Monday, January 29, 2007

Don't Worry About the Government

Is anyone disgusted with all the mudslinging going on as it pertains to politics? Is anyone accused of being unpatriotic because you believe one way or another? Are you sick of generalities uttered by politicians about 5 subjects, and the mass populous 'debating' over stem cells, abortion, wars, and morality?

Times change, politicians change, but never empty promises and attention span deficits. I'm appalled that 80 something percent of the country has their mind made up before they even hear issues. I'm appalled by people's accusations that the media is bias, despite the 50 different flavors of organized media you can digest. People are influenced by the media? Are people who watch Bill O'Reilly and listen Rush Limbaugh 'objective?' If these are objective, what is 'right.' To imply there is liberal media bias means there is a 'right' bias and a 'left' bias. Is Fox news in the 'middle,' I doubt, just listen to the way O'Reilly attacks not John Stewart, but the watchers of comedy central, calling them flunky potheads. Brotha, well that's not objective.

Truth to be told, stats tell people what stats WANT them to say. I watch or listen the spectrum of news, from O'Reilly and Limbaugh, to Chris Matthews and Maher, BBC, Reuters, and yes, the Comedy Station. Isn't one who's exposed to this a better judge of objectivity?

Why do so many people have a 'center' on politics? Deeper than politics there are critics and artists. The role of the critic is as important as the role of the artist, and leaders emerge on both sides of the fence that are capable, good men and women.

The problem is these good individuals are defaced because of the lack of processing power of the American popular to determine things based on a more individual basis. Abortion or no? Stem cells or no? War or on war? It's never that simple, and things in Washington never move that dramatically, and the next talking head will take the place and try to fill the aspirations of its particular political machine. It's terrible that the political bickering contest has to paint someone 'far left' or 'far right,' but worse is people fall for this, OVER 80%.

I'll always be the swing vote, why? I vote on the issues and individuals. In the end it's a power struggle between two different ideals, I'm going to consistently vote for the individual that admits this, and who I will is the individual who has the guts to go against his political party if it means doing the right thing, and yes, for the most part, I believe the smarter individual is going to achieve this more effectively.

The beauty of this country is there are two powers, one attacking the problem from the 'top' and one attacking the problem from the 'bottom,' and both are for the most part right, and they have met in the middle, and my made up statistic says for the most part, Americans want moderate thinkers in the position of authority.

There's my rant, hopefully I'll get it all out of me soon, like World Wide Wrestling and video games.

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Ryboe said...

I already ordered my "Bruns in '08" bumper stickers. I'd bet your opposition will be giving out the slanderous "Bruns is full of Pruns" stickers. Those sorry bastards.