Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Click My Heels Get the Devils In Line

On this day, I sneekily hopped into the Prometric Testing Center and passed my PM* Exam. Sis has been waiting for my 'braggin blog post' forever, so here goes.

PMI has rigid standards on 'Codes of Conduct,' and don't really mention blogs, so I don't know what is ethical to post about or not. The test covers a lot of stuff that isn't in the 'study material,' that's why it's hard I suppose, but some of the questions I question the ethical nature of them. The material, straight forward, the test, a critical reading test designed to be sneeky and trip you up, therefore making it difficult.

No bragging really, but it does make me more marketable, I look forward to using this new knowledge, I know it will be valuable to people around me, and also valuable to me.

Yea, I was nervous, yea I was happy when it was over, and yes, as you'll read ahead, it's been a hardcore celebration session since, (as I'm posting this a week later.)

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