Sunday, October 08, 2006

Stickshifts and Safetybelts!

Today we made a fast trip out to brother Derwin's house for some family bonding. We checked out his fully restored 72 Corvette Stingray, his latest project car, a 69 Camero, and to tour one of his 5 oil rigs he works for as a consultant.

Derwin says whenever he has a bad day, he just hops in the Vette and it makes everything a bit better. I can see why they call it a stingray, it's menacing, even in the passengers seat!

Me and brother Jr in the middle of the rig, amazing gadgetry all around, it's amazing how advanced these things are, and tree huggers, don't worry, from what I saw, this thing is clean as a whistle.

Somewhere in the course of the day we stopped and pigged out at this country kitchen, the roast beast was nice, and don't you just love the restaurants that serve 'sweet tea?'

The next project car, a 69 Camero, projected due date, 1-2 years, this one's gonna need a lot of TLC.

Can't do it justice, but here's the Vette out on the country road, we hit about 80 mph before we ran out of straight road. This thing is a monster!

Keep up the good work Derb, hope to see you again soon and stay a spell.

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