Saturday, January 13, 2007

And Your Shape on the Dance Floor, Will Have me Thinking Such Filth and Gauge my Eyes

I once heard you know you are getting old when the phone rings on a Saturday night, and you hope its not for you.

That being said, it was no problem staying home to watch The Shins performance on SNL, consider our Austin clan has been going ape sh*t over them as of late. Even though the performance was 'Phantom Limb' and 'New Slang,' its nice to see Mr Crazy James Mercer in action.

Here's a crazy Shins / Interpol / NME bickering contest which I find funny. Says Interpol and The Shins are pretty much polar opposite bands, and NME sucks. I agree with all those sentiments, and it reminds me of a buddy of mine who is a big New Order (which I think Interpol is a big rip-off, of) fan.

It's really kinda crazy, that even in the digital era, there are still people who are pretentious about music, i.e. 'my tastes are better than yours,' and I'm more exposed than you are, etc, etc. Well, there may be people that spend more time seeking out 'new talent' and things like that, but for the most part all the cross referencing mumbo jumbo out there on the web these days, anyone can be a 'pro' when it comes to 'indie' music in a short amount of time.

There comes a saturation point however, I've talked with a few friends who are big in the music scene down here, and when does it get to a point where you just can't 'fake it' anymore, and go yea, 'I know you're my friend, but really your band isn't that great..... :-(' The true talent will float to the top, and the 'myspace' exposure is there for everyone to see and enjoy, and by golly, that's how it should be.

I guess it all depends on how many 'eggs you want to put in the music basket,' and priorities will change with age and the season or whatever crisis you have at work, etc, etc. I do believe in 'trained ears' and perfect pitch, but for the most part its about opinions, and everyone's opinion counts.

I have always thought that genuine musical connections are those of 'word of mouth,' even on the advent of, amazon match, pandora, and all the other stuff......because, as a paraphrased quote once says something like ......'individuals have to feel unique, and they also have to feel they are part of a community.'

THANK GOD the indie community is growing, hopefully it will have enough muscle to take on the synthetically produced pop stars one day.

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