Friday, January 05, 2007

Time Passes, You Got to Reel Against It

Happy Birthday to Abbey celebration! Today marks the Abbey-meisters birthday, and me taking some irrelevant, non flashed pictures, just happy that I found the ol' camera.

First and every picture comes from the top of Maggie Mae's, one of the best places in Austin to 'people watch.'

Not to mention, the Blind Pig's upstairs patio bleeds into this patio, hey they had a live band kickin', which was better than.....scroll to next picture

A U2 coverband downstairs, if that's not 'ok' enough, the downstairs was being broadcasted upstairs, hmmm, I understand sold out SXSW shows, might be a somewhat cool idea, but yea, whatever.

Happy BDay Abbey, a more humorous posting coming outside of this one.

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