Thursday, January 25, 2007

This Gun's For Hire, Even If We're Just Dancin' in the Dark

First off, I LIKE this place, Mohawk Austin, it's a proper place to chill have a beer, great indoors, great outdoors, great upstairs, great lighting, great prices, great entertainment, yea.

Sarah B, my Austin friend displaced in NYC was in for a visit. As she tells me how to 'make your small Brooklyn apartment comfortable, we soak up the atmosphere.

Speaking up soaking up, Ashley and Mike D came out later in the evening, and while Sarah B and I were drinking some intoxicating wheat beers, Ashley and Mike D opted for for the liters of Dos XX. And yes, the beers are bigger than Ashley's head!

Other pictures for the evening, geeze I just can't seem to get ride of those chins or those baby fat cheeks. Patience on the pictures, I'm trying to get a 'system' down in this CSS universe. Ugly but work in progress.

1 comment:

Ryboe said...

Mohawk not only looks like a cool place, it would probably look good on you too!!