Monday, December 11, 2006

O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum, Wie treu sind deine Blätter!

If you can't tie a not, tie a lot....That's what the Christmas Tree dude said to us as we tied the tree to the top of the minivan. He said they grow 4,000 feet up in the mountains of North Carolina. How's that for some salesmanship.

I have no idea why, but going to pick up the tree this year made me recollect movies, concert dvds, and actually most prevalent 'chick flicks' I've sat down and watched this year. Why just this past Thursday I watched one called 'A Lot Like Love' -- Long story short, first encounter they become members of the Mile High Club, go thru a series of events, and the highlight is when the dude sings Bon Jovi to the chick in the apartment courtyard. A great movie, about irony in relationships, much much much times ten less painful than Serendipity. I doubt love to ever to be this ironic, but it's good for Hollywood and entertaining for me.

Next I sat down and watched a few with sis this year, biggest one that hangs on the mind, The Notebook (on the link you can buy the 'platinum dvd,' just available for the holiday (and I'm NOT giving hints)) hahaha. This movie has got a good ring to it, and it seems like many people I meet and chat about chick flicks with say 'Hey I can relate,' and that's what a good chick flick is all about. Another one of those too ironic love affairs that has a double dose of happy ending.

My favorite, which I can hope to drag sis down and watch it during the joyous holiday yuletide is 'Love Actually,' probably my favorite chick flick of all time. It shows how things are people and situations are tied up, and no matter how mundane love may seem to be, it exists all around.

The setting is in London, and this movie is FULL of love heroes, and all around happy ending, from the Brit 20 something that goes to Wisconsin and winds up having a foursome with three hot girls, to the dad who inspires his 8 year old son to go Hollywood on the chick he likes, to the prime minister getting together with his 'big thighs' assistant (who he wrestles out of the hands of Billy Bob Thorton, aka. President of the USA). And one can't forget the writer and the portuguese girl, but, the clincher is this ultimate gut wrenching scene.

Speaking of Love existing all around, just ask this 'washed up has been' in the industry, as he takes on a boy band for the 'Christmas hit of the year.' The tune is one we know with a twinge of variation in the lyrics 'So if you really love Christmas, come on and let it snow!' I especially like the barrage of cuss words he uses after he gets the lyrics wrong the second time around.

That's all for this posting, whenever I'm feeling down, I just pop that one in. Hollywood keep the over 100 million dollar budget thrillers, movies like Van Wilder, and chick flick with caked on irony, I'll keep paying my 10 bucks for the theatre, and 5 bucks for the rental.

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