Friday, October 06, 2006

Takin' to you Girl, Is Like Long Division

Recapping the night from a few days later, it's hard to point out a central theme, so I'll wing it with a bunch of random tidbits.

As I'm heading down to Shinertown, I call the beast, and he just so happens that he's sittin' there with the gang at Howards, so there's a few dollar cups down the drain. Then the singer / songwriter Bill Pekar comes in for a beer, our band director from back in high school is always there, some cousins, and nice mix of people.

Later I text message Mr Boehm, he comes out to join us, a sound human being who's diplomatic and funny to boot. I might add that him and his wife Julie are one of those couples I brag about, they are like Robbie Hart and Julie Sullivan in the wedding singer.

So the dollar cups are flowing, Bob and his better half and Ms. B come out, then followed by T-Dog and Tony-meister, as we sit there, conversation always goes to some strange places. Next, our old football coach / English teacher, who I haven't seen in ages comes up, gives me a big hug, and tells me he's now a preacher. An interesting man Mr. B is.

Speaking of preachers, the Shiner preachers are at it again, condemning the Bocktoberfest (in specific Godsmack), and wrote a big article in the paper bashing the band (funny they don't bash the revenue it brings for the city.) In response, my buddy Nate Dogg 'lashes back', a much more sophisticated rebuttal, kudos Nate Dogg. Next time I'm in a bad mood, I'll pour some violently flammable fuel on that fire.

That was part one of the evening, a typical night in Shiner, hanging out with friends that are extremely loyal and fun, from all walks of life, in one tiny outside gas station / tavern.

Part two of the night involves Mr Boehm, myself, Timmy and Evylyn (my nephew and his better half), and Daniel and his better half (old classmates from back in high school.)

At the 'cool' bar, 23 bucks for 3 shots and two beers, simply robbery, anyone want to open a bar in Shiner for the weekend, all we need is beer, karaoke, and a friendly personality and we're golden.

I started to blog about the limo girls that 'graced' the place with their presence, but the prose went south pretty quick, so there we have it...

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Melanie said...

Good times! Good Times!!