Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rain's Gonna Come In Fair Sized Drips, We're Gonna Go to Heaven Wearin Paper Hat Ships

Sometimes I don't think my hometown deserves a festival like this, and sometimes I think this festival deserves my town. First of all, getting a lineup of sissies, a bunch of alt-rock has-beens, a Hodge podge of country artists, for the performers, a proper lashing out / and vice versa from the religious zealots of the town.

Only high point was 4-5 pm, and even then, most of the people I spoke went out of the way to NOT LIKE the only talent of the evening, the Old 97's. Even Rhett's gyrating hips didn't get the attention of the average 'hate me' blue October fan. That's OK, Ashley and I represented in the front line, and when the curtain called, after a few glasses of 120 proof, I boldly shouted out to Godsmack and Blue October fans, enjoy your shitty bands, as I went to the back to socialize.

The only shot of the weekend, gotta love the elevated stage that the best you can get is 20 feet away.

The STEVEMEISTER and the MITCHMAN came down for the occasion, even though they were too wussy to ride their Harley's down! hahahaha -- Always great times with Steve -- Other notes, I met my friend Pam Snook who's now OBGYN in Florida, and Matt Hendrickson, who I haven't seen in 15 plus years, reconnected thru myspace, both pleasant surprises.

Not so pleasant surprises include watching the ever evolving social circles of Shiner people making up, breaking up, hookin' up, conspiring, and the like, in hopes to gain.....ummm, what?? In many ways, thru the course of the night, and mingling between social circles, I would have either hung out with Godsmack, or the baptist preacher for that matter.

Speaking of preachers and such, the 'blasphemy' on the Shiner Church this year read 'Don't use the Lord's name in vain, or god will 'smack' you. Tisk Tisk Tisk, you know what I REALLY don't like about the new wave Christians, they want it both ways, they want the humble and meek thoughts of Jesus (which is good), but yet they feel this testerone in that they have to 'lash out' to the community, and JUDGE! yes, JUDGE things they don't understand, instead of TOLERATE, hell, 14 years of Sunday School and Church, that's what I learned. So hence, you got 'billboards quoting things Jesus never said or think.' Riddle me this religious right, if you like your life, live it to the fullest, and have no regrets, what does that afterlife have for ya? Believe me, I have tons more on this one day.

and who gives a flip if you listen to Godsmack or not, and exactly what makes this bunch of dillweeds so intimidating, they ain't to me???

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