Friday, November 24, 2006

Yo Yo, Holla From Carlsbad Caverns

Goin' to this place as a kid I was amazed, still it is pretty fascinating. Not many pictures came out, but Flickr has tons of them taken of caves and stuff like that.

Ronnie, Jr, and Mom, throwing up some random signs in front of the start of the 'big room' tour. Josh, Ashton and I descended into the caves the long way, following a trail of crazy switchbacks, where the 'putting on the brakes' muscles in my legs are still kinda hurtin.

And to the left here, we have the 'nipple stone,' yes, it was cold down there, maybe that explains it.

Man I know these posts are weak, I could expound ten times more, but I need to study and sleep, so hence, stay tuned for more commentary on life to come.

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