Tuesday, October 03, 2006

work musings

Draw complicated sh*t out on the board, that's what my boss has taught me. If you are working with a good team, and you are somewhat creative and don't have a white board, chances are you aren't working together that well.

Unfortunately CCR isn't the band.

I always think about writing a book, I could write one about work that probably transcends any environment.

The outline would include look something like this off the top of my head....reverse discrimination (being a white heterosexual male that actually gets things done is discriminated against in some places), people with conflict of interest, a study of the brightest and best solitaire players in the world, a loss of objectivity, political correctness to a fault, grudges (many times worse than the average kids), emails threads that are abso-f*ckin'-lutely out of control, and last but not least how bad leadership always leads to mutiny on the bounty.

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