Saturday, November 18, 2006

Truly. Truly We Have Become. Hated And Feared For Something We Don't Want

What can I say about the boys from My Morning Jacket, Stubbs BBQ, other than fantastic. Mike D at least remember the show this time, as himself, myself and my brother in law Shannon painted the town. We had a set of 'goals' to be reached for the evening, and all of them were met, so as one would say, 'another successful evening.'

My Morning Jacket is cool without trying to be cool, one of those bands, they do some very significant sh*t for the music scene, and if our generation is going to be remembered for poetry, it will be in the form of music, and this is some poetic stuff for sure.

Here's two of my favorite songs of theirs, youtubed, or gootubed, or whatever. My criteria was they play these two songs.

Golden, with the Golden light behind --

Mageetah or 'my geetar' as I proudly sing it in the automobile. Watch how Jim James accidently bumps his head in the mic.

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