Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Things that you Believe, But You Can't Prove

I recently read somewhere on TED and interesting article on things you believe to be true, but you can't prove, and I started thinking about this topic, and about what I think, but alas, what I can't prove, here's the short list
  1. Love conquers all, means many things to many people, but in most cases becomes a complicated business arrangement and a pretty taboo subject to bring up in daily conversation.
  2. Yin and Yang --- You get Jesus and a religious and ignorant nut job in the white house, you get equally religious and ignorant nut jobs, or nut jobs in general springing up all over the place.
  3. Something Adam Sandler would think up, If those people in the middle east wouldn't be so hot and hungry, they wouldn't be as feisty.
  4. The original of wealth, loosely speaking has come from exploitation, not hard work.
  5. Building a wall on a border does not keep people ....ooo....I mean 'illegal aliens' out of one's country.

Things that can be proven

  1. You can be moral without God.
  2. Promoting Censorship in Iraq is not representative of our country.

OOOO, I'll quit now ---

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