Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tank, I Need Instructions on How to Fly This Helicopter

A healthy hop, skip and jump from Roswell, across an Indian reservation yielded Alamogordo, site of Trinity, the first a-bomb test.

I wanted to eat Thanksgiving on an Indian Reservation, even though there's really no way to honor and dignify the way we handled the 'original homeland security.' The Alamogordo Golden Corral was just splendid for the occasion.

On top of a big mountain, about 6,000 feet in elevation is a beautiful site. We got up to as high as 8,750 elevation, in Cloudcroft. Josh and Ashton, messin' up the good view! hahahaha

The dreaded family shot.

Jr hopped on the Sonic Winds seat, in which some dude went over 620 miles per hour, man sounds like a bada$$ ride!

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