Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Gossip's Bearing Down on Me, The Kids are Pairing off in Front of Me, I Should've Stayed Home

If I had a slogan to put on a bumper sticker, or one to articulate what I was thinking in the picture below, the tag line is what it would be. I'm sure that's what I was thinking back then, just didn't know how to explain it, in my 14 year old body.

If I can recall correctly, this was the FIRST night I went out in a social setting like this. I didn't know how to process it all, can you see the fear in my eyes, zits on my face, and hair on my head?? I went with one of the hottest girls in our class (thanks Jamie) as my date, and I was PETRIFIED of the implications of a 'date,' (still kinda am I think), so petrified that I was miserable the entire night, and had trouble looking anyone in the eye, not to mention that was one of the first time wearing a suit and all that jazz.

Yea, the picture captures adolescence at its finest, luckily the football team made me cool by saying things like 'Bruns don't wear your socks like that, etc, etc, etc --- meanwhile scratching these things down in my little notebook.'

Zits and hair gone, and the eyes a bit more seasoned, I still approach the bar scene with the same contempt. I stroll in, everything seems so fickle and shallow, not the people, just the environment and games and bad music, and the mere idea that integrity and togetherness is not rewarded in this type of environment. Like Chris Rock would say about all the hoes dancin' on the floor, 'Man, I hate to see the guy that's got to pick a wife out of this mess.'

Out with mates and dates and friends is the way to go, pub style. Good conversation is always a plus, or rather a must. Yea, that's the way to roll, for me at least, because the average girl that grinds up on me still makes me blush :( ---

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