Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Idiot Wind Blowin' in From the Front Door, Idiot Wind Blowin' in Thru the Back

Two catalysts for this post, one, GW Bush (#%$^$%&# goof ball) says he's going to send more troops to Iraq, and two, during my hair appointment today, I spoke with a girl who's husband is over there fighting the fight.

I'll spare the media analysis on the subject of will a troop surge help or not, I'm sure there are valid arguments on either side of the coin. That being said, at first thoughts, I'm why the hell are we sending more troops, what's the plan for these peeps, and will it actually do any good.

On further thought, I'm thinking we have to chip away at the problem from every angle. As much as I don't like the idea of sending more troops to the region, perhaps it will aid in making the area more stable. As much as the average right wing nutjob doesn't like the idea, there should be dialogue with Iran and Syria about how to best handle to cultural conflict, these religious groups are seeded in these respective countries. What else can we do? we can let the UN do their job, acknowledge the Geneva Convention, and if we are going to ever act the aggressor in the future, negate the significance of things like Nuremberg Trials, otherwise war becomes a 'do as I say do, don't do as I do' agenda.

Troop surges, hmmmm, I really do support our troops and it's a shame we can't figure out that the whole 'lets force our ideology down your throat approach' to foreign policy doesn't work. What part of history do we not understand.

SINCE our troops are SMART ENOUGH, I don't see a need to privatize any efforts of war, things get icky that way really fast, just ask the dude who created 'Iraq for Sale'. Now if I were Billy Bob from Shiner, and I worked next to Mr. Haliburton, I'm getting paid 15 bucks an hour, he's getting 150 bucks per hour, well, that would lead to some moral problems to say the least. If the government of the United States has the gall to attack a country based on a hunch, leave private industry and war profiteers out of it. Now if Hitler #2 comes into power, that's a different story. When did we lose discretion in this country thru collectivist thought, or lack thereof.?

To sum it up, I'm often asked about my political affiliation, and Chris Rock says it best. If you vote before you hear the issue or the stance on the issue, you're a f*ckin' fool. There's some things I'm liberal about, there's some things I'm conservative about. Crime, I'm conservative, prostitution, I'm liberal.

Simply for the record, I can't see how the right can blame liberal media bias anymore with the advent of fox news.

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Ryboe said...

Fox New's Rules! O'Reiley for Prez!