Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Perceptions on Marriage and the American Family

Lacinator, Manuelabor's better half decided to ask me some question for a class about the above topics, the open door!

Perceptions on Marriage

Is marriage important in American Society? Yes, in what way? No, why not?

Yes, I believe it is tremendously important and vital to human happiness and survival, problem is less and less are doing it 'right' as the influx of information and opportunities create more FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt). It takes a two very strong people to do marriage 'right' these days, and they merit the utmost respect in my opinion.

Is marriage in the increase or decrease in America?

My guess is that it's a gradual increase, but 2nd and 3rd time marriages are on the up and up. Geeze, if you didn't do it right the first time and learn from it, what compels these folks to stick their hand in the fire again, it's hot, you will get burned!!! Mr. Cynicism might add, the divorce rate is climbing, and if you cross reference miserable soles caught in dead-end relationships, these numbers are probably extremely shocking and disheartening.

Is marriage necessary to have a family?

I'm assuming your own genetic code (kids) and the like. I say no. If I was a kid that grew up under shitty circumstances where mom and dad were together just because of me and psychologically had a grudge on me, I'd rather have been adopted by the (pardon my bluntness)...fat lonely chick who is caring and nurturing and will take care of me and love me, but not so much as I grow up to be a titty baby. It's all a trade-off.

American Family

Describe the typical American Family....

Well the nuclear family is described as man, woman, kids and dog, but I would say the typical American family is man, woman, kids, dog, and loser uncle, or some other variation, addition or subtraction of a third party that invades the tradition makeup of the nuclear family. Life is full of hustle and bustle, and plenty of distractions work their way into the typical American family, therefore making it a very, very complicated business that needs a lot of care and attention. I'm thankful to have what I think are above typical family in most stretches of my life, and I thank the ether for that everyday, because it has a direct influence on any success I have in life...If you don't have that, you have the latter, which makes up the dynamic of American society.

What is the major role or function of a family? Is the family on the decline? If so-how so?

The major role of a family in my opinion is to TEACH ethics to kids (not relying on religion) while letting these ethics you teach keep you the parent in check. I would also put these ethics together with the idea and importance of a unified family. If you're not teaching and learning from each other first, external factors enter the sphere of influence. If you're nothing paying attention as parents to kids and vice versa, something or someone else, or some other idea is. I'm not saying you have to sit down at family dinner every night like the Brady Bunch, but show a genuine interest in your family, work with each other, and give each other the benefit of the doubt, and project that shit to the world.

The family is on the decline for several reasons, biggest one is economic reasons, and the advent of consumerism and purchase power, therefore making it necessary for dual income families. Essentially, I've learned that families with children have two jobs, and one of them you can't call in sick. Another reason is desire and temptation portrayed in the media, i.e. scantily clad chicks running around on ABC and the like. Last but not least the advent of the information age, which instills wonder in the hearts and minds of many people who are alone yet not alone.

How do you feel about homosexual marriages?

Love is love, and it transcends gender, and history has proved this. I have nothing against gay people getting married, however, as it becomes legal in more places, tax benefits for ALL married people should go away and tax cuts should be evaluated by other means to be determined. If I can get a significant tax break for marrying this brokeback mountain stud, show me to the alter, and don't worry mike p, you don't need a cork.

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