Saturday, November 18, 2006

When You're Riding the Rails with Those Wide Open Eyes, There's One Old South Paw You Will Always Fight

What a day for family bonding, a trip to San Gabriel Park for a stroll, the light saber battles, and random backyard antics, that yet again throws my back into a tailspin.

Right by the water, Grant, Meagan and Kman throw up their GQ looks.

Later the geese (I think that's what those things are) came and we feed them tons of random items. I always thought human candy, cake and cookies were bad for animals, but the seemed to not mind. Maybe even American geese are fatter than the rest of the world!!

Gavin was just thrilled with that pipe thing you could yell in, and the sound comes out the other end across from the playground. We had loads of fun making farting sounds in the pipe.

Finally Grant and Meagan singing some Joel Plaskett Emergency jams, I knew they were fans, but didn't know they knew the songs by heart. One word, awesome!

Sitting here Monday morning, my back still hurts from the light saber battle, Thanksgiving time family bonding is the devil in terms of physical fitness.

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