Monday, January 15, 2007

The Party is Jumpin', With the Bass Kicked in and the Vegas are Pumpin'

Guess global warming is influencing the weather in South Texas. Once in 86 I built a snowman, there was enough snow, I've never made a snow angel, its on the 'to do' list.

What I CAN do almost every year is set a pitcher of water on the porch, and to my excitement in the morning after a nice freeze, I get to see the water frozen. :) --- Cheap entertainment I tell ya!

Later in the evening, The Beast comes over and we go looking for ice. At the park, it's BITTER cold, wind blowing like crazy, making my feet feel like they're going to fall off. How the heck am I going to do Everest one day.

We take a stroll down Shiner town square, not a soul to be seen, beast doing his version of Wipeout on a slippery / iced over bench.

Here's a van, completely covered in ice, was some pretty cool imagery, and the frozen beast in front of the van.

Last stop on the list, Bernie's crib for a refreshingly warming cocktail. Beast is growing long hair again, If it wouldn't be for that beard, I couldn't tell these two dudes apart!

We contemplated 'wimping out' and getting a ride home, but Bernies Bronco had the ice coat on it as well. Instead we humped it a tad bit over a mile against the wind to the other side of town.

The nightcap was taking some long loops on the back roads, looking for trouble (so we could help, obviously.)

I guess this sorta weather isn't pleasant for the long haul for human beings, but the rain sure does make the grass happy :)


C-Dog said...

Dude, do you see my muscles in that one pic...they're practically busting out of my jacket.

Ashton said...

you guys are all kinds of crazy!! lol :-)