Thursday, November 02, 2006

Closing in on the Pain and the Torture

Cynical times, yes indeed, but for a minute here I'd like to transition this cynicism into hope. This means not dwelling on politics, religion, hormones, work, personalities and all other things that potentially drag me down on a day to day basis.

While still being engaged with this evils, there's good people fighting the good fight everyday, and there's spirits of inspiration in many things, they just have to be acknowledged and expounded on.

1 -- Seein' the little dudes I live with happy as can be, feelin' my sister and brother and law are doing good as parents

2 -- Listening to a Billy Bragg or Sondre Lerche cheesy ironic love song and understanding you're not alone in your quest for the most idealistic love affair

3 -- Knowing that while you don't know what you want to be when you grow up, you are swimming ahead of the current, and positioning yourself for that 'big break' or a nice stroke of luck -- how bout a nice horseshoe of roses that says 'good luck robert bruns'

4 -- Feeling appreciated as a friend, and cultivating personal relationships with people, showing mutual care and consideration for each other

5 -- Having a family that is epic

6 -- Having the attitude 'it's not what i can't do, it's what do i want to do', and being able to do anything I want, in any sphere of life

7 -- Not having to compromise an effin' thing

8 -- Being close to my heritage, being proud of it, being in touch with it.

9 -- Feeling that there is justice in this world, and it comes in many shapes and forms and that people get out of life what they put into it, and that I'm a contributor not only to my person betterment, but the betterment of society.

10 -- Feeling that there isn't anything in the world to figure out, that there aren't any contradictions, but rather one of your two contradicting thoughts are out of line, not ever playing the role of the victim, instead playing the role of someone who's got it under control.

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