Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm sick of the Millennium, Bored by the Pain I Waited for the Gospel, gospel never Came Prophets and Pimps, Working for the Man

Let's see, gotta put my thinking hat on a bit for this one. Mr Garza's gig at the Continental Club, inspiring to say the least. He only played a few of what he called 'Christmas Songs' (i.e. old favorite 'hits'), instead he focused in improvisation and experimentation to the sparse crowd.

The guy has to have more friends than you can shake a stick at, he changes band members like I change underwear (well maybe a bit more than that), and he always seems like he's having a great time.

One of those people, if I was from the Mexican culture, he'd make me proud, and he would represent. People watching revealed shirts like, 'Kiss Me, I'm a Mexican' and proud proclamations of 'Beaner' and things like that.

What you see at gigs like this, is not a 'melting pot', but a 'cultural mosaic' to site a tired analogy of the interaction among cultures.

I'm partial to this guy, for at one time he was 'get over my ex' music. Thanks Dahveed, you rock, wish I could find the words better, but back to work.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

How Was I Supposed to Know

The poster outside my cube that the auditor deemed 'offensive,' and I had to take down.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Yo Yo, Holla From Carlsbad Caverns

Goin' to this place as a kid I was amazed, still it is pretty fascinating. Not many pictures came out, but Flickr has tons of them taken of caves and stuff like that.

Ronnie, Jr, and Mom, throwing up some random signs in front of the start of the 'big room' tour. Josh, Ashton and I descended into the caves the long way, following a trail of crazy switchbacks, where the 'putting on the brakes' muscles in my legs are still kinda hurtin.

And to the left here, we have the 'nipple stone,' yes, it was cold down there, maybe that explains it.

Man I know these posts are weak, I could expound ten times more, but I need to study and sleep, so hence, stay tuned for more commentary on life to come.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Poets and The Painters They Won't Leave Him Alone

White Sands Missle Range, yes it does look like you are on the moon. We learned that many episodes of 'Lost in Space' were filmed out here in this environment.

Josh and I throwin' up the deuces on top of one of the dunes.

Here's one of the dunes, once we were on top, Josh and I decided to almost lose our Thanksgiving dinner by rolling down the dune. It was worth it, despite the dizziness and near vomiting.

Me and Mummy, in front of what appears to be water on the moon. Hahaha

Tank, I Need Instructions on How to Fly This Helicopter

A healthy hop, skip and jump from Roswell, across an Indian reservation yielded Alamogordo, site of Trinity, the first a-bomb test.

I wanted to eat Thanksgiving on an Indian Reservation, even though there's really no way to honor and dignify the way we handled the 'original homeland security.' The Alamogordo Golden Corral was just splendid for the occasion.

On top of a big mountain, about 6,000 feet in elevation is a beautiful site. We got up to as high as 8,750 elevation, in Cloudcroft. Josh and Ashton, messin' up the good view! hahahaha

The dreaded family shot.

Jr hopped on the Sonic Winds seat, in which some dude went over 620 miles per hour, man sounds like a bada$$ ride!


Roswell, a city with aliens, or weather balloons or whatever was the place we intended to eat Thanksgiving dinner, however, on arriving in the town, low and behold most things were closed, including the alien museums and such. Rest assured, one day I will make it out the the UFO Festival.

My mummy found this creature, as she attempted to do the Vulcan live long and prosper in front of the beast.

Leave it to Coke to hope on the branded city bandwagon too, hell it made me want to buy a drink from the machine.

The Pleiadians even made a storefront appearance.

Also, there was a stash of decent priced guitars that obviously appealed to tourists in all locations. I would have liked to strum on the Toby Keith angry American lookin' guitar, but alas, the store wasn't open.

No food in Roswell, just a stroll down the street, but I did pick up some literature and some great stickers, that will be slapped on back of my already stickerified to the max geetar.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New Mexico or Bust

Putting it all into perspective days later, we 'set sail' from Shiner this morning, the goal was to get Ashton and Josh out of Texas, and do something different this year for Thanksgiving. So we gased up the van, and Jr, Ronnie, Mom, Josh, Ashton and I headed west.

You can't put this into perspective, and the picture doesn't do it justice. I never thought I was a 'sunset man,' but it's inspiring to set back and watch the sunset on the wide open plains.

Well here's the gangstas at the border, we reached it at about 6pm that evening, just enough daylight to snap the picture. The family was appalled that I took a piss behind the bushes near the border sign.

With the overhead of getting out of Texas out of the way, we knew lots of goodies in the Land of Enchantment were to come.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Truly. Truly We Have Become. Hated And Feared For Something We Don't Want

What can I say about the boys from My Morning Jacket, Stubbs BBQ, other than fantastic. Mike D at least remember the show this time, as himself, myself and my brother in law Shannon painted the town. We had a set of 'goals' to be reached for the evening, and all of them were met, so as one would say, 'another successful evening.'

My Morning Jacket is cool without trying to be cool, one of those bands, they do some very significant sh*t for the music scene, and if our generation is going to be remembered for poetry, it will be in the form of music, and this is some poetic stuff for sure.

Here's two of my favorite songs of theirs, youtubed, or gootubed, or whatever. My criteria was they play these two songs.

Golden, with the Golden light behind --

Mageetah or 'my geetar' as I proudly sing it in the automobile. Watch how Jim James accidently bumps his head in the mic.

When You're Riding the Rails with Those Wide Open Eyes, There's One Old South Paw You Will Always Fight

What a day for family bonding, a trip to San Gabriel Park for a stroll, the light saber battles, and random backyard antics, that yet again throws my back into a tailspin.

Right by the water, Grant, Meagan and Kman throw up their GQ looks.

Later the geese (I think that's what those things are) came and we feed them tons of random items. I always thought human candy, cake and cookies were bad for animals, but the seemed to not mind. Maybe even American geese are fatter than the rest of the world!!

Gavin was just thrilled with that pipe thing you could yell in, and the sound comes out the other end across from the playground. We had loads of fun making farting sounds in the pipe.

Finally Grant and Meagan singing some Joel Plaskett Emergency jams, I knew they were fans, but didn't know they knew the songs by heart. One word, awesome!

Sitting here Monday morning, my back still hurts from the light saber battle, Thanksgiving time family bonding is the devil in terms of physical fitness.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Things that you Believe, But You Can't Prove

I recently read somewhere on TED and interesting article on things you believe to be true, but you can't prove, and I started thinking about this topic, and about what I think, but alas, what I can't prove, here's the short list
  1. Love conquers all, means many things to many people, but in most cases becomes a complicated business arrangement and a pretty taboo subject to bring up in daily conversation.
  2. Yin and Yang --- You get Jesus and a religious and ignorant nut job in the white house, you get equally religious and ignorant nut jobs, or nut jobs in general springing up all over the place.
  3. Something Adam Sandler would think up, If those people in the middle east wouldn't be so hot and hungry, they wouldn't be as feisty.
  4. The original of wealth, loosely speaking has come from exploitation, not hard work.
  5. Building a wall on a border does not keep people mean 'illegal aliens' out of one's country.

Things that can be proven

  1. You can be moral without God.
  2. Promoting Censorship in Iraq is not representative of our country.

OOOO, I'll quit now ---

Monday, November 13, 2006

Didn't Know I Looked So Dorky

Ok friends laugh all you want....

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Strike up the Music the Band Has Begun, The Pennsylvania Polka

Wurstfest 2006, one of y'all promoters read this -- the beer price is outrageous, why do you make people pay an ungodly amount of money (19 dollars) for piss like bud light, and 25 dollars for something like Spaten. Y'all make me sick, and if you keep doing it, I'm not coming and I'm going to tell all my friends what a ripoff y'all are. Isn't 6 million dollars for your community enough, I think it was something like that the last one brought in.

With that aside, this dude is s TRIP, the second song, the Pennsylvania Polka sent me back to Groundhog Day, thinking, what if i relived this day everyday. The band playing 'Who the Hell is Alice', and the super-extendo Sweet Home Bama Alabama, and not only that, playing it TWICE. I was standing next to a gal who had 'intimate relations' with one of the band members...icky!

Ran into oodles of people I know, got a steak on a stick, drank 28 bucks worth of beer, which was like a drop or two, and listened to some great polkas, and ummm, yes, I think it's a bit strange out there, and I can't put a finger on why.

Don't know what's the deal these days, but it seems as every time I'm out and about these days, some 'hot' 21 year old starts chatting me up out of the blue. Within' the usual 10 minutes, my sparklingly cynical personality 'scares' them away. I suppose one of these days I'll jump in there and go thru the motions.

Great fun, but a grimace at the prices, I ain't goin' back next year with prices like that.

Brown as a Berry From Riding the Prairie, and He Sings with An Old Western Draw

The 50k Wurstride bike ride today, something I didn't really 'train' for, turned out to be not really difficult, sorta.

Waking up in the morning, cold as windy as the dickens, the first mile out of the starting block, I'm all happy and giddy, first 3 miles are like, ahhh, this isn't gonna be bad at all. Around mile 5, a huge f*ckin' hill, by the time I've reached the summit, I'm like damn, this is gonna be a LOOOONG ride.

To start, Garth, Stephanie, Bob and I. Garth has the mobile Ipod and speakers, a wonderful setup, as they go thru the rural route jammin.

Me and Bob tore up the 'race,' therefore we didn't see Garth and Step till the end of the race, where free beer and sausage were being served. Check out my helmet, the shadow I cast on the road made me look like some kinda french wussy.

Brown as a berry you ask, yes, this was my biking attire, dickies shorts, while most other had plenty ass padding, so as I'm typing this up the next day, the only thing that is sore is my bottom.

Verdict, against the wind sucks, big ass rural hills suck, riding a mountain bike long distances sucks, but overall the trip is pretty easy.

Granted, I only passed two people along the way, and it seems like everyone else was passing me by, but o well, I can do the course, then drink 10 spatens, perhaps the best beer on the planet.

For the BASH, there will have to be a bike upgrade, one of us responsible for the tunes, one for the pony keg, and of course we will have to identify a lifeline, therefore making the BASH one big mobile tailgate party --- any takers?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Everyone's A Winner if the Stadium is Right

Nostalgia sets in at the Hotto Hippos Jr High football game. Big Kev's oldest kid plays on the team and the doc and I went out the check out the action.

No rough hits, good ol titty rubbin' on the class b team. Class A team hit pretty hard and had a talented little QB. It made me think of all the little personalities and that time in my life, kinda interesting.

The discipline was crazy in Shiner for us football players, but nowadays, the kids sit with their girlfriends and have their cell phones out, chattin' in the bleachers.

The doc said they used to sell weed to kids under the bleachers, wow, I didn't really know what that was all about growing up in Shiner, but you know, things may have changed. Damn, the whole kid thing has gotta be hard.

Also, a momentous occasion tonight, as I went knee deep in Barton Springs, first swim lesson with Ashley.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Jak Se Mas

As the winds of change are sweeping across the country this election night, Mike D, Mike P, and myself go see Borat.

First I must say I've been with this dude since the early stages of Ali G, you either love it or hate it, and I must say, I love it.

From talking to feminists, to saying we support your war of terror, to cleaning out bear poop from the back of his icecream truck, the movie is full of laughs.

Good thing the movie IS a success, so he does not have to be execute!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Stop the Bus, I Wanna Be Lonely, When Seconds Pass Slowly and Years Go Flying By

For the hip people, Ben Folds will say, 'make me feel small if it makes you feel big, but there's always someone cooler than you.'

I saw Ben in 1995, when he was an 'up and comer', 11 years later, he's playing a sold out show at Stubbs BBQ supporting the release of his 'B-sides EP's', now that's some tenure, and the beauty of it, there's 'oldies' like me out there, yet it's on the cusp of a new generation of fans.

He's the first person who's ever awknowleged the 'beautiful black man' who's 'poster' is on the back of the Stubbs stage.

I blogged about how much I love the dude HERE (Tulsa) -- HERE (DFW) and HERE (AUSTIN) -- if you care to read what the dude means to me.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Closing in on the Pain and the Torture

Cynical times, yes indeed, but for a minute here I'd like to transition this cynicism into hope. This means not dwelling on politics, religion, hormones, work, personalities and all other things that potentially drag me down on a day to day basis.

While still being engaged with this evils, there's good people fighting the good fight everyday, and there's spirits of inspiration in many things, they just have to be acknowledged and expounded on.

1 -- Seein' the little dudes I live with happy as can be, feelin' my sister and brother and law are doing good as parents

2 -- Listening to a Billy Bragg or Sondre Lerche cheesy ironic love song and understanding you're not alone in your quest for the most idealistic love affair

3 -- Knowing that while you don't know what you want to be when you grow up, you are swimming ahead of the current, and positioning yourself for that 'big break' or a nice stroke of luck -- how bout a nice horseshoe of roses that says 'good luck robert bruns'

4 -- Feeling appreciated as a friend, and cultivating personal relationships with people, showing mutual care and consideration for each other

5 -- Having a family that is epic

6 -- Having the attitude 'it's not what i can't do, it's what do i want to do', and being able to do anything I want, in any sphere of life

7 -- Not having to compromise an effin' thing

8 -- Being close to my heritage, being proud of it, being in touch with it.

9 -- Feeling that there is justice in this world, and it comes in many shapes and forms and that people get out of life what they put into it, and that I'm a contributor not only to my person betterment, but the betterment of society.

10 -- Feeling that there isn't anything in the world to figure out, that there aren't any contradictions, but rather one of your two contradicting thoughts are out of line, not ever playing the role of the victim, instead playing the role of someone who's got it under control.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Life is a Highway, I Wanna Ride it All Night Long

White trash rich day!

On the way home I hope on the new toll road that's pointed out towards the burbs, straight to my final destination, and as the toll is free for two months, I think....Life is Good.

Then I think, OK, roughly 700 bucks of my check every month goes to programs like this, and I think of the beurocratic inefficiency that goes into making a road like this, and I'm thinking Bruns Construction could do it in 1/3 of the cost, 1/3 of the time.

It is nice riding on an un-tainted highway, but rest assured, when that toll comes along, I'm gonna be skummin' it in traffic.