Monday, January 22, 2007

Ummmm, This Used to Be My Playground??

Diggin' through an old shoe box full of pictures is always a surprise, more to come of old school pictures, for the purpose of archiving. This is in Shiner, Texas, the little league team 'The Mints,' circa, damn I can't even remember. ('Mints' because we were sponsored by the First National Bank, Shiner....I think)

Actually our uniforms, especially our hats looked liked pirates, arg! We were the best team in the league two years in a row. Just look at that dorky PiMP on the far right!

This makes me think of the Feb 10th Shiner Alumni baseball game, in which the old roomies are asking me to play.....Boy that's an accident waiting to happen. I can just see myself, some little 17 year old punk pitcher throwin' a 70 mile an hour fast ball up there, I take a whiff, there goes the back.

For the record, back in the day, I either would hit a foul tip or a home run, and I didn't hit too many home runs...:(

For Blog redesign sake.....I'm workin' on a 'built in drop shadow' for my pictures Ashton, just wait, pretty soon I'm going to get you!!!


Ashton said...

haha, YEA YEA..

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Christina said...

WOW; you guys look so LITTLE, LOL! The sad thing is that I actually recognize most of those boys, too. Man, where did the time go, eh?

I'll have to go dig through all my old photos now; I KNOW I have some of us from back in our Sunday School days, hahaha.