Thursday, November 23, 2006


Roswell, a city with aliens, or weather balloons or whatever was the place we intended to eat Thanksgiving dinner, however, on arriving in the town, low and behold most things were closed, including the alien museums and such. Rest assured, one day I will make it out the the UFO Festival.

My mummy found this creature, as she attempted to do the Vulcan live long and prosper in front of the beast.

Leave it to Coke to hope on the branded city bandwagon too, hell it made me want to buy a drink from the machine.

The Pleiadians even made a storefront appearance.

Also, there was a stash of decent priced guitars that obviously appealed to tourists in all locations. I would have liked to strum on the Toby Keith angry American lookin' guitar, but alas, the store wasn't open.

No food in Roswell, just a stroll down the street, but I did pick up some literature and some great stickers, that will be slapped on back of my already stickerified to the max geetar.

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