Saturday, December 30, 2006

Some Day Somebody's Gonna Ask You, A Question That You Should Say Yes To

Today was the wedding where Manuelabor and the Lacinator got married. Two very special people, a very special event, and I was felt honored to partake in the day.

Let's just call Manuelabor 'the iceman,' Mr. He wasn't nervous at all. The Diz and I headed up Friday, and stayed thru Sunday at The LaSalle Hotel, in downtown renovated Bryan.

The wedding was short and sweet, I didn't lose the rigs, I looked like a fat headed penguin in a tuxedo, and I big time enjoyed myself at the reception.

I did a speech, I kinda remember the extent of what I said, but not in its entirety. I just remember waking up around 4 pm from an afternoonish nap going, 'Damn Manuel, what am I gonna say tonight?'

The bride and groom leave, and we head to the Dixie Chicken with some new friends at some point in the night, and I ran into the Beast there (hopefully he'll get that blog rollin' again soon so I can learn about some animals.) At some point in the night I fell and skinned up my knee, but that's just how it goes.

Manuelabor and the Lacinator are probably landing in London here sometime soon, for a stint there, and then off to Ireland. Pretty awesome, all around. I had a Jim Dandy time.

Alas, no pictures yet.....

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