Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm sick of the Millennium, Bored by the Pain I Waited for the Gospel, gospel never Came Prophets and Pimps, Working for the Man

Let's see, gotta put my thinking hat on a bit for this one. Mr Garza's gig at the Continental Club, inspiring to say the least. He only played a few of what he called 'Christmas Songs' (i.e. old favorite 'hits'), instead he focused in improvisation and experimentation to the sparse crowd.

The guy has to have more friends than you can shake a stick at, he changes band members like I change underwear (well maybe a bit more than that), and he always seems like he's having a great time.

One of those people, if I was from the Mexican culture, he'd make me proud, and he would represent. People watching revealed shirts like, 'Kiss Me, I'm a Mexican' and proud proclamations of 'Beaner' and things like that.

What you see at gigs like this, is not a 'melting pot', but a 'cultural mosaic' to site a tired analogy of the interaction among cultures.

I'm partial to this guy, for at one time he was 'get over my ex' music. Thanks Dahveed, you rock, wish I could find the words better, but back to work.

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