was a kid that grew up under shitty circumstances where mom and dad were together just because of me and psychologically had a grudge on me, I'd rather have been adopted by the (pardon my bluntness)...fat lonely chick who is caring and nurturing and will take care of me and love me, but not so much as I grow up to be a titty baby. It's all a trade-off.

American Family

Describe the typical American Family....

Well the nuclear family is described as man, woman, kids and dog, but I would say the typical American family is man, woman, kids, dog, and loser uncle, or some other variation, addition or subtraction of a third party that invades the tradition makeup of the nuclear family. Life is full of hustle and bustle, and plenty of distractions work their way into the typical American family, therefore making it a very, very complicated business that needs a lot of care and attention. I'm thankful to have what I think are above typical family in most stretches of my life, and I thank the ether for that everyday, because it has a direct influence on any success I have in life...If you don't have that, you have the latter, which makes up the dynamic of American society.

What is the major role or function of a family? Is the family on the decline? If so-how so?

The major role of a family in my opinion is to TEACH ethics to kids (not relying on religion) while letting these ethics you teach keep you the parent in check. I would also put these ethics together with the idea and importance of a unified family. If you're not teaching and learning from each other first, external factors enter the sphere of influence. If you're nothing paying attention as parents to kids and vice versa, something or someone else, or some other idea is. I'm not saying you have to sit down at family dinner every night like the Brady Bunch, but show a genuine interest in your family, work with each other, and give each other the benefit of the doubt, and project that shit to the world.

The family is on the decline for several reasons, biggest one is economic reasons, and the advent of consumerism and purchase power, therefore making it necessary for dual income families. Essentially, I've learned that families with children have two jobs, and one of them you can't call in sick. Another reason is desire and temptation portrayed in the media, i.e. scantily clad chicks running around on ABC and the like. Last but not least the advent of the information age, which instills wonder in the hearts and minds of many people who are alone yet not alone.

How do you feel about homosexual marriages?

Love is love, and it transcends gender, and history has proved this. I have nothing against gay people getting married, however, as it becomes legal in more places, tax benefits for ALL married people should go away and tax cuts should be evaluated by other means to be determined. If I can get a significant tax break for marrying this brokeback mountain stud, show me to the alter, and don't worry mike p, you don't need a cork.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

work musings

Draw complicated sh*t out on the board, that's what my boss has taught me. If you are working with a good team, and you are somewhat creative and don't have a white board, chances are you aren't working together that well.

Unfortunately CCR isn't the band.

I always think about writing a book, I could write one about work that probably transcends any environment.

The outline would include look something like this off the top of my head....reverse discrimination (being a white heterosexual male that actually gets things done is discriminated against in some places), people with conflict of interest, a study of the brightest and best solitaire players in the world, a loss of objectivity, political correctness to a fault, grudges (many times worse than the average kids), emails threads that are abso-f*ckin'-lutely out of control, and last but not least how bad leadership always leads to mutiny on the bounty.

Monday, October 02, 2006

I Hear Beyonce on the Radio, and That's the Way I Like It

A big hit for the Austin Music Foundation this evening, as a bunch of Indie labels sent reps to hang out and talk to the local artists.

Bringing out reps from the record industry brings people out of the woodwork, not to mention demo and promo cd's.

Thanks for the Beyonce reference Ben, she's gone a long way with her dad at the helm of their label.....hopefully one day they'll play you on the radio.