Saturday, November 11, 2006

Strike up the Music the Band Has Begun, The Pennsylvania Polka

Wurstfest 2006, one of y'all promoters read this -- the beer price is outrageous, why do you make people pay an ungodly amount of money (19 dollars) for piss like bud light, and 25 dollars for something like Spaten. Y'all make me sick, and if you keep doing it, I'm not coming and I'm going to tell all my friends what a ripoff y'all are. Isn't 6 million dollars for your community enough, I think it was something like that the last one brought in.

With that aside, this dude is s TRIP, the second song, the Pennsylvania Polka sent me back to Groundhog Day, thinking, what if i relived this day everyday. The band playing 'Who the Hell is Alice', and the super-extendo Sweet Home Bama Alabama, and not only that, playing it TWICE. I was standing next to a gal who had 'intimate relations' with one of the band members...icky!

Ran into oodles of people I know, got a steak on a stick, drank 28 bucks worth of beer, which was like a drop or two, and listened to some great polkas, and ummm, yes, I think it's a bit strange out there, and I can't put a finger on why.

Don't know what's the deal these days, but it seems as every time I'm out and about these days, some 'hot' 21 year old starts chatting me up out of the blue. Within' the usual 10 minutes, my sparklingly cynical personality 'scares' them away. I suppose one of these days I'll jump in there and go thru the motions.

Great fun, but a grimace at the prices, I ain't goin' back next year with prices like that.

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Anonymous said...

wurstfest is the shit. don't be hating on the beer prices. it is expensive to get drunk there, which is why you drink before/during in the parking lot.

and yes there are plenty of young 21 year old women to play with.