Saturday, December 02, 2006

Holla New Orleans

At the stroke of 10pm Friday night, we decided to head over to New Orleans. A lot of bachelor parties have the BBQ pit, and getting the groom wasted beyond belief to where he's pretty much injured for the next few days. Well, we just wanted to take a road trip.

We (Mike D, Manuelabor and I) gas up the VDub and head to NoLo, with a stay over in Htown, arriving at destination at 5ish. Manuel and Mike D both say that there are homeless people running around better dressed than I. In fact, they were embarrassed to even walk into Denny's with me? What the hell is that all about guys?

First stop was.............NOT!

First stop was Tropical Isle, where the hand grenades are touted as the 'strongest drink in New Orleans,' and this beastly amazon woman guards them. Yea, ....we're probably drinking the cough syrup she's guarding.

A chilly Saturday night, this is Bourbon Street. Any given summer night its packed, and during Mardi Gras you can't even see the street.

The only picture of the night of us together, don't you just HATE going up to people and goin' ...ummm, could you take our picture?? Boy just look at Mr I could stand to lose some weight.

They broadcast it everywhere, but there is none to be seen.

A nice shot of Manuelabor and Mike D, some crazy artificial light going on there.

The trip was great, didn't see any fridges in trees, the French quarter is beautiful (except for the drunks and stench and all -- reminded us of the times walking about in Barcelona in search of our favorite tapas bar.)

Ride home = sinister (are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet, FINALLY!) -- Not to mention a bad case of IBS on the trip home.

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hurry hurry...i can't wait!!