Thursday, November 09, 2006

Everyone's A Winner if the Stadium is Right

Nostalgia sets in at the Hotto Hippos Jr High football game. Big Kev's oldest kid plays on the team and the doc and I went out the check out the action.

No rough hits, good ol titty rubbin' on the class b team. Class A team hit pretty hard and had a talented little QB. It made me think of all the little personalities and that time in my life, kinda interesting.

The discipline was crazy in Shiner for us football players, but nowadays, the kids sit with their girlfriends and have their cell phones out, chattin' in the bleachers.

The doc said they used to sell weed to kids under the bleachers, wow, I didn't really know what that was all about growing up in Shiner, but you know, things may have changed. Damn, the whole kid thing has gotta be hard.

Also, a momentous occasion tonight, as I went knee deep in Barton Springs, first swim lesson with Ashley.

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