Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'm Not Crying, Familiar with These Strange Realities

Let's see where to begin, like my wonderful niece, I'm going to try to pop a 'heavy' blog posting out there once a week. What will probably be a long rant, full of misspellings and contradictions.

Lets see, if I can recall what went on this week, I have that can't remember sh*t disease. Biggest thing that strikes my mind was the 'Emo's Free Week' night on the town, and the topic of this rant shall be........

Tenacity vs Normalcy with a touch of what is meant by authenticity.

Tenacity -- I used to be under the perception that tenacity was the way to be 'cool' when it came to a night out on the town. Don't get me wrong, tenacity is cool when it comes to fulfilling endeavours, but when it comes to trading stories of how drunk one got, or 'I got drunker than you', etc, etc, etc.....In this context, eventually you face the music and admit there's always someone cooler than you, and the 'payoff,' well really isn't a payoff.

Well, someone said when you're young, popular, and beautiful and if you rely on this, you've only got one way to go, and obviously that's down. The new edict I'm trying to sell, is that super cool people are ambitious, having a realistic vision that you are able to articulate, and you trying to sell it. That's the cool version of tenacity.

Normalcy -- This young lad and I made friends the other night people watching. It's interesting watching as an 'outsider' when it comes to a rock n roll lifestyle. Three dudes, walking down the street, starched collars (one of these probably cost more than my entire wardrobe), lots of product in the hair, lookin' like men on a mission. Three girls, walking down the street, 'party' attire, giggling amongst themselves, perhaps at some dudes absurd pickup line, but maybe just like Cyndi Lauper says 'girls just wanna have fun.'

I think I've had a pretty good grasp on normalcy, and it lies somewhere between the collar shirts, and my $8 Old Navy special that's a few years old. I've got to work to bring myself to the level of ummmm, maybe a nice, ummmm, Polo? shirt.

Normalcy in terms of moderate drinking is surely is on the horizon, it's started and it feels great. The nail in the coffin will be a new job.

The Shins talk about 'posts that you can heat your faith on,' obviously one being religion, and one day I'll further bash about this bureaucracy between you and a God, but for now lets just say it's a work in progress trying to sift thru the 'tools we devise to make sinking stones fly.'

Another post is the human need for togetherness. I recently read an article about can the human mind actually process 'freewill,' and my opinion is 'HECK no, sure can't.' That being the case, stability becomes more and more important to you. Individual choices (not bad choices, just choices) have temporary landed me a harbor with sis, and yes, it does make me feel like Robbie Hart, Wedding Singer style. Stability comes with 'settling your a$$ down', and more of that is probably on the horizon for me.

Many people face an uphill march, when it comes to the taboos of society. Weather it be the idea of short changin' yourself in a relationship, accepting a savior in the ether, wondering if you really do love big brother, or just plain turning left when society turns right, I'd like to think the uphill march is more fulfilling, and I'll try to make the hike in whatever circumstances I can.

Authenticity, whew, how many dudes in franz ferdinand suits did I see the other night? How many gals did I see in prom dress type getups with hair poofed this way and that. The look is authentic, until you go to a place that has 1,000 people that look the same (don't get me wrong, ATX is way cool, and maybe I'm just envious b/c I can fit my a$$ in a size 28 waist.)

True authenticity is really a state of mind that comes from tolerance of different things, and can be achieved thru engagement, not only in all things cool, and all things digital (i.e. your favorite websites, new, hangouts, and IPOD), but also trying new things, getting out of your comfort zone, and for the extremely hip culture, that means caring about your parents and showing a genuine interest in other people's lives, and other lame stuff like that, many things in which people in general don't take the time to do.

That's authenticity to me, keeping in touch with the cool kids (but not in competition), bustin' your butt to keep up with society, information and technology, and finally tackling the overhead of life gracefully.

Puttin' all your stuff into different silos, knowing which one is which, and when to take the tenacious approach, the normal approach, and keeping in touch with authenticity, the hygiene factors in your life should be more favorable. I'm getting it sorta worked out in my head as I type, hey that's what this is for, right.

For 2007, I'm considering ditchin' the 'what's in my head' approach to the blog, and focusing on a an approach more like this or this. It gets old, it gets boring. I'm going to write in a more engaging, instead of the 'as a matter of fact' approach, and see how that works, and try to encourage feedback, etc.

O well, enough is enough for now, If you've read this far, like Mr. T would say, 'I pity the foool.'

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