Friday, January 26, 2007

Tired Like The Beggar with the Cold Inside His Bones, Looking for the Pleasure that he Knew was so Far Gone

What a night, certainly can't recap, but it was an evening with Mr. Sugarland Gillar, at the Mucky Duck in Houston checking out The South Austin Jug Band.

An interesting night, considering the jug band was playing to a packed house who paid 12 bucks a pop to get in the door. I was jokingly saying that the SAJB draws a crowd of 8-10 people when they play in Austin.

The Duck sat in the midst of old money Houston, the Houston crowd inside was very pleasant, a different sorta vibe, can't be bothered to expound brain waves at the moment to articulate.

We ran into this dude (Wittenberg) (Wittenberg is where ol' Martin Luther slapped the 95 Thesis on the door, just before the Pope said 'Off with his head'). A pleasant night of involved conversation and chill music, and 2 dollar bills and 50 cent pieces as change.

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